Syria Media Roundup - 10 May 2012

Regional and International perspectives

Watch RT's report from Damascus
"Crunch Time in Syria: The UN Protocol`s Jihadist Problem," Sharmine Narwani on the foreign fighters engaged in an ideological struggle in Syria.

"As-Saḥāb Media presents a new video message from al-Qā’idah’s Dr. Ayman al-Ẓawāhirī: 'Onward Oh Lions of Syria,'" when the revolution is explicitly hijacked by extremist groups.

"Lebanon-Syria Border: A Weapons Market Boom." Radwan Mortada on how weapons make their way into Syria.

"Interview with the Syrian National Council President Burhan Ghalioun Regarding Syrian Kurds," the future of Syrian Kurds after Assad as envisioned by SNC President Burhan Ghalioun.

"The al-Qaeda Insurgency in Syria: Recruiting Jihadists to Wage NATO`s 'Humanitarian Wars'," Michel Chossudovsky on foreign insurgency and sectarianism in Syria.

"The Muslim Brotherhood Reborn," Yvette Talhamy on the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, its history, alliances and latest developments.

"The Elections and the Rise of the Syrian Strength," Optimistic Wassim Raad examines the Syrian parliamentary elections’ symbolic re-balancing of power at the regional and international levels.

"The March to War: Iran and the strategic Encirclement of Syria and Lebanon," Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya argues that the instability brought by the Syrian uprising matches the geo-strategic goals of Israel’s 1996 “Clean Break” Report.

Imperialism and the Left

"SNC Emails: Clinton, Kilo and al-Farouq Batallion," the SNC and the U.S. discuss ways to convince Assad to leave from power and avoid being prosecuted.

"Annan`s Mission Impossible," Salman Shaikh`s assumption that Syrians cannot succeed without “stronger international backing.”

"Who’s Afraid of the UN Observer Mission?" Sharmine Narwani on why the West and its allies want the U.N mission in Syria to fail.

"The West’s Greatest Fear," Dan Glazebrook argues that “the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian National Council are working in the interests of foreign powers to prolong a pointless civil war.”

"Discovering the Truth about Syria and Assad," witty Nilotpal Basu`s compares Western powers with Charlie Chaplin`s Monsieur Verdous.

"The Dream of Managing Militarization in Syria," Mariano Aguirre supports the Syrian people but doubts that organized violence against the regime will lead to a peaceful resolution.

On Syrian narratives

"Syrians Strive to Survive in `Frontline` Town," James Bays follows soldiers from the FSA and al-Farouq Brigade near Homs`al-Qusayr, reporting that the brigade “insisted there was no room for extremists.”

"Syrian 'Opposition' Studies Terror Tactics in Kosovo: Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) Join Hands."

"Syrian Opposition Studies Terror Tactics in Kosovo," RT’s coverage of FSA’s KLA training.

"EU Ambassador to Lebanon: Far Too Early For Elections in Syria," Al-Akhbar interviews Angelina Eichhorst who says the EU “doesn't give any financial or logistic support” to the Syrian opposition.

"Hizb ut-Tahrir in Syria: the Regime will Cede to the Islamic Caliphate," Hizb ut-Tahrir distances itself from the Muslim Brotherhood that acts “flirtatious” with the West. The organization, which has a chapter in Britain, seeks to bring back a caliphate system in the post-Assad era.

"Has the Syrian Opposition done Nothing Wrong?" Al-Jazeera’s confusing title and clumsy program on Human Rights Watch`s “They Burned my Heart” Report.

"Dying for Democracy in Syria," Haitham Maleh`s argument that arming the Free Syrian Army and funding democratic institutions in the Post-Assad era is key for Syria.

"Le jour de la renaissance de la Syrie forte, pluraliste et indépendante," Pierre Khalaf`s analysis of various outlets`coverage of the Syrian parliamentary elections.

"World Powers Rush to Plunge Syria into War," Pepe Escobar mocks the vague media coverage of Syria.

Art and social media

"Daily Life in Syria," in this radio piece, Gari Sullivan recalls his latest visit in Syria, where people are not the same as before.

"A Taste of Syrian Revolutionary Art," Now Lebanon! provides an interactive animation of artists in different fields who took part to the revolution with their creations.

"Could you Please Look into the Camera?" Mohammed al-Attar`s latest play on the uprising and the different allegiances people have within a same family.

"Syria Deshevels Lebanon`s Shi’a," in Lebanon, Shi’a Facebook groups supporting the uprising go against the fatwas banning the watching of anti-Assad news outlets.

Policy and Reports

"They Burned My Heart: War Crimes in Northern Idlib During Peace Plan Negotiations," Human Rights Watch documents the war crimes perpetrated by the Syrian regime from March 22 to April 6.

"Syria Map," the blog most recently mapped the geography of the Syrian province of Idlib.

"Syria: Quickly Going Beyond the Point of No Return," The International Crisis Group`s latest report asking the regime to initiate an all-inclusive national dialogue.

Inside Syria:

"Syria`s Parliamentary Elections: The Good Old Baath," Al-Akhbar collects the testimony of those who went to the voting stations in Damascus, which were boycotted by the “hardline” opposition.

"Syrian Parliamentary elections: Cynicism wins the Day," Syrians met in Damascus are cynical about the parliamentary elections.

"Sanctions Block Syria`s Vital Grain Trade," some Syrians‘ cynical view that the sanctions only ban crystal and Cuban cigars might not be accurate, after all.

"Why Damascus is Wary of Annan," Nicolas Nassif on the Syrian regime`s skepticism toward Annan`s perceived ambivalence.

Money and Guns:

"Syria imported weapons worth $168m in 2010, says Oxfam," interesting to keep in mind as some speak of arming the opposition.

"Syrian economy spirals downward as deposits, loans plunge," the impacts of the Syrian uprising on the economy.

"Amid Unrest, Syrians Struggle to Feed their Families," the economic strain is felt by Syrians on the ground.

"No Biting the Bear`s Sensitive Parts," John Helmer`s account of the Russian stance on Syria.

"Is Putin the Savior of Syria?" Thom Woodroofe argues that from a military perspective, Russia represents Syria`s only hope the country’s peaceful resolution.
Image: Syrian inspectors investigate the crater in front of a damaged military intelligence building where two bombs exploded, Qazaz neighborhood, Damascus, Syria, May 10, 2012. Image by Bassem Tellawi/AP Photo



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