The strategy of the Saudi-Zionist axis to destabilize Syria

By Mohammad  Omar  (Sunday 26 June 2011)

Islam Times - The 15th of June saw a massive pro-government rally in Damascus. The demonstrators unfurled a 2.4 km-long Syrian flag, condemned foreign meddling in their country’s affairs and called for national unity under the leadership of Bashar al-Assad...

Swedish media has not paid any attention at all to this rally or any other pro-government manifestation in Syria. Instead they have been trying to portray the bloody armed insurrection in the country as a “pro-democracy movement”.

In the town of Jisr al-Shaghour at least 120 Syrian soldiers were killed by armed groups of fanatical Wahhabis. Police and security stations where attacked. These groups consider any form of democracy to be heresy and apostasy. Their problem with the Syrian government has nothing to do with “lack of democracy”, but with a desire to implement their own Saudi-backed Wahhabi ideology, which they consider to be the only valid interpretation of Islam.
Civilians caught in the crossfire have fled to bordering Turkey. Their suffering has been caused, not by the Syrian government, but by the Wahhabi insurgents who instigated the violence in the first place. To them the suffering of innocent people means nothing. Wahhabism resembles Zionism in that it considers only the Wahhabis to be human and “the other” as sub-human.

Wahhabis call themselves “Salafis” because they claim to follow the “Salaf”, the early pious generation of Muslims, but this claim has no substance whatsoever, since Wahhabism is a new sect founded in the 18th century by a preacher called Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, and thus has nothing to do with the Salaf except the name. It’s important to distinguish between Salafism, a modern ideology, and the Salaf.

Several mass graves have been discovered in Syria containing bodies of soldiers and police men, killed in cold blood by Wahhabi insurgents. Just like the notorious Wahhabi groups in Iraq they consider anybody working for a non-Wahhabi government to be an apostate.
The unrest in Syria is clearly being orchestrated from abroad. Saudi Arabia, a Wahhabi regime and an ally to the US, has for years been supporting Wahhabi groups in Syria in an effort to destabilize the country and spread Saudi influence in the region. Shiaphobia, the irrational and blind hatred of Shi’ism, is a major component of Wahhabi propaganda.

One of the aims of Shiaphobia is to demonize Iran in order to curb their influence and advance the interests of the Zionist block, whose main regional players are Saudi Arabia and Israel. The Saudi-Israeli strategy is to portray the armed insurrection in Syria in one of two ways depending on the audience. To the Western public it’s a struggle between “democracy and dictatorship” and to the Sunni public it’s a struggle between the “Sunnis” and the so called “Alawi-Shi’ite regime”. What they don’t tell the Sunni audience is that not only Shi’ites, but also all non-Wahhabi Sunnis, are considered heretics and apostates by the Wahhabis.

Part of the narrative of “Sunnis against the Shi’ites” is the silly rumors that the Islamic Republic of Iran gives equipment and logistical support to the Syrian government to quell unrest. No evidence has been presented other than uncritical interviews with biased so called “eye witnesses”. While there is no proof of Iranian involvement on the side of the government, there are plenty of proofs of American, Saudi and Israeli involvement on the side of the armed Wahhabi groups.

The second largest tabloid in Sweden, the Zionist owned Expressen, recently published a completely baseless article which claimed that Iranian Special forces assists the Syrian ”dictator”. (“Iransk elitstyrka hjälper diktatorn”, Expressen, 28/5 2011). And this is not a unique case. Both Swedish state television and state radio have been playing into the hands of the Saudi-Zionist scheme.

The Saudi-Zionist axis is eager to speed up the pace of the insurrection in order to prevent democratic reforms by the Syrian government. The real, immediate target of the insurrection is the Islamic and Arab resistance against Zionism. What is happening in Syria has no connection with the so called “Arab Spring” uprisings. Syria is not an ally of the United States and is a supporter of the resistance. Bashar al-Assad is a popular leader. The Saudi-Zionist axis wants a Wahhabi regime in Syria which will cut ties with Iran and make peace with Israel.

Turkey is making a big mistake if it ignores the Wahhabi threat or tries to use these groups for temporal gains. A Wahhabization of Syrian society will eventually spill over into Turkey and threaten its internal security. The Turkish Islamic movements are balanced, enlightened and progressive with a strong element of Mysticism, and thus have much more in common with the Islamic culture of Iran than with Wahhabi extremism. In fact traditional, mainstream Sunnis and Shi’ites share a common enemy in Wahhabism. The Sunnis have to realize this before it’s too late. Erdogans visit to the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali in Najaf was a step in the right direction.

The struggle in Syria is not between pro-democratic and anti-democratic forces, but between the Saudi-Israeli axis and the Anti-Zionist forces. Of course, some of the demonstrators might think that what they are doing is for the sake of democracy, but in fact their actions will only serve the interests of Wahhabism and Zionism, which are two interlaced ideologies, working together to stop any enlightened and progressive Islamist movement.

We can’t take Wahhabis seriously when they claim the Syrian government is un-Islamic. To them, only Wahhabis are Muslims. That means that any non-Wahhabi government, regardless of its policies, is un-Islamic.
The Saudi-Israeli portrayal of the situation in Syria as a sectarian conflict between Alawi-Shi’ites and Sunnis is also easily dismissed. The Syrian government is neither Alawi nor Sunni, it’s a Syrian national government with representatives from the Shia and Sunni, as well as the Christian community.

As I have already touched upon one of the more implicit and long term purposes of the Saudi-Zionist axis – especially from the Zionist point of view – is to destroy all balanced, progressive and enlightened Islamist movements and replace them with small, obscure, sectarian and fanatical Wahhabi groups which will discredit political Islam and pave way for secularism. The spread of Wahhabism, a sect which is despised by educated and enlightened Muslims, will make the intellectual elites look for secular alternatives. Since Islam and Islamic movements constitutes a threat to Zionism and Israeli hegemony these movements has to be undermined, and the best way to do it is from within, through Wahhabism.

Saudi Arabia hypocritically pretends to be a “defender of the Sunni faith”. The irony of the matter is that Sunnis are much freer to express their faith in Iran than in Saudi Arabia, where Wahhabism is the only allowed interpretation of Sunnism and mainstream, traditional Sunnis are branded as “innovators”, “apostates” and “grave worshippers”. Non-Wahhabi Sunnis, which are the majority of the worlds Sunnis, have absolutely no religious freedom in Saudi Arabia, and are even persecuted.

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