Syria: Assad at the interview with Barbara Walters

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gave the ABC News-Star Barbara Walters an interview, which was marketed absolutely typical for this American television station on 07/Dec/2011.

The interview with Bashar al-Assad took less than fifteen minutes, but nevertheless it has caused a stir and still makes even more. In this interview, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad answered and addressed every question from ABC News journalist Barbara Walters, no matter how aggressively worded and provocative the question were.

Shortly after the broadcast of the interview on the American channel ABC News, all the media stations were looking forward to the exploitation of this interview with the Syrian President and the new allegations they were able to raise up against him afterwards.

Some statements of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad like the one that he would not feel guilty because he tries his best to protect the Syrian population are now the headlines of many articles to gain visitors online and readers (buyers) offline. Business as usual.

As usually the most articles about the interview between Barbara Walters and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad use only a few similar statements of him and yanks them out of context, so that they fit very well into the general propaganda against the Syrian government and also against the President, of course.

Finally there are at least two versions of this interview between the Syrian President and ABC News contributor Barbara Walters. There is the edited European version of this interview which is mainly used by the European media, of course.

And also the second longer and mainly “unabridged” version for the American people by the media station ABC. This US-Version of the interview with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was also “very good” edited and even has been manipulated.

There definitely are some inconsistencies when you compare this video with the transcription of this interview between the both known people. When you watch the interview it should also raise some questions about other smaller or bigger issues.

Mrs. Walters was traveling to Damascus to make this interview with the Syrian president, but confronted him with the usual accusation that not foreign journalists are allowed to enter Syria. It is a bit strange when you recall the last weeks and all the journalists who reported out of Syria.

If all the channels act like ABC News and manipulate several facts and statements or experiences (Fox News showed how it works – just some days ago), it is no surprise that the Syrian authorities have no interest to let these so-called journalists into their country to deliver more false propaganda.

This should nevertheless raise the question of why she was able to come to Syria, to Damascus, and also was able to move around there completely freely? Does not look like a strong dictatorship compared to other so-called dictators on this planet.

We should also not forget about the fact, that there have been foreign journalists in Syria in the past few months, but they were only heard when they were in line with the propaganda game of NATO. Who ever saw a different image of Syria and wanted to portray this to the outside was not heard.

As is clear from the interview between Barbara Walters (ABC) and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the capital Damascus is still quiet and the people still pursue their normal business and daily routine – a huge difference to the cases of Libya or Egypt.

One should also not forget that the Syrian capital, Damascus, is not the only city which is calm and where the majority of the residents are supporting the Syrian President. There are also Syrian cities like Latakia, Aleppo, Tartous (Tartus) and others, where it is still the same situation as in the capital.

While the exclusive story and the interview “with the Syrian dictator” were broadcasted on the American ABC News Network, they also showed some videos again and again. ABC News has been “so objective” that they only showed the videos (Ugarit News.. credible?) of demonstrations against the Syrian government and others which should show the violence of the Syrian army against “peaceful protesters”.

We did not liked the title of this story “Goebbel`s disciples tackle Syria” (Voltaire Net) which is about the media propaganda, but it seems clear that there is at least a small connection between these report and its accusation of the media and the way ABC News published their versions of this interview.

ABC News missed the videos of the millions of people in whole Syria who went on the streets every week to show their support for the Syrian government, President Bashar al-Assad and their reform process.

They also did not show the video sequences about the massacres of Syrian soldiers or civilians by these extremists and radical Islamists. Why? It would have been bad for the Western propaganda? These questions are there; at least when you do not simply buy everything what the media delivers to your home.

That Syria plays an important geopolitical role in the Middle East should everyone know and we can certainly imagine what will happen if Syria really collapses.

Nevertheless, they put a sentence into the mouth of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as answer after the question about the targeted isolation of Syria. This strange answer also sounds totally illogical, but was apparently still accepted simply by many viewers and media stations.

His original statement that Syria cannot be isolated due to its position in the Middle East, has been changed by the ABC News Editorial into: If they isolate Syria, it will collapse. ABC News journalist Barbara Walters spoke with the Syrian President Assad open about all allegations and the spread propaganda in the West. She received an answer to any of their questions.

Too bad that this interview from the outset had only one goal:

Propaganda against the “next arabic dictator” – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This is also clear when you see the title / headline of this interview:

“A dictator speaks”

Based on the way, how the interview was done, you realize that it should not deliver a real insight about the true situation in Syria afterwards; it only has the “duty” to reinforce the (false) “opinion” about Syria in the West.

Although Ms. Walters was seemingly surprised about the separation between the normal life in Syria and that which is always broadcasted and reported through any media channels, she does not cease to go on with the duty of a propaganda machine.

Barbara Walters explained this difference between the “real” situation in Damascus and the broadcasted reports about other Syrian cities, that the difference between the educated and charming President Bashar al-Assad and the brutal army are just totally grave and unimaginable.

And that’s the base for Barbara Walters why the situation should differ between Damascus and cities like Aleppo, Latakia and so on.. Wow! Not to mention that Aleppo, Tartous (Tartus), Latakia and so on share the same situation as Damascus.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad also stressed in the interview that the majority of the Syrians are standing behind the government, the reform process and behind him. That is truly no joke or a loss of reality by the President, because it is the true situation in Syria. You can see this support every time and everywhere. Even in cities like Homs and Hama.

Nothing is reported about this fact. ABC News contributor Barbara Walters spoke about the upcoming elections and the presidential elections in two years but also made it clear in her summary of the interview with the Syrian President al-Assad, that all this is just too late. We mentioned before that she missed all the millions of Syrians who went on the streets to support their government.

We bet that the ABC-team saw them. It is only the question why Barbara Walters did not mention it and why there were no teasers about the pro-government demonstrations. Finally it does not smell very good.

Barbara Walters and her ABC team also missed it to draw the connection between the “revolution” in Syria and the support of this “uprising” by Salafis (Salafists) and the Wahhabis, who definitely have their fingers in this game and pursue their own goals. The same counts for the Muslim Brotherhood and some other organizations.

Walters traveled to Damascus, to provide the President to the pillory, but finally failed at this. It is just new food for Western media and Western intelligence services, of course. The interest in a representation of the true situation in Syria was unfortunately not there, again.

The interview has been manipulated and finally distributed in these ways, so that they have new evidence and other sensible or nonsensical stuff against the Syrian President al-Assad. But that will not change the fact that the huge majority of the Syrian population is still behind their President Bashar al-Assad and the reform process.

The Syrian President spoke about the “many attempts to distort facts about what is really happening in Syria” and ABC News showed clearly with their edits and manipulation what he means.


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