Amnesty International is a Western Intelligence Services Supporter

* Text of Henry Galoppini - 21/3/2012 - EuropeanPhoenix -
One thing that had not yet ever seen, but it had to happen sooner or later.
The most famous and "authoritative" organization for the Western "human rights in the world," Amnesty International, on its website has published an appeal in writing directly to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: "Russia must work together to stop the bloodshed in Syria. "
The signatories of the appeal are encouraged to request (order? Note the "should work") to Russia mainly two things: 1) "the suspension of arms transfers" to the Syrian government, 2) the exercise of pressure on that Government to cease "excessive use of force," allowing the "peaceful protests" and allow "immediately" (!) to "international human rights observers" and "humanitarian agencies" to be able to move at all (!) parts of Country.
In the preamble to the text that Amnesty International calls for the ship to Russian Foreign Minister expressed the idea that the "international community" he has not so far done a great deal: this is not true, because the international community ", which corresponds to only West, if he used not just for ... picking up the tension in Syria and, to a certain point, he tried to force his hand at the UN to produce a "resolution", provided it was one, so in order to exploit it justify a military intervention in the Arab country of the eastern Mediterranean.But Russia and China abstained this time not as occurred during the vote on Libya, then the operation "coverage of the UN" did not go through. Just as there had been "successful" mission "of the Arab League observers" whose report, clearly not in line with the choice of those who had played that card, was duly 'hidden' [1].
Therefore, in all probability, Amnesty International - that some investigative reporters claim to be closely linked to the U.S. government - it now charges the responsibility of "massacres in Syria" to Russia, and its government in particular, when he wrote it, 'the Russia's actions have only served to increase the violence in Syria. "
Since when? Especially since the same Lavrov paid a visit to Damascus, accompanied by the Director of Intelligence International Russian ... So, like the proverbial "weasels", jumped out of thirteen French agents arrested (delivered by the Russians?) By the authorities in Damascus after their entry into the district of Homs where they had barricaded themselves in order to coordinate, together with officials from other Arab countries ("Free Libya", Qatar ...), an armed insurrection "Islamist" to be presented unilaterally as "peaceful protest suppressed by the government" [2]. Why is Amnesty International - if it really is "pacifist on principle" - does not ask where it is due to "suspend the entry of weapons to rebels in Syria"? Who decides, and under what parameters, if "the use of force" is "excessive" or not? The same people who have fabricated false on "mass graves" in Libya? In Western countries, when two protesters throwing cobblestones, or dare to challenge the Police only verbally, it makes a case for opening size and gather all possible committees "order and security", but countries that the West intends to subvert okay even a so-called "protest" stocked with devastating weapons like those that caused the recent attacks in Damascus and Aleppo. But with the media there is no hope of winning with logical arguments, because then attacks the government if they would ever own, so blame the proverbial "peaceful demonstrators", which at that point, exasperated, that can not ... take up arms!
Is not at all honest act in this way. Before you collect a "moral credit" campaigns "against the death penalty", "torture", "child soldiers" and so on, then 'capitalize' the credibility obtained disclosing unilateral interpretation of the so-called "Syrian crisis", what's more based on sources as unilateral, those of unspecified "bloggers" and "activists", but only some people among them, for if only one bothers to look on YouTube you can find some documentation filmed denouncing the manipulations of anti-government propaganda [3].
Even the sign opposite to the interpretation of articles in the media abound on the net, but for TV and newspapers have the same "authority" of samples of humanitarianism as well not exist [4]. Indeed, the day after the massacre of Afghans - those so helpless - occurred at the hands of one, maybe more, the U.S. military, we have been "informed" by a terrible "massacre" at Homs, banged on the front page as other carnage obviously do not deserve . Yet some have seriously questioned the role of "victims" and "murderers" as it was told by the "media" [5].
The framework is extensively tested the "humanitarian war", which opened in the former Yugoslavia and reiterated more recently in Libya to destroy what was once a prosperous nation and, above all, independent, dignified and not so subservient to wear octopus: you complain "massacre of civilians", the "protesters", supporting the thesis of "violence" (NGOs) that have to "stop", even when - and it is the rule in these cases - come from individuals who have every intention of making blow up the mess, the "civil war", then reach the inevitable bombardment of NATO. And if the government - a script that humanitarian aid must always "resign" - reacts, the regular army is described as Don Rodrigo Bravo ("loyalists", "the militia of al-Asad") and take the charge automatically of "genocide" by the "Well" incarnate, who is eager to launch a nice shower of depleted uranium warheads, phosphorus etc.., plunging the nation of unfortunate turn an ordeal into an endless and material and moral prostration indefinitely. Moreover, the example of Libya, reduced to a jumble of "emirates" invariably "Islamic", is highly instructive to the fate that awaits Syria.
L '"humanitarian interventionism" to those who particularly like is called "left", because many members of the so-called "civil society" and "pacifism" - who as recently as 2003 (invasion of Iraq) "marched for peace" - now subscribe to "appeals" to "stop the violence in Syria", pointing to as "fascist" all who are there because it is all too clear how it will end even this latest farce. It is the last frontier of "pacifism" in the bottom line (as was the consistent "feminist" Fallaci in her Islamophobia), because they have internalized the idea that whatever is put in place for the "liberation from the tyrant" , will ultimately prevail "peace". Yes, the "peace" of the "New World Order", when will these silly trashed because they will no longer polite "criticism" nor any "Jiminy Cricket" arcobalenista.
Amnesty International, contemptuous ridicule, always on Syria, then offers, from March 8, another appeal: "stop the violation of the rights of women" (those, of course, demonstrate against the government): yes yes, I see when will command the "rebels" Libyan-style ... what will happen to "women"! Do not worry, we will again dirittumanisti - still useful as a "critical consciousness" - to demonstrate "against the burqa"! Really funny if it were not tragic: it calls for end to a state in the name of "human rights" and relies on the assumption of power by organizations such "rights" do not care completely.
However, apart from that, that's okay: a sign that Russia is creating serious problems in lordships, and to this point have everyone go out into the open.Banks, directly putting their servants in government, trade unions, showing that they are a scam, the media, no longer even bother to baste "apology" too sophisticated, NGOs and agencies of "human rights", which eventually deploy openly for the '"humanitarian interventionism" of NATO. Not to mention the Church, more and more insensitive to the cries that rise from the Arab Christian communities, but ready to shed crocodile tears when will their inevitable exodus ...
But at this point, more details on the Syrian affair (the resignation of most of the Al Jazeera office in Beirut to protest against the "coverage" of the indecent made Syrians ordered by the Qatari leadership of the issuer), will make some considerations mentality and state of mind on which flourish "campaigns" such as Amnesty International on Syria (and similar).
How can such blatant lies and fabricated information so manage to gain a consensus? Warning, I'm not saying that an overwhelming majority believe you blindly: who has a place of "responsibility" we must believe 'by contract', failing which "ruin professional", while the mass is supremely indifferent to the end, it is lost in "everyday life".
But even indifference, when it is possible to know, is a sin. And now you know as well as to deduce what will happen based on the outcome of similar situations: everywhere came to NATO, the conditions of the people "liberated" from making the State virtually dissoltosi, have drastically worsened [6 ].
Yes say, and it can do, even if it is informed, that a "no account"? It is true, can not do anything, basically, on one level, but can make a gesture literally "revolutionary" in the sense of "homing" radically rethink. If indeed it is impossible for any of the dots pinco prevent NATO bombing and invasion (not delude themselves that serve principals, petitions, articles - including this - or something similar), the so-called "normal people" that is not forced to act in society as not to risk the loss of a "position of responsibility" can do, however, an essential effort, changing its basic attitude toward life.
How can anyone with adequate sensitivity, understanding, these lies can be introjected and assimilated, most often passively, only men who are not "real", that does not tend to the "truth"; men who spend their lives in a constant " disguise "and" play ", first with yourself.
This is a very important point. The famous "human rights" and all this festival of "good feelings" seem to boast, in the perception of the vast majority of people in good faith, all things cloaked in "love", a moral value, dare I say 'spiritual', priceless , so, we are trained to consider an "evil," a "sin" evade, ignore, do not stay on their side, not endorsing the position of the "standard bearers of human rights in the world" attitude ... immoral, even by thought alone, let alone on the go!
How can you not be sorry for "child soldiers in Uganda," for "female genital mutilation in Somalia" for "the executions in Iran" ... And a thousand other things ... What a heartbreaking obviously do not enjoy, but ... and here the point: how many other things that do not "give pleasure" may submit with the same insistence and 'feast'?
Is there a common thread that unites all these things, and is consistent with a "mutation" of human beings at this stage "twilight" in which sentimentality overflows from the normal confines of the "feeling" to occupy space that did not compete, those intellectuals, and "truth", that is directly connected, because the seat is the heart of the Intellect, Knowledge is obtained only with the heart and knowledge is one with Love.
But with "human rights" claims to be anything but love. Here there is not knowledge, but of all individual beliefs, mood, therefore, logically inconsistent and fluctuating opportunistic in their practical application (hence the "two weights and two measures").
So we join the illusion of "spontaneously" to all these "beautiful" and "uplifting" positions, slogans result of suggestions that take root in a human act to transpose them for all her life, being a continuous camouflage, mimicry , compromise with himself (school, work, family, etc..), is never "in truth" there "believes," it is precisely a "belief" in a parody of the rectum "believe", if it does one with our "personality": "I feel good," "what a monster who does not respect human rights", "I can find others like me" ...
Thus, the "outrage" in "outrage" and "tear" in the "tear", the "shock" in "shock" (a word used by most hypocritical "outraged" variable geometry), men avoid doing terms with the truth ... preferring to wear masks.
The "religion of human rights" becomes the religion of humanity that has decided to pretend to play a role on a permanent basis, from the West, where she was born, the Orient, where the first stain spreads 'Oil with "modernity".
And every man has the rulers it deserves, or that best expressed his "feeling".A human race of couch potatoes and pushovers that expresses these invalid command us, heroes of humanity expresses a Genghis Khan: You do not really want to believe that a giant like that was not surrounded by extraordinary men, with your back straight and clear gaze. Of the people prostrate to a subhuman level expresses a Bush, for example. It is true that the "powerful" are one way and "people" in another. If so, it would be easy to get rid of first.There instead of "shared values" by some and by others, only that one make it a 'screen ideological', others believe it for real.
Do not take fireflies for lanterns: all this pandemonium is unleashed only to "export democracy"! This trifle, this little story for children. No, the "plan" is much more subtle and literally "relentless" why humans are increasingly coming under pressure - even moral - to win them over to the drawing, or rather his 'ideology', 'convert' to his ostentatious "goodness" in order to deter them and that which was, is and always will be their indispensable and imperative task.
But to do it, you should "live in truth", not a lie. Try, anyway.
On the other hand, are not these professionals acting and hypocrisy that the same "human rights" have made their flag? As can be seen, are themselves and their cheap tricks from vaudeville to qualify them for what they are.
If you do not need the True uses the False. The "religion of human rights" is false, and leads to serve the False. One indication of its falsity: Hell is not covered (because they no longer believe in the devil). But who is not "the Truth" ends up in hell: it is therefore not hard to see where it leads to the whim of establishing, on this earth, a Democrat 'Paradise of Human Rights' ...
TEXT Henry Galoppini, March 21, 2012
[1] The Report of the Observatories of the Arab League, read also G. Easter Reflections on the Relationship of the Observatories of the Arab League in Syria, Contropiano, February 11  Here an Italian translation of the Report:, Amnesty International plays a one-way -Arab-confirm-violation-of-human-rights .
[2] The matter is similar to that which occurred in the refugee camp of Nahr el-Bared (Lebanon, 2007): .
A witness: those responsible for atrocities in Syria's opponents are armed ; Those atrocious video. Some doubt, some Who monitors the human rights associations
[5] M. Blondet, is who violates human rights,, March 20, 2012: .
[6] Even if you do not speak more on television, in Iraq carnage continues.
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