A declaration of war against Syria

Syrian Communists denounce a "declaration of war against Syria & Syrian people" and call for vigilance for possible national resistance

The inflammatory appeals to foreign intervention against Syria, certainly not new, have changed somewhat, given the stage reached in the fight against armed groups and the imperialist powers who support them to bring down the Syrian State, considered as the only remaining obstacle able to thwart plans to impose their hegemony over the Middle East issue as its strategic position as its resources.

Since the efforts to condemn Syria to the Security Council of the UN have failed, thanks to friends from other Chinese and Russians, they began to prepare others to launch a military offensive against NATO Syria similar to those that have devastated Yugoslavia, Iraq or Libya. The plans were suspended not for moral or humanitarian reasons, but because the attackers were given very clear signals that they would not be able to bear the cost of an offensive against Syria, offensive conducted by the West in general, and by Turkey, the Gulf Emirates and Israel in particular.

These efforts have been ongoing for over a year, they were constant, relentless and tireless, accompanied by a broadening of the spectrum of criminal actions, secretly supplying criminal groups and terrorist huge sums, as well as equipment and mercenaries in Syria and even abroad.

All their attempts failed. Their proponents have so far failed to achieve their goals. They have managed to reach citizens Syrians to take their medications, their food and their gas reserves, while wreaking havoc across the country. This made it necessary to use a new method that would save these powers risk a direct military intervention, this by relying on local machines, they thought, would be able to do exactly the same mission.

The so-called "Conference of Friends of Syria" held in Syria, 17 February 2012, is a new departure for Syria's machinations.Voices called loudly to arm the army free, behind the scenes, military aircraft of the coalition countries came together to formulate action plans necessary, and put their new method in practice, especially after Gulf states have agreed to increase the money available to this "army" that is in fact neither an army nor free, especially after the fracture at the base continue to grow after announcement of a new plan to distribute the funds, although this pseudo-army and the armed terrorist groups have never ceased to receive financial, material and human states participating in the coalition from hell.

What international legitimacy justify provocation against the security and territorial integrity of other States, boasting to provide the opposition in these states of weapons and equipment, causing them to kill people, looting private and public properties , to kill, assassinate, kidnap, rob, blocking highways, and to rebel against the state and its laws?

His majesty, the Gulf princes think it's a "great idea"!

Stop supporting your evil agents against Syria. You can no longer use it. These methods have long been known, there are over 50 years ago, when Syria has mobilized its forces along the Syrian border and when the U.S. has fomented plots against Syria.Throughout this year, they put these plans into practice, in vain, so stop spilling blood and violate Syrian sovereignty of Syria.

You, fighting a supposed army, you must keep in mind that you are nothing other than gasoline, and wood used to make a fire that serves a purpose beyond you. Those who have grievances should attempt to resolve through political action. You must understand that those who stir you, whether Arabs or foreigners, do not roll for freedom and democracy of the people of Syria.

They want to really plunge Syria into a state of civil war and ethnic divide and to serve the needs and requirements primarily from Israel and the imperialist states that support it.

We, in Syria, all believe it is necessary to implement political, economic and social and avoid impunity for abuses committed by security forces. We also believe deeply in opening a new page in the history of Syria, a page of national reconciliation to achieve civil peace together all the currents of the political spectrum, to deny the spirit of revenge, the way to achieve this remains one of dialogue with all groups and all forces, whether in opposition or not.

Our approach aims at achieving a solution to the crisis affecting our country. Yet while we fighting for reform and renewal, we are also ready to resist any aggression against our country and for freedom of our people.

The new constitution has opened a new window of opportunity, full of hope for all Syrians to defend their democratic rights, to participate together in this cause. Syria is becoming a pluralistic democratic society can absorb anyone, unarmed and without any foreign intervention.

We must, together, take this rare opportunity and historic work together to implement the articles of the construction in the letter and spirit. All citizens Syrians have an interest in participating in this process.

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