Syria: Useful massacres for the intentions of the United States


Syria: Who benefits from failure of Annan's peace plan?

After the horrible massacre in al-Houlah (Hula), near the Syrian city of Homs, that was committed before about a half weeks, the story seems to repeat, although it was sadly not so hard to predict another massacre in Syria.

Some already did this, while they and even others have spoken about the “Salvador option” or the benefits of such a “false-flag” massacre for the questionable intentions of some sides, which do want the downfall of the Syrian government in Damascus and also of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The pressure against the Syrian leadership has clearly increased after this horrible massacre in al-Houla (al-Hula) and the talks about a military intervention in Syria were also back on the table. The Syrian government, thus, has and had no real benefits from this massacre and the also the allegedly next massacre was no horrible action which would suggest any benefits for the Syrian government in Damascus.

These massacres only benefit these sides which demand an international intervention in Syria and these sides, which only have the one aim: the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad and even better, the killing of the Syrian President and his whole family.

Thus, one is able to quickly start to think about the armed gangs, the terrorist “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in Syria and also about the so-called Islamists council, the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Turkey. These partly armed sides would have no benefits of diplomatic talks to solve the crisis in Syria peacefully.

This week, an allegedly massacre has been reported from the Syrian district of Hama. Again, the external Syrian opposition was very fast to accuse the Syrian government in the capital Damascus and to also accuse the mythic pro-government militias, the Shabiha (Shabi7a) that they have committed these murders in the province of Hama.

Of course, again without any evidence, but Western mass media has never really cared about evidence and fact checking. The Syrian government, meanwhile, has rejected any responsibility for this bloodbath near Hama, and Damascus has again blamed the armed groups for this massacre.

And, like after the horrible massacre in al-Houlah (al-Hula), where there is still no official account of the supposedly independent UN Observers (which is in itself somehow already a contradiction), nobody in the West is really waiting for the final results of an investigation of the massacre of al-Kubair near Hama.

That the Syrian opposition outside Syria usually making itself ridicules is nothing new. It only seems that Western editorial offices are really not interested to use their brains for logical thinking about these horrible events in Syria and there must be reasons for this. If this “behaviour” is not for propaganda purposes, then some editorial offices really do employ journalists, who do not deserve such a title.

In these days, every is an expert of affairs in the Middle East, an Orientalist and expert for the situation within Syria, while a lot of these journalists have before the beginning of the so-called “uprising” not really known, where to find Syria on a map.

Although the awful massacre in al-Houla (al-Hula) near Homs completely rejects the assumption that the Syrian government or Pro-Assad militias are responsible for it, and even some Western editorial offices already started to acknowledge this logical result, the West has acted the same way as before after the massacre near Hama.

Propaganda and accusations, quickly published, to care about the economic benefits to be the first one with the catchiest headline on Google News.

Yes, journalism is not about fact checking and investigations, journalism nowadays is a hard business and also never objective. Investigative journalism is nowadays, although there are one or two journalists in the West who still try this, nothing more than a fairy tale.

The West blamed and blames the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the editorial office of the British Propaganda Channel, the BBC, must get horny already when the employees just smell the possibility to use the word “Shabiha” (Shabi7a) in their coverage about Syria.

The British media has clearly taken a side and is totally reminiscent of the propaganda in the times before and while the World War II. Nowadays, nobody would say that this area was the best time for honorable journalism. The professor Domenico Losurdo wrote already about it on 23. November 2011. This is one of his conclusions about the Western media:

There is no doubt that Goebbels, the evil and brilliant minister of the Third Reich, has gained a following; one cannot but recognize that his disciples in Washington and Brussels have even surpassed their unforgettable master. (Source)

The reactions to the new massacre of al-Kubair on last Thursday were to predict, just like it was sadly easy to predict that such a new horrible massacre might happen. Of course, there was a new round of outrage and condemnation in the West, although nothing was and is really clear and nothing is obvious. But here again, after the next horrible massacre, the question should be asked which side benefits from these heinous crimes in Syria?

The government, which (as is stated again and again) is isolated and is under the absolute observation is certainly not the side that benefits from it. On the contrary, the armed groups in Syria, the “remote-controlled Opposition” benefited from the chaos; these sides benefits from the massacres in Syria, because in the end, just such horrible massacres are the tip the scales, which can really triggered the war against Syria. A war against Syria, which was already planned for so long.

As it has been published in some Western media, an eye-witness (thankfully) has passed his assessments of the situation by phone. Nothing new, but the credibility was never checked. Whether that source is trusted, this does not matter, because it is useful for propaganda purposes and to get another one-sided, biased story ready. Economic interests and the “defaults” of the current policy.

The main thing is, that someone is usable to quote him and thus to represent the blood thirst of the Syrian regime and President al-Assad. It is interesting that this eyewitness, who is used in some Western editions, also reports, that the people in the Syrian village al-Kubair, where the new massacre has allegedly happened, have never participated in protests against the Syrian regime / government.

The village has always been quiet until now. So why should the Syrian army or the so-called “Shabiha” (Shabi7a) invaded this village and commit such a horrible massacre? It is easier to understand, considering all facts and probable benefits, that the sides of the “opposition” were responsible for this massacre, again.

After all, it is nothing new that the armed gangs and the so-called terrorist “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) have repeatedly threatened civilians, teachers, and shopkeepers to stop their work, e.g., to close their shops. These armed opposition sides in Syria have repeatedly expressed their threats against all those who remained either neutral or who were still close to the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad; also against these, who just see Assad as the lesser evil of two bad sides.

It is interesting, clear and also to condemn, that the Western people do not know much about these things, at least, when they only follow the usual Western mainstream media.

The mainstream media has sold itself and set itself the task of fueling the war against Syria. The Syrian side is always shown as a liar, and according to the latest plans, the Syrian side of the story was made entirely silenced. Because not everything seems to work, the pro-government channels should now be turned off from Arab Sat and Nilesat. – Long live the Freedom of the press.

While the democratic West denies and even prevents the presentation of the Syrian side, the other side, the side of the Syrian “opposition”, gets enough time and space to sell them so positive like it is still possible.

At the UN meeting yesterday, the BBC has perfectly shown which democratic values are followed in its editorial offices, even followed by the British government and also in the ranks of the imperialists, of course. While Syria’s UN Ambassador al-Jaafari (Jaffari) had the Word, the transmission by BBC was interrupted. The hypocritical media war against Syria is already happening since a long time and with the discovery of new violence from massacres, they want to ring in the finals.

Ban Ki-Moon said yesterday, after the massacre, that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has no legitimacy anymore and even made one-sided accusations, without that these accusations are already confirmed, true or even logical. Ban Ki-Moon has again proven what more and more people think about him and even about the UN Security Council (UNSC). There is no independent UN organization. In the real world, somebody like Ban Ki-Moon would be seen by the people as ridiculous.

The West, some Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, also Turkey, Jordan, and some other governments and organizations want to finally overthrow the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Government in the capital Damascus, but it seems that many still have some fears to carry out the final military intervention in Syria.

Until now, they are still hoping to change the objective stance of Russia. But after the experience of Russia in terms of Libya, Moscow holds to its principles. In fact, it is good to have a counterweight to Saudi Arabia in this region. The winner of this fight in Syria are clearly the radical Sunnis, which also have the power in Saudi Arabia and who oppress their people, wherever we can. The “sectarian card” should never be played but it is a useful card to further destabilize the country.

That the NATO and the mob of the United Nations (UN) are not about democracy in Syria should already have become obvious after the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has traveled to Qatar, in order to visit the Qatari regime. Talks about implementing democracy in Syria. Thus, when it is about democracy, Mr. Westerwelle relys on the probably most democratic state of this planet, which has even no constitution. That`s German policy nowadays? Wow.

Qatar, and also Saudi Arabia, are both financing the armed fighters and mercenaries in Syria. Both Gulf States also care about the arms shipments to these armed criminals and religious fanatics.

By the visit of the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle to Qatar, Germany has taken a joint responsibility for the crimes and human rights violations of these Islamists, criminals and mercenaries within Syria. Thus, blood is also on the hands of the German government.

While the German people get told, that Germany wants to introduce democracy in Syria by the help of Qatar. The questionable German Foreign Minister Westerwelle could not have made more inconsistent statements. How can this be, that Qatar is the new role model of democracy in the Middle East, while the Qatari regime has even no idea how to write this word?


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