Syria: French academic rejects false media reports

Syria: Pierre Piccinin talked about the dubious Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

Pierre Piccinin is Professor of History and political Sciences at the European School of Brussels and a known French academic person, not only because of his professional work, but also because of his private works and his blog. Already in 2011, the French academic Pierre Piccinin rejected the false media coverage of the anti-government protests within the Syrian city of Hama.

Piccinin visited the Syrian city of Hama himself and realized how about 10,000 protesters were multiplied overnight to the enormous amount of 500,000 in the reports by the news agency AFP about the situation in Syria. The French Professor Piccinin underpinned his reports about the real amount of protesters in Hama with pictures and a trustable report about his journey to Hama.

In his latest interview with the known Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, Pierre Piccinin said, that he was able to witness firsthand, how armed men attacked Syrian government authorities in the Syrian cities of Hama, Homs and Damascus. He also mentioned that he saw the weakness of the so-called opposition and that the amount of pro-government demonstrations has never been broadcasted by international media.

The French academic also mentioned in these statements to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, that the real image of the situation in Syria was not reflected accurately by Arab and international media and news agencies. He also stated that these media agencies use false information for their reports. This false information is in contrast to the real situation within this country of the Middle East.

In line with other known people as e.g. Lizzie Phelan, Webster Tarpley and Thierry Meyssan, Pierre Piccinin reports about his own experiences in Syria and these reports are really in a huge contrast to the coverage by international and Arab media. This is also in contrast to the false propaganda of some Western governments. Pierre Piccinin visited Syria twice in recent months and wasn`t too afraid to visit also the Syrian cities of Hama and Homs.

In these new statements to the known Turkish newspaper, Pierre Piccinin also warned about the suspicious role of the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London. Piccinin said that this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in London is the main source for false information, used to mislead the general opinion, particularly in Europe.

Pierre Piccinin is also convinced, just as Voltaire Network and others, that this false “observatory” willfully spreads false information and misleading news to mislead the general opinion in the West. He also said that this false information of the dubious “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in London is used to brightening up the image of the questionable Syrian “opposition” outside Syria, e.g. based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Of course, this false information is also used to cover the cruelties and violence of the opposition forces (e.g. the dubious Free Syrian Army / FSA) within Syria – just by blaming everything on the Syrian government and army.
In this new statements, Piccinin also added, that this “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” is an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood. This is also in line with the latest information of e.g. Voltaire Network. Piccinin also mentioned that the most French media bases its news and analyses on the false information of this “office” of the Muslim Brotherhood, based in London. We also know that the German and British media do love this questionable “observatory” in London.

The French Professor Pierre Piccinin talked afterwards about his visit of one of the protests in the Syrian city of Hama last summer and that the number of anti-government protesters didn`t exceed 10 thousand.

While the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, based in London, reported that the number reached half a million people. AFP was happy to use this false information as stated at the beginning. This false number of anti-government protesters also exceeds the total number of the inhabitants of the Syrian city Hama, but international media never cares about the real dogmas of journalism. They seem to have forgotten about it in recent years.

The Professor of History and political Sciences at the European School of Brussels, Piccinin, understandably criticized the ignorance of the media when it is about the rallies in support of the Syrian leadership and he also criticized the international media for their attempts of undermining the importance of these pro-government demonstrations all over Syria.

He said for example, that “in spite of the fact that sometimes the number of supporters, who believe in their leadership and the reforms announced, reached hundreds of thousands, satellite channels and news agencies talked about a few thousands while they exaggerate in describing the gatherings organized by the opposition”.

He also stated about his meeting with the families of murdered people and the injured students of the incident which took place at one of the university faculties in the Syrian capital Damascus.

He explained, that the victims’ friends stressed to him, that the killer was from the opposition while the dubious Observatory (in London) reversed the truth and accused the government supporters of committing the crime, indicating that the French Le Figaro newspaper published the misleading story of the Observatory as well as other French media.

The French academic added to his statements to the Turkish newspaper, that he spent a whole day with an armed group as their guest, indicating that they were 20 individuals, and that each one has certain kinds of firearms to snipe people from their hideout.

Piccinin is also convinced, considering his own experiences and the information he has, that the authorities used no force or suppression in dealing with protesters as alleged by some opposition sides, adding that no live ammunition was used except in certain circumstances, and that all that has been used was tear-gas.

He said that the Syrian government troops were strictly committed to the instructions of not using weapons against the protesters, which is in line with the statements of the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

At his conclusion, Piccinin made it clear again, that what he has read in Western newspapers over months about events in Syria was not true. The Syrian leadership is not weak as international media is reporting this. The situation within Syria is no catastrophe and in contrast to the reports of mass media.


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