A brief overview of the past 5.5 years in Syria - by Eva Bartlett

Screenshot from video: White Helmets shouting 'Takbir' and celebrating alongside their Al-Nusra terrorist brethren

I realize there are many, many good people who haven't taken a stand against or for Syria, and who are just genuinely confused... and busy supporting their families... and who might tune into, say, Canada's CBC, or like media, to learn what's going on in the world. As when it comes to most foreign issues, our media is sharing a narrative that serves the interests of our governments, not the people of Syria. In other words, they are lying about Syria, and endorsing the lies of others.

For those who want it, a brief overview of the past 5.5 years in Syria (although of course there is far greater historical context to be given, which is imperative reading). In terms of recent events wrongly dubbed the "civil war in Syria" or anything to do with "rebels" in Syria, I share the following simplified overview:

March 2011: Western and Gulf corporate media (and human rights groups with close ties to the US State Dpt and/or George Soros) start reporting of "unarmed protests" being quashed by an "evil dictator'". They produce claim after claim, but never any substantiated evidence.

Meanwhile, what they fail to report is that, in fact, in the early protests throughout Syria, there were well-armed "protesters" who, in Dara'a for one example (the so-called "birthplace" of the so-called "revolution") were gunning down unarmed police and unarmed Syrian soldiers: killing 29 and 52 in the first 2 respective Friday demonstrations...This is based on witness testimony and aside from that ample documentation, including weapons storage rooms at the Omari Mosque in Dara'a.

The early (and subsequent) reports pretend that most Syrians supported these protests (violent and sectarian: "Alawis to the grave, Christians to Beirut" was a common chant heard throughout Syrian cities, thank you Saudi Arabia and Muslim Brotherhood), when in fact many or most Syrians who indeed supported political reforms quickly grew wary of the violence they were seeing in protests around the country, and of how the empty words of protesters did not address real calls for political reforms.

Ignored in these early corporate and Gulf media reports are that the Syrian government, under the leadership of President Assad, did start making reforms (and did so even prior to the March 2011 colour revolution kick-off), and that President Assad himself in mid-2011 stood before an audience at Damascus University calling for national reform, from the people, calling for the people to work together towards Syria's future and to avoid bloodshed.

I'm very aware that Syrians, including those who stand with the Syrian government of President Assad, would say that still more reforms are needed. But at present, this is besides the point (and frankly not the business of non-Syrians): right now, Syrians are most concerned with ending the bloodshed and restoring security and stability, and are working for the future of Syria.

In contrast to the bleating of Western media, lying NGOs and Western talking heads, the war ON Syria was never about human rights, freedom, democracy or even President Assad himself.

It was and continues to be about cutting Syria into pieces, imposing a Western (and Zionist)-friendly puppet government which would cease all Resistance against the most murderous state in the region, Israel, and which would also cease to support Palestine, and would cede Syria's resources (oil, gas...)...among other non-human rights-related issues.

The Syrian people have refused the imposition of a foreign government, the imposition of foreign ideologies (Wahhabism and like extremist ideologies, Imperialism, sectarianism... to name some), and continue to reject Western (and Gulf) intervention.

Every corporate (and even certain "independent") media and Human Rights group which you trust is almost assuredly lying to you on Syria (and related issues):

The BBC, the Guardian, Channel 4, CBC, CNN, NPR, Democracy Now, Real News, Middle East Eye... to name but some of the main news sites (and some of the pro-Palestine sites which lie on Syria).

Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, MSF (Doctors Without Borders), Avaaz, and the Syria-specific ones: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the Syria Campaign, the Aleppo Media Centre, and the so-called White Helmets ... have all either endorsed and propagated lies against Syria, or flat-out lied themselves (inevitably relying on unnamed activists or unverified reports). Most of them also endorse a no-fly-zone in Syria, as per Libya (please look in hindsight at how Western intervention "saved" Libya. Read: destroyed Libya).

The main Western media/human rights groups/State Dpt lies nowadays are a direct response to the progress of the Syrian army and allies in cleansing Aleppo districts of the terrorists who've murdered, maimed, kept hostage and besieged Syrians of Aleppo and its countryside for years.

Western leaders are not happy that their "moderate" terrorists (who violated the September ceasefire from the very start, and over 300 times, most of whom flat-out rejected the ceasefire) no longer have the open flow of weapons and supplies from Turkey, nor the ease of movement, and that they continue to be defeated in many areas of Aleppo.

Thus, be wary of corporate media's many claims regarding Aleppo and the Syrian army/government. And very related, be wary of orchestrated media praise of the so-called "humanitarians", al-Qaeda in Syria, the "White Helmets". All of the major news outlets you trust, including pseudo-independents like Democracy Now, and including pseudo-leftists like Code Pink, are promoting these terrorist-apologists and propagandists as "rescuers", which couldn't be farther from the truth.

These mythical rescuers, who take trophy photos with dead Syrian soldiers, and many of whom themselves carry weapons and war against Syria, are one of the current means of deceiving well-meaning people into supporting Western intervention in Syria: further arming of terrorists, further accusations against the Syrian army and Russia, and calls for a No Fly Zone--which would mean the destruction of Syria--among other evils.

Please, don't be fooled. Put your cognitive dissonance aside: Syrian lives are at stake.

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26 Sept 2016

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