The Alliance between the Muslim Brothers and the West

The Alliance between the Muslim Brothers and the West is a scandal for the Christians and the Muslims who don’t want religious matters to encroach on their civil rights. In secular regimes, established after colonialism amidst the pan-Arabic frenzy, everybody was relieved to see the establishment of a certain distance between religion and state. Now, while the Westerners rightly reject the overlap of state and religion at home, they see fit to promote it here to overthrow secular regimes! That’s what frightens the majority of the Syrian people. The implementation ofSharia law in its entirety, as advocated by the Muslim Brothers, will lead to regimes which are theocratic, obsolete and obscurantist, like that of Saudi-Arabia. How can we accept such a regression in the 21th century? And what kind of modernization can the Muslim Brothers bring to the Sharia which, being of divine nature, cannot be mitigated or rectified by any human power?

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