Syria: The war machine devours its propagandists


Syria: Journalists Remi Ochlik and Marie Colvin killed by own duties of propaganda.

Again, two embedded journalists were allegedly killed in Syria, another two from the West. Remi Ochlik, a photographer, and the Sunday Times reporter Marie Colvin, who had also reported for CNN. Of course, CNN claimed, without any hesitation, that they had been killed by bombs of the Syrian government on Homs.

The French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, a representative of the filthiest of them in the West, who is responsible for the illegal war against Libya and Syria, and also has a new hobby as Russia-basher, said also, that the photographer, Remi Ochlik, was killed by bombs.

The language rules remember without any coincidence, to the language (false propaganda) about the “bombing of their own people” in Libya. The pattern is always the same.

The Syrian information ministry had no knowledge that both “journalists” allegedly stayed in the Syrian city of Homs. As recently with the death of the French journalist Gilles Jacquier (who was killed by the so-called Free Syrian Army / FSA), the West initially spreads non-confirmed information in unison:

The Syrian government bombards “its own people” cold-blooded, although Western media has to admit in the same time, that they have no independent information. A contradiction, which is typical for (false) propaganda.

As it turned out later, the French journalist Jacquier (was disguised as a journalist, but has been a Agent of the French Intelligence Service) was killed by grenades of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

So Jacquier died of grenades by the Western-backed armed groups, which attacked peaceful pro-Assad protesters and take responsibility for civilian deaths and injuries – there was no correction or outcry about it. Syrians are just second-class victims for the Western media and governments.

Despite these incidents and a report which reveals the truth (observer mission of the Arab League), CNN, the channel of Colvin, still lies like a trooper. CNN continues to use lies for false propaganda, without any hesitation. Just as BBC, Sky News, ARD, ZDF and a lot of other state media channels.

“The Syrian regime has restricted the access to Syria for foreign journalists, which makes it impossible to verify a lot of the reports by the opposition or the government. But some journalists went to Syria (e.g. smuggler route from Lebanon) without knowledge of the Syrian government.”

The official rebuttal: As the Observer Mission of the Arab League reported, hundreds of journalists from the West are in Syria and are also accredited by the government. Here on page 10 (PDF) they are listed by name. The information of the report of the observer mission about the Western media:

“69. Such fabricated reports have helped to increase tensions among the Syrians, and also undermines the work of the observers.”

CNN – A liar will not be believed even when he speaks the truth.

One of the problems of the West is, that independent observers and journalists (e.g. a report by a independent French delegation – French / English) report the truth, they also refute the false propaganda machinery of the West.

These independent observers and journalists also argue for an immediate ceasefire and negotiations without any preconditions. But this is rejected by the West and its “opposition groups”, “activists”, “councils” and armed gangs. The goal is clear: war.

Syria: These dead are useful for whom?

Independent journalists and observers should be kept outside of Syria, so that they are not able to report on the impending major attack and the ongoing covert war. The so-called “embedded journalists” are the only one which should deliver “interpretation of the situation” in Syria.

Colvin and Ochlik are – as already Jacquier – unintended victims of the war hysteria of the West.

But they are also victims of the propaganda machine, of the side, which they had fought for. Away from the propaganda and crocodile tears, which usually dry quickly in the West, let’s have a look at the actual works of the photographer Ochlik and the reporter of Murdoch’s Sunday Times, Marie Colvin.

Ochlik was in Libya as a photographer, embedded on the side of NATO; he reported about the celebrated rebels and put all the NATO bandits and al-Qaeda thugs into heroic poses for his reports for the West. His journalistic responsibility ranged unfortunately not up to the side of the victims of the NATO war.

Also Colvin was responsible for the spread of the (false) information about the “bombing of their own people” in Libya.

Colvin used this propaganda as well as the reports about the weapons of mass destruction from Saddam Hussain, as the report of “Saddam`s nuclear bomb” in December of the year 2000 shows.

Our sincere condolences to the bereaved families. Once again, cog in the propaganda and war machine became victims itself.

May their death be a reminder. There is nothing more important than peace. Cease-fire and negotiations should take place now, without preconditions and a hypocritically stance of the West. Stop the war against Syria.


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