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Syrian Girl Partisan Has Become Internet Celebrity

14 April 2012
Syriangirl 300x294 Syrian Girl Partisan Has Become Internet Celebrity
Known online as "Syrian Girl", internet commentator generating interest in her Syria commentary
BRUSSELS, Belgium (MECN) – Known online only as “Syrian Girl” or “Syrian Girl Partisan”, a young, intelligent and articulate Syrian woman has begun to develop an online following for her analyses of the unfolding events in Syria and the motivations of the players involved. In a series of online interviews with independent journalists and anti-establishment media outlets via Skype, the Syrian Girl exposes the hypocrisy underlying the entire humanitarian intervention farce and the real agenda that is driving the attempted overthrow of the Syrian government under the leadership of President Bashar Al-Asad and the ruling National Progressive Front, a coalition of popular ideologically aligned political parties.
“Syrian Girl” is self-admittedly “a Syrian patriot” who is well versed in global conspiracies and further describes herself as “against the NWO” (New World Order) and as a “truth seeker.” Her youth and beauty defy expectations given the remarkable content of her speech, which is evident of a passion for politics and world affairs. In one of her videos onYouTube, “Syrian Girl” admits that members of her family were associated with the former regime in Syria and were forced to leave the country as a result of the current regime. At the same time, ”Syrian Girl” reveals herself as a staunch supporter of the Syrian government position, without the appearance of feeling conflicted over the ongoing violence in the country which is claiming Syrian lives on both sides. She further claims that she is “hard pressed” to identify a government in the world that she is a supporter of.
With so much international media offering the perspective of their governments’ anti-Syrian political position, many are finding the “Syrian Girl” a reprieve from more anti-Syrian propaganda, especially after the series of scandals which revealed the media lies being perpetrated to villify Syria in order to justify international intervention to serve what “Syrian Girl” believes is a clear, political agenda. It is also the depth of thinking and analysis behind the “Syrian Girl” commentary that has earned her a growing audience.
“Syrian Girl” can be followed online via her: Facebook page,Twitter account and YouTube channel.
In an online segment with Alex Jones of InfoWars, “Syrian Girl” talks about prior international attempts to seduce the Assad government to break ties with Iran with frequent invitations extended to the President of Syria and First Lady for official state visits to Western countries. She further suggests that the high profile visit of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie was part of the same plan to entice the government of President Assad to move away from Iran through the scripted method of rehabilitating the image of dictators that support U.S. and Western agendas. “Syrian Girl” suggests that it was the lack of success in tempting the Assad government away from Iran that is the true reason for the current conspiracy to overthrow the Syrian government. It is Iran and its allies that the U.S., Israel and an alliance of Gulf Arab countries, Turkey and Western European interests are plotting to destroy, and that democracy or humanitarian causes have nothing to do with international intervention in Syrian affairs.
Update: Apparently shedding her anonymity, Syrian Girl appeared on Press TV and was known to the news commentators as “Mimi Al-Laham, Syrian Activist”.

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