Confirmed: Norway builds psychiatric ward for Breivik

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    • Sarah Deniz idiots!
      56 minutes ago ·  · 3
    • Domagoj Šnajder No hanging???
      55 minutes ago ·  · 4
    • Dan Castle shoot him!
      55 minutes ago ·  · 8
    • Ebe U-a Ala-Peijari asshole. for every cops!
      55 minutes ago · 
    • Mike Crawshaw Hope they make room for the Golden Dawn in there.
      55 minutes ago ·  · 3
    • Alexandra Smit-Stachowski He gets his own ward? Hm.
      55 minutes ago ·  · 1
    • Joel Taylor Its the only way they can lock him up for life if he goes to a normal prison he could be out in 15years!
      54 minutes ago ·  · 3
    • Runo Jackson don't think so Joel Taylor
      54 minutes ago · 
    • Khalid Afridi just shot him and then let him heal for a weak or two then again shot him at another body part and let him heal and keep this cycle on unless he himself ask for a direct shot to hi head :).
      53 minutes ago ·  · 4
    • Jorge Guberte I'm sure norwegian taxpayers are drooling with happiness right now...
      53 minutes ago ·  · 4
    • Brendan Wallace Maximum prison sentence was I think 20 or 25 years if I recall.
      53 minutes ago ·  · 3
    • Joel Taylor your right Brendan, sorry i thought it was 15
      52 minutes ago ·  · 2
    • Ethan Swagtastic Burt And that's how you waste money kids...
      52 minutes ago ·  · 1
    • Derek Pettinelli i applaud their lack of a death penalty. something so archaic and barbaric has no place in a civilized society.
      52 minutes ago ·  · 11
    • Sal Haque Fuck building a Ward inside the jail... Strap the fucker up like Hannibal and water broad his ass every frickin day... Than let the population run train track on the sick cunt....
      51 minutes ago · 
    • Satish Barot What could be the reason for this desperation to prove him mad? His level of planning and execution of his plans would appear to suggest significant sanity, or is the thinking "he does have a point but expressed his point in the wrong way" hence he is mad. All rather confusing or am I mad!
      50 minutes ago ·  · 5
    • Awakened Indigo Molech demands more human souls. Fly a spy-drone over stupid people. ~ The King of Limbs
      49 minutes ago · 
    • O'Kane Jeanie i find it hard to believe this bastard acted alone. 77 deaths on an island, and a bomb in the city?? There are youtube videos where witnesses believe there was more than one shooter.
      45 minutes ago ·  · 3
    • Saïd Soussi why not, let the people pay for his stay, put him on news and protect him and keep treating him as a hero!!!!!!!!! You fools, shoot this guy or dump him in a pit, don't spend on a soul that is as lost as his. By putting him in the spotlights they are trying to get us used to such evil. Don't spend time on this, neither money. The best solution is the fastest and cheapest!!!
      44 minutes ago · 
    • Peter Horribine the mans an asshole and a mason gone on aboot the knights templar and a secret cell in britan there is a secret cell its called the illuminati and this prick sacrificed those kids for fun they illuminati bastards love a good sacrifice hang the bastard life for lfes fucking nobend hope he gets raped in the jail :)
      41 minutes ago ·  · 1
    • Nomsta Noms with an electric chair I hope.
      40 minutes ago ·  · 2
    • Zeeshan Shaikh He is a fundamentalist terrorist if they can't shoot him atleast euthanise they should him!
      40 minutes ago via Mobile ·  · 2
    • Henrik Madsen I find it ironic how someone with a peace symbol as profile picture seem to be against humane treatment of prisoners. How are we supposed to teach society that killing is wrong, if our prison system kills people as punishment?
      39 minutes ago ·  · 1
    • Dave Lee ‎....this creature has proved its utter lack oh humanity .... if you have a mad dog in your street ....shoot it....
      39 minutes ago ·  · 2
    • Popeye Dale innit funny how some people who hate psycos so much that they begin to act like one. ok lets rouund up all the nutters and torture and kill them, but dont forget to save a bullet for yourself at the end. Welcome to the dark side haters, do you get it?? i wonder..
      37 minutes ago via Mobile ·  · 3
    • Stephen Patterson Without doubt he's obviously mentally ill with thought processes like that. The ill need to be treated and contained not killed.
      33 minutes ago via Mobile · 
    • Stian Voll Hansen
      George Carlin talks about the death penalty, i didn't see this one up so i thoug...See more
      33 minutes ago · 
    • Peter Sibilant Is the "ward" 20 feet under the ground, small and dark?
      31 minutes ago · 
    • Garo Mahseregyan Bullets are cheaper.
      31 minutes ago ·  · 1
    • Arthur Thompson Well Norway you certainly Tolerate Filth from Both sides of the fence.
      But thats not surprising.
      You love the pollution of Filth, like we do, because we our filth; and because we uphold it; Dont we, David Cameron.
      30 minutes ago · 
    • Mambo Man Its easier the define him as "insane" than to face the reality that he is a product of a sick society...
      27 minutes ago via Mobile ·  · 3
    • Karla Bennert not to much it will cost??? how many children in the 3rd world could survive with the money....
      27 minutes ago · 
    • Gio Quarantini ‎@Popeye Dale hahahah really well said
      27 minutes ago · 
    • Gio Quarantini it appears that all they want is to jail him for life because that's the only way they could. or else if he was crazy at the time he committed the crime theoretically he could be treated and if he healed he should be released?
      24 minutes ago · 
    • Bret Richards I think its good hes got his own prison. Now they should fill it with gangs that can rape him everyday.
      24 minutes ago · 
    • Tim Kaufman Ah Norway! Everyone I know from there is a little Crazy!
      5 minutes ago · 
    • Adrian J Nyaoi he should be deployed as a suicide bomber.
      2 minutes ago · 

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