Eva Karene Bartlett

Paul Mansfield:
"Class for today fakerstan media. Watch this video. every second of it. [Note: This video can also be viewed below, at the end of this blog post]

1. Eva is a real journalist. (unlike you people lying from puttin ya slippers on in the morning till u brush your teeth at night)

2. Eva has her boots on the ground

[for example: https://ingaza.wordpress.com/…/updates-from-on-the-ground-…/]

3. Eva actually cares about the Syrian people, unlike you who cherry pick children for propaganda purposes then cry crocodile tears. (They are fake ones, just like your news is)

4. Eva is not a plant of Russia or sponsored by Syria. She is a hard working, dedicated journalist driven by passion, morality and a quest for the truth. I won't comment on the motivations of u in fakerstan media. You should have the gist by now.

[related: https://ingaza.wordpress.com/…/those-who-transmit-syrian-v…/]

5. Eva is one of the journalists who uncovered the brutality of the "uprising" which was in reality sponsored by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, used guns smuggled through Libya (the Benghazi operation) stored weapons for use by Islamist militants at the Omari mosque and was supported by the sectarian Muslim Brotherhood whose leader in SyriaRiyad Al-Shaqfa, said "It is time for us to come back and force all the other non-Muslim sects to shrink and step back. These sects are the infidel Christians, the criminal Alawites and the infidel Druzes." Eva quotes the massacre of up to 60 soldiers in Daraa where militants put an oil slick on the road then shot up their bus at it crashed. The act of a peaceful uprising, or that of a well armed and trained group of terrorists?

https://ingaza.wordpress.com/2015/10/13/deconstructing-the-nato-narrative-on-syria/ ]

7. Eva exposes the lies of Human Rights Watch, Amnesty and Kenneth Roth personally. She says it is an uphill battle to counter the lies of the NGO industrial complex. If there were more like Eva the battle would be won in a landslide.

Cory Morningstar's in-depth exposes on the NGO complex:


Felicity Arbuthnot's

Other good links: https://ingaza.wordpress.com/syria/human-rights-front-groups-humanitarian-interventionalists-warring-on-syria/

8. She quotes another legend who has her boots on the ground too in Vanessa Beeley in the exposure of the White Helmets as literally a propaganda wing of Al-Qaeda. It is an enormously well financed group, over $100 million pouring in from the US, the UK Foreign office, the Netherlands and several other countries. They only operate in terrorist held areas and hardly anyone from liberated Aleppo had heard of them. The video footage, images and statements, which include a joint letter with Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (Al-Qaeda) making demands on the SAA on conditions to allow the water supply of Damascus to be repaired should leave no one in any doubt of their alliance with the terrorists. Take your cue from Bartlett and Beeley fakerstan hacks and start the reporting that will shred their reputation beyond repair.

[http://21stcenturywire.com/author/21vbeeley/ ]

9. She discusses the hell cannons, the indiscriminate, wildly inaccurate mortars used by the terrorists. What are they you say? Well if you stopped with the obsession on accusations against Assad on barrel bombs you may find time to study these civilian killing weapons. Weapons that were instrumental in the death of 11,000 civilians in Aleppo alone.



Vanessa's article on Hell Cannons: https://thewallwillfall.org/2015/…/09/syria-welcome-to-hell/ ]

10. Eva condemns fakerstan media for describing the terrorist bombing on buses from Foua and Kefraya as a "hiccup." Its true, check it out. Just when you think the vile commentary can't get any lower we get this. I, along with Mary Woodward (another legend who writes brilliant, informative articles) wrote an article on the absolutely disgusting article by the BBC where they didn't even call it a terrorist attack and said the terrorists had no motive to carry out the attack, implying the Syrian government did.


11. At the end Eva thanks Jimmy Dore for his show. No, thank you Eva. It goes without saying the Syrian people thank you as well. Keep up the work of being a thorn in the side of the NGO propaganda machine and the shameless lies of fakerstan media. "


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