Syria: Houla massacre - Who benefits from this useful pretext for war?

Whenever the West needs an excuse to justify an invasion of the UN-NATO Connection on a sovereign country; whenever a session of the UN Security Council is announced, so-called “peaceful demonstrators” are shot by “Assad’s regime”.

Facts? No evidence, no facts! The German mainstream media babble and publish their articles in the manner of the requirements of the psychological warfare, like it is ordered by the people behind the curtains.

Western Politicians condemn the Syrian President al-Assad unilaterally, although they should know it better. From responsible politicians it is expected, that they want to know the facts to evaluate them, and to come to balanced results.

But the Western media and politicians conceal the truth of others. The truth of the Syrian side. And they blame Syria one-sided for everything. And always immediately, without results of examinations. They rely on anonymous sources, paid by the West. If that doesn’t stink, then what? The Germans are deprived of the most important eyewitness reports.

Here are a few.

The German audience even is not informed about that, that Syria has formed a commission of inquiry (of the “Hula massacre”), which has the plan to present results soon. Then, when the truth comes to light, it is still dark here (e.g. Germany), behind the Iron Curtain of information.

We will report about the information, which is suppressed by the complex of imperialists. Please, also read the article by Christof Lehmann from yesterday.

U.S. is prepared for war in Syria

What is the purpose of the massacre (Houla)? Who benefits from it? A Syrian government, which would thereby provoke more international pressure by propaganda? Logically, no. Then who?

The answer is provided by the (German State media channel) ARD.

U.S. Chief of Staff, Martin Dempsey, is considering a military action against Syria for the first time. “I think that diplomatic pressure should always precede any discussions about military options. And that is my job by the way, is options, not policy. And so, we will be prepared to provide (military) options if asked to do so,” Dempsey said to CBS.

A conference like before the war in Libya

The killer of Libya, which snotty call themselves “Friends of Syria” now, plan another conference of terrorism, following the role model of the Libyan scenario. And just the usual culprits take back the leadership of the gang.

France and Great Britain, meanwhile, have agreed to convene a conference about Syria. This was announced by the Elysee Palace. A specific date for the “Conference of the Friends of the Syrian people” is not initially named.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron and the new French President François Hollande have stressed that they wanted to increase the pressure of the international community against Assad. (tagesschau 29th 5th 2012)

(This Sarkozy-behavior of Hollande is a prime example that in imperialism – including the Germans – it does not matter which party the people will elect, all follow the same policy, in the end)

Let us remember, the Imperialists met to the same knitting pattern, in Paris, 2011. France and Great Britain were the spokesmen, and without hesitation, the bombing of Libya started. The current Libya lies in ruins and has to complain about tens of thousands dead.

The peaceful protesters turned out to be what they were (and are): armed gangs which are sponsored and also protected by the NATO-UN Alliance.

Today, only a year after the massacre of Tripoli, Bani Walid, and hundreds of other places, where everyone knows about this, the Western media and politics still take the words of the same “peaceful opposition”, from al-Qaeda, the CIA, and the Muslim Brotherhood (also Salafists) in and outside Syria. That is madness!

There is an alternative to war: the West stops the support of its terrorist groups. Yes, dear audience, even you are not informed about this by Western mass media.

The terror is made by the “Friends of Syria”.

Do not forget to read Christof Lehmann`s article.

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