Syria: Open letter to the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle

Open letter to German Foreign Minister about hypocritically policy against Syria.

Dear German Foreign Minister, Mr. Westerwelle,

I personally cannot imagine that you are not aware of the real situation in Syria. You are finally saying (and correct), that there is a risk of a conflagration in the entire Middle East.

This is the same what Dr. Bashar al-Assad (Syrian President) has already said on 30.10.2011 – in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph.

At that time, the statement of the Syrian President was dismissed as a “threat scenario” by you and the German Foreign Ministry in Berlin. Now, nearly seven months later, you are finally able to notice this fact, too. Not to mention that the German journalist and author, Mr. Juergen Todenhoefer (Todenhöfer), has also already warned about this some months ago.

In my opinion, there is the vaguely possibility that Dr. Bashar al-Assad is wiser than the German (Foreign) Policy ever wanted to be.

Credibility, authenticity and honesty were rarely attributes of policy on this world. Media and politics have made it their goal to overthrow the Syrian President al-Assad. No matter what it might cost. That’s, to say it directly, humanitarian terrorism. Why are the sanctions against Syria tightened again now? Why do you not call it horse and rider!?

Dear Mr. Westerwelle, if you truly have an interest in the welfare of the Syrian people, you should blame the states which make this ceasefire in Syria impossible. Targeted terrorism (which is indeed still being listed as a subliminal instigated act by the Syrian government) and an active weapons smuggling are the causes of the current escalation in Syria. Would you like to have Iraqi conditions in Syria? Apparently it is so, because otherwise the German policy would act differently.

But please do not forget that this is a policy by the German Foreign Ministry under your leadership, which is not directly supported by the politically interested people in Germany.

My anger at German politicians, journalists (if you call it that, “unthinking copyists with inadequate training” fits it better) and the Foreign Policy regarding the Arab world and the occupied Palestinian territories has grown so enormously, that every political party appears as unelectable now.

Yes, they are worth to be pounded into the ground. They are all accomplices of a blood trail of terror and a Goebbels-like propaganda, which runs through the media with impunity, because the German press codex was well “planned” for this sham democracy in Germany. I cannot respect a lying political system, which is nothing more than a client of American, war-economic interests and a willfully customer of Wahhabi Saudis.

Dear Mr. Guido Westerwelle, if you really want to defend and assert values, then act that way! Do you really believe that after the first Iraq war, your opinions and your actions (and those of all participants) are (still) credible? The real masterminds of terror and massive supporters of these imperialistic wars (not only in relation to Syria) are in Europe, the United States and the Arabian Peninsula.

I’m still waiting for the solution-oriented politician who utters this. This honorable politician will also reap many votes. Sustainable solution-oriented means, to bring peace to a region with the available possibilities and not by war and sanctions.

Instead, you share responsibility for what you address yourself – a conflagration in the Middle East. You participate in the destruction of a country which was only just in the beginning of building up its economic structure, already harmed by sanctions. You participate in the destruction of Syria, with citizens which are value-oriented, respectful people, of whom I could learn to know a lot.

With your false policy, you not only destroy human lives, but also a mature culture and a once carefully thriving economy. Can you reconcile this fact with your conscience, Mr. Westerwelle?

Not Assad is the “evil”, the devils are our anxious, democratic “clean men” who “care so much” about the welfare of the people in these totalitarian states, and otherwise have also in mind, the good of all people (only remarkable that the kingdoms of the Arab world are not so heavily afflicted by humanitarian and democratic values). These “selfless caring” leads to a democracy, such as in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, where the people are now suffering, much more than before. The people in e.g. Libya are on a brink now.

It is very easy to make decisions whose consequences you are not even able to feel a bit, from a desk in a comfortable, air-conditioned atmosphere, far away from bullets and mortars.

But dear Mr. Westerwelle, you have detailed knowledge about the effects of the sanctions and not only about that. Please stop the hypocrisy that the sanctions against Syria do only “harm” the Syrian government in Damascus. That is not true, as you know behind the curtains.

By these sanctions, the purpose is to increase the potential of disaffected citizens in order to get more powder in the barrel; to further destabilize Syria.

I urge and beg you, the elected representative of the Federal Republic of Germany, to lift the sanctions against Syria. I urge you, Mr. Westerwelle, to do every possible step to stop the supply of weapons and ammunition to terror gangs in Syria, to make a supply of the Syrian citizens possible again.

The Western support for weapons smuggling is a violation of the six-point plan by Mr. Kofi Annan. The recent statements of Mr. Ghalioun, the head of the dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, Turkey, confirm the intentions of the external opposition to violate the peace plan by Kofi Annan. (Ghalioun’s SNC: ‘In the coming days we’ll get a shipment of weapons into Syria via Turkey!’)

Take part in combating terrorism and radical Islamists in Syria!


A German citizen


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