Syria: Suicide Bombers and Media Manipulation

The capital of Saudi Arabia is a place where religious diversity is hated and where women will be whipped if they don’t cover-up. Damascus is the capital of Syria whereby various Muslim sects, Christian sects, the Druze, secularists, liberals, socialists, and so forth, share a multi-faith and multi-cultural society based on the rich mosaic of the Levant. However, now terrorists and mercenaries, who are doing the bidding of others, are causing mayhem and they threaten to create “a new Syria” based on a radical Sunni Islamic monoculture.

The Sunni Muslim Grand Mufti and leading Christian leaders all support the unity and diversity of Syria alongside leading Alawite clerics and the Druze. What happened to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, awaits the people of Syria if outside forces get their way. The media war is in full swing and major organizations have had to admit that they were hoodwinked, at best, or honest individuals caught the ratlines red-handed. Therefore, please watch a partial list of these manipulations which were aired in order to stir up hatred towards the Syrian people and to unleash sectarianism. (very powerful) ABC admits that Reuters made an error and the same applies to ABC making a mistake. CNN Fake blood Al Jazeera / CNN Al Jazeera


Today another terrorist attack was witnessed in front of the entire world. This was on the same day that the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stated that the government of Syria was “in contravention” of the peace plan. Maybe General Ban Ki-moon should explain to the relatives of the murdered victims, that the government is “in contravention” for trying to stop suicide bombing attacks and other terrorists attacks?

It is strange, because after thirty years of intervention in Afghanistan by Western policy makers and other nations, you still have no peace. Also, the military of many nations is fighting against terrorism (after once supporting terrorism throughout the 1980s and early 1990s in the same country) in modern day Afghanistan. The United States also launched many assaults against cities, towns, and villages in Iraq, in order to flush out terrorists. However, unlike the Syrian armed forces which is showing much more restraint, the United States used its full might but did the United Nations do anything about this?

It must be stated that Afghanistan and Iraq, just like Vietnam, is a long way from home for the military of America. Therefore, why is it wrong for the Syrian armed forces to protect the citizens of Syria from terrorism and mercenaries who are being supported by outside nations? Surely, this is not only wrong but it makes a mockery of the United Nations because where is the impartiality in the comments by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon?

American citizens have also been victims of terrorism and who can forget the tragedy of September 11 when thousands of citizens perished after such a barbaric attack against innocent civilians. Remember, that the forces that did this were also Sunni Islamic terrorists who were mainly Saudi Arabian nationals. Of course, ratlines went all the way back to upper echelons in Saudi Arabia and now the same Saudi Arabia is in full support of funding terrorism and mercenaries to create mayhem in Syria.

Terrorists are causing mayhem in Syria and twelve Christian churches were destroyed in one district under the control of the so-called opposition. This fate awaits the Alawites, the Druze, and then radical Sunni Islamists will start killing Sunni Muslims who support diversity. This is happening in modern day northern Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq, and in other parts of the world. After all, many Sunni Muslim clerics have been killed in northern Nigeria and when a brave Sunni Muslim business man spoke out for minorities in Pakistan, he was brutally murdered.

Political change can only come from within Syria and this applies to the ruling government and political organizations which are opposed to terrorism, mercenaries, and outside meddling. If the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is so concerned about the peace plan, then the United Nations should rebuke outside nations for meddling and funding the carnage in Syria.

Syria needs unity and support in fighting international terrorism and foreign mercenaries. The people of America should understand that the same forces which did September 11 and who support a monoculture, is the same force which Syria is fighting. Also, just like September 11, many ratlines lead back to Saudi Arabia. However, unlike September 11 you now have national governments ignoring international terrorism and religious cleansing – and instead, they are supporting the spread of terrorism in Syria because of short-term objectives.

This applies to overthrowing the last powerful Arabic speaking secular nation in the Middle East which is independent and not under the control of America and Saudi Arabia. Also, the history of Afghanistan and Iraq means that the persecution of minorities, the reduction of the rights for women, the collapse of central forces, and ongoing terrorism – awaits the people of Syria if outside nations destroy the unity of this nation. Therefore, for this reason Iraq is opposed to what outside nations are doing in Syria. After all, more than 100,000 people have been killed in Iraq and even today terrorist attacks happen on a regular basis and over 60% of all Christians have fled – ironically, many fled to secular Syria.

Friday, April 27th, 2012
by Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker
Modern Tokyo Times

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