Why on Earth Would the Opposition Stop Fighting?

Why on earth would the opposition forces in Syria lay down their weapons? They are the ones who started fighting in the first place. They are calling for more weapons, heavy weapons. A ceasefire will mean they get none of these things.

Since when has anyone in any country stopped terrorists, just by asking for a ceasefire. When has anyone been able to make peaceful negotiations with Al Qaeda? The opposition is made up of terrorists, mercenaries, Al Qaeda and criminals with no morals, but to torture and butcher innocent people. There is plenty of evidence of this as they film all their deadly deeds to send to the media and then trying to blame it on the government troops.
In reality the most deaths in Syria to date have been from the army and security forces. These terrorists ring up the media every day putting the figure at tens of thousands, with it going up by  a thousand a day in some cases, when in fact there have been no deaths. On the international news every day we hear an activist (terrorist) reporting of more bombings and killings, even though one by one these people have been caught out for their lies. Not once since the trouble started have we ever seen them interview the average Syrian person, except on one occasion when the BBC interviewed a man in the street and he told how it really was and that the BBC were telling lies about Syria. That didn’t stay on TV long and the film disappeared altogether for a while.
These death squads now just want to kill, kill, kill, so why on earth will they adhere to a ceasefire? Their aim from the start was to start fires to bring out the armed forces and then ambush and kill them. So why on earth will they stop now? 
These are the men behind the Free Syrian Army, proudly wearing the symbol around their neck. The men who fund the terrorists and are responsible for the deaths of innocent men, women and children. Responsible for the innocent men being kidnapped on their way to and from work. Killing them and then asking a ransom for the return of the head. We have so much evidence of this but you will not see it in the media. On the International news you see a fairy story, or should I say horror story, either way it is fiction and not fact.
The Israeli funders of the Terrorists shake hands with their supporters
The refugee camps are full of the terrorists and their families who have escaped to Turkey to re-group, before returning to fight. Telling the lies to the media. The Syrian people left in Syria tell a different story. Who is going to protect them from the armed terrorists if the government forces ceasefire and the terrorists don’t.
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