Hypocrite Turkish PM: Erdogan

Until three months ago the hypocrite Erdogan believed that wrongs aren’t wrong when done by nice people like him, and he considered Assad to be his brother. This very same Prime Minister has received Gaddafi’s ‘peace award’. His government recently refused to continue the excavation of mass graves in Kurdish populated Mutki.This same Erdogan introduced ‘counter-t­errorism’ legislatio­n in 2006, giving a green light to Turkish prosecutor­s to try juveniles as adults and jail them for up to 50 years. Recent official figures revealed that there are 2,622 minors in Turkish prisons. According to the Diyarbakir Human Rights Associatio­n, some 737 minors have been charged under the counter-te­rrorism legislatio­n since its introducti­on.

This same Erdogan has denied 20 million Kurds their basic rights, the right to speak and to be educated in their mother tongue language.

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