Lillian Rosengarten What US has perpetrated in Syria is criminal
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Vanessa Beeley Thank you Simon
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Simon Brace Vanessa, feel free to add any articles at anytime to this thread. I'm sure i've posted one of yours, but any others... or any at all, are welcome.
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Sarah Deniz
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Heather Scott Wow - HUGE thanks to you Simon Brace for this.
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Saaleha Kader Shared
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Hanan Baghdadi very true,,
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Simon Brace
Russia Insider
This is almost too embarrassing to watch! The US State Department can’t answer for its baseless accusations against Russia in Syria.
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Simon Brace 'In his recent op-ed article for Politico Magazine, US attorney and nephew of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wrote that the US decided to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power after he refused to back a Qatari...See more
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Simon Brace Editor’s note: This article has been updated to reflect recent Wikileaks revelations of US State Department leaks that show plans to destabilize Syria and overthrow the Syrian government as early as 2006. The leaks reveal that these plans were given t...See more
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Simon Brace It started in 2006 when the US decided it wanted to oust Syrian President Assad and started laying the ground work. This was proven by leaked Saudi Arabian intelligence cables hosted on Wikileaks. Julian Assange said of the leaks:
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