Australian Foreign Minister’s response to situation in Syria 8th Feb 2012

Australia will pursue further independent sanctions against the regime of Bashar al-Assad as a result of the worsening situation in Syria, and the killing of at least 200 people in the city of Homs earlier this week.

In a speech to Parliament yesterday the Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, labelled the escalating violence in Syria, which has seen more than 5000 killed in a little more than a year, as appalling.

He also announced a further $3million in funding for the work of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Syria, on top of $3million provided by Australia last year.

Editor’s Note: Like most people in Australia who have a public voice, Mr Rudd -
- gives no reference to the 2,000 plus soldiers who have been killed since March 2011, 
- or the brutal killings and assassinations by ‘militia’ of civilians. 
- He doesn’t condemn the medieval calls to kill by extremist clerics, some of which are even broadcast on our beloved and trusted Al-Jazeera. 
It is hoped that the Australian defence intelligence service and ASIO are wiser and better informed than the ABC or The Age on Syria. Assuming they are, are they passing on what they know to Mr Rudd? If they are, then he knows ‘stuff’. But is the Australian media and public ready to listen? Are we all too worried about losing face. We backed the wrong horse? Better let the situation get even messier so no-one can discern what is going on and we can all at some point say, ‘the bloody Arabs are fighting each other again’. … However, this time it is different. The war is going to come to us because extremist ideology recognizes no borders. It must be condemned, and rational voices which promote peace heard.

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