The Road to "Freedom"

by Daniel Mabsout

Maybe the world cannot afford anymore a regular war. Maybe this has become too risky or probably costly at all levels . . Maybe the regular armies of the super powers would see – in the near future- their roles restricted to some bombing or shelling or to some police task or intelligence mission.. Maybe we will not witness another Iraq or Vietnam ; not because the world order has given up controlling the world but because it has developed different kinds of armies and different kind of weapons that serve the purpose with less spending and losses .

In fact , and we have seen that the world order can now mobilize the masses themselves around the world to carry on missions and fulfill the task of any regular army. We have seen the Arab springs, we have seen the world order- through his internet facilities and communication devices- reach and infiltrate every society, every remote place and village. In Egypt, in Tunisia and in Yemen. the world order succeeded in getting a whole population into the streets day after day, week after week and month after month.. All yielded to the call of the New order, from both genders, children and adults and old people, educated and illiterate, poor or not poor, all poured in to serve in the huge army of the super powers; all went to the streets in the same time.

Remember what we have witnessed in Egypt, even Hillary admitted that this was spectacular and beyond all expectations. Remember the millions in Yemen taking to the streets everyday for months and months. Unbelievable Yemen was, one would wonder how could these veiled women, dressed in black, take - in such great numbers- to streets asking for freedom, and what was freedom for them and how did they conceive it -if they conceived it at all -and how could they afford sharing in these demonstrations that roamed the streets day and night ? One would wonder how their children were looked after, how were their families fed and what about schools, but there is nothing the Yemeni women and the old Yemeni man with a walking stick and who had lost most of his teeth, would not do to answer the call sent by the world order to mobilize his new army of human beings .

Allahu Akbar Hurriyye (FREEDOM) was the slogan that echoed in the streets and avenues. A poor and sort of empty slogan that did not say much or reveal or express any worthy demand, along with the other slogan that addressed the ruler merely saying: Go Out, Degage, Irhal, that summarized the narrow goal of the Arab Springs restricted to toppling the president. This call of the super powers could not be ignored; and even if Guevara -risen from his grave -had called on people to rally in the streets of Cairo or Tunis his call would not have been met with such persistence, definitely not. This is the great success of the world order, the call of Hillary had embraced all and reached all hearts, and even if there was some money spent or offered, the sum was not much, these masses did not ask for much to be kept or to serve; no salary, no insurance, no allowances, no nothing and mainly no consequences for casualties back home that required the hard task of comforting families and widows. All what was needed here, on the battle ground, were few flags and few mobiles and maybe a field hospital plus some microphones and many many promises. As for the casualties they did not represent any burden.

The world order had definitely made an excellent deal. Of course the NGOs that contributed to the springs fared materially better, and were better paid, but nothing to compare with the huge spending of a regular army and of regular weapons. So much the world order had saved in terms of money and losses and trouble by this huge army of volunteers made by the masses themselves rallied -whole heartedly- to serve -willingly -the purposes of their enemy that not only had installed the Tyrants he is asking them to topple after stealing and exploiting their resources, but had found in their imminent ignorance -as to who their enemy is -and their total delusion regarding the schemes in store for them, the most valuable treasure ever discovered and delivered to serve their own ends.

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