Reading into the speech of President Assad

The speech delivered by President Bashar al-Assad at Damascus University was described as being a powerful speech with the recognition of some opponents who lamented their own status.

 At the level of the media handling the colonialist column which includes many mercenary journalists and platforms of slander and instigation, became confused and resorted as usual to lies and falsification to overcome its predicament. It thus shed light on what it claimed to be a determination to use the security solution and an attack against the Arab League, while some newspapers in Beirut and the Gulf came out with headlines whose writers intentionally disregarded the constitutional, political and economic plans proposed by President Al-Assad.

On the other hand, some Western newspapers shed light on the elements of strength featured in the speech, and noted the depth of the transformation in the course of events which pointed to a new stage in Syrian steadfastness and the failure of the pressures and the ongoing foreign interventions.

 President Bashar al-Assad put forward what could be considered a national plan in the face of the challenges along two courses, i.e. the course of the war against terrorism and anarchy and the obstruction of the political, constitutional and economic reforms based on the interests and needs of the Syrian people and Syria’s national and pan-Arab identity.
Since last March, the opposition movements completely neglected any talk about national economy and its restructuring, while President Bashar al-Assad completed what he had adopted in terms of decisions at this level by stressing social justice in the context of the comprehensive reformatory reviewing of Syrian reality and what was caused by the policies of openness during the last few years.

 It is not odd that the agents of foreign intelligence apparatuses and mercenaries in Syria, Lebanon and the region avoided tackling the content of this national plan and renewed the talk about the security solution based on their silly equation which they consumed since last March in regard to the alleged disregarding of the political solution.

 The factions of terrorism and the gangs of armed anarchy that are carrying out killing, kidnapping, blackmail and theft constitute a threat to stability and to national economy. Hence, the liquidation of the pits of terrorism and chaos is the obligation of any state that respects its people, is committed to their interests and wishes to carry out its duties toward them.
The answer to chaos and anarchy resides in the Syrian national state’s offering of a chance to the misled and the implicated to recant their positions. This was expressed by the president in his talk about the pardon decision and about repentance.

 Al-Assad addressed the Syrians by confirming Syria’s Arab identity and national role and presenting an evolved perception of pan-Arabism, featuring all its religious and cultural components, also stressing the rejection of the idea of ethnic chauvinism which is preventing the expansion of the Arab League to include the numerous ethnicities living on Arab soil.
Reform in Syria currently seems to be the hostage of terrorism and chaos despite the determination of the state and president Al-Assad to expand participation in political life as soon as possible. Without its liberation from the gangs of sabotage and killing, the general climate in Syria will remain frail. The annihilation of this terrorism, which is demanded by the Syrians, will soon be seen as it was indicated by President Al-Assad, because the objective strategic factors composing the balance of powers and the equations domestically and abroad have started to mature and materialize, especially following the total political bankruptcy of the conflicting oppositions and the utter exposure of the goals of the colonial alliance that is seeking an opportunity to escalate the intervention in Syria at any price.

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