Germany: ARD Propaganda and the Interview of President Assad


German State TV ARD and further propaganda against Syria

Last night, the German TV program “Weltspiegel” of the German television channel ARD was devoted to Syria. The reason? An exclusive interview with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, made possible by Mr. Todenhöfer.

It seems that the German state media (in this case the ARD, which also evaluates the “Syria Files” of Wikileaks, why ever.) had to jump on the next propaganda train and also had to show again, how good they are in the further propaganda against Syria, the propaganda machine, that is dictated by NATO.

Mr. Todenhöfer got an appointment with Syrian President Assad for an interview for about 20 minutes. Mr. Todenhöfer used the given time very cleverly while he has chosen his questions also very skillfully, and has brought up all the allegations, which are repeatedly published by the Western mainstream media against the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his inner circle.

Bashar al-Assad answered these questions with understandable explanations, no matter how somebody might stand to this man. The German translator for the interview that was conducted in English language was in his own inimitable way perfect for the propaganda by the German state channel ARD.

In this interview, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has mentioned again, that there are distinctions between the terrorists and the peaceful demonstrators in Syria. All those, who have committed human rights violations in this conflict or will commit those, will be held accountable, also the own men, which have or will savor their positions, and exercise their power in the really wrong way – brutality will be punished.

The Syrian President Assad said that his country is at war, and that the terrorists kill the most people. He also mentioned the correct situation that these armed groups and militias often wear uniforms while they commit crimes – they want to foist these crimes on the Syrian army. The horrible massacre of al-Houla (al-Hula) is perhaps the best and also the saddest example for this.

Bashar al-Assad has made comprehensible arguments, and in the recent weeks and months, it was already shown that this is true. Already nine months ago, the people of some districts in the Syrian city of Homs have explained to us, that also the members of the “Free Syrian Army” are wearing the uniforms of Syrian soldiers and that they often cannot decide from the far whether they are Syrian soldiers or the criminals of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). If they get nearer, it is easier for them to notice it. (Long beards, sometimes shaved heads, scruffy appearance)

Bashar al-Assad has used this platform to re-name the real masterminds and some perpetrators of the internal Syrian conflict by name, which then leads to the pretended disgust of the moderators at the ARD TV program “Weltspiegel”. How can Assad just make the United States, the Gulf States (Qatar, Saudi Arabia), and also Turkey accountable for what is happening in Syria, that people are killed within Syria every day?

Although, this is clearly shown in a establishing shot (video) in this propaganda show by ARD, what role Qatar plays in the Syrian conflict. ARD still thinks that the most viewers are the general audience of “Germany searches the Superstar”, and thus, a little bit limited. From the small, emerging Gulf country, not only money but also weapons come to Syria, perhaps even fighters and mercenaries.

Not only that the Turkish administration hosts the camps of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and other shady fighters, but Turkey also provides logistic support to them and CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) operatives have a free hand to do what they want in the South of Turkey, near the border to Syria.

It is clear that none of the states that currently massive support the opponents of the Syrian government in Damascus and the President Bashar al-Assad, while they hope that Russia and China will change their stance in order that a Resolution against Syria will pass at the UN Security Council (UNSC) in favor of an military intervention, is really interested to send own military troops into Syria.

To use Turkey and some Arab countries would be the better solution for the West, because by doing so they would not risk the lives of their soldiers and would have fewer problems at home. This question also came up in the propaganda show of the German state TV ARD – who should then send the troops to Syria?

There is no state that would be willing to send own troops, at least, not in the West. However, the dirty game that is played since over a year now, turned out to be very efficient and practical for the NATO vassals, and thus, why should they stop this way to destabilize Syria and to spread terror? In addition, the petro dollars by Qatar and Saudi Arabia are useful to convince people in Syria to change the sides or to fight against the authorities, as it was already stated at the second meeting of the false “Friends of Syria”. Also the meeting in Paris was nothing else than a political staging.

These Western governments do anything to help the so-called “Syrian rebels”, who are in reality terrorists, among are Islamists, mercenaries and the usual criminals, who want to benefit from the current chaos, while they preach diplomacy to the outside, but just for the show; they have never conceded a chance for diplomacy.

They develop so-called plans of pacification, which are doomed to fail from the beginning, because by the ambiguous policy. Best example: The Six-Point Plan by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan. As already said, if you want to fuck up something, just call Kofi Annan.

From the beginning, certain forces have tried to prevent the successful implementation of this six-point plan by Kofi Annan and also Kofi Annan was not the best person to force all sides to implement his plan, because he always missed some things – willfully or not, who knows. The Syrian government in Damascus always showed readiness to talk, while the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and the armed militias of and beside the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) were never really interested in. As always said, such a political progress to find solutions would not help this side to achieve their real goals.

Although the Syrian government in Damascus has repeatedly stressed their desire to implement this plan, but are also obliged to protect the Syrian population, the both huge experts of Syrian affairs, Mr. Zand and Mr. Armbruster (who is called a careerist by his own colleagues), showed their willfully lack of the truth in order to maintain the propaganda and to do their job for this presentation and hypocritical debate from the German state TV ARD.

Of course, both were almost happy about the fact that they were able to express, that the regime of Assad is accountable for all the violence and that they are also responsible for the failure of the plan by Kofi Annan. So, nothing new.

The same one-sided and biased statements, spiked with false information. Not to mention that a sentence like “CNN has confirmed that” shows the hypocrisy very well. Birds of a feather flock together. At least, the interview with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was perhaps useful to show some people that there is a difference between this president and the former presidents of Libya, Egypt and Tunisia, as it has also been mentioned in the interview. The Syrian President appeared intelligent and was able to assess the situation in Syria adequately reflected.

Assad has repeatedly emphasized the readiness for dialogues with all the forces, that are actually interested in a dialogue and which are peaceful. But for the fact that the Syrian government is reportedly open for dialogues and reforms, too few convincing steps are actually implemented. Yet Assad is willing to implement reforms, and he has realized, that he has to implement changes in the political life, if he really wants to bring peace back to his country.

As the battle lines have hardened in recent months, however, it is doubtful, that a real peace will ever come again into the daily life in Syria, while Assad is in power. To be convincing, there should be much more convincing arguments, and also much more actions by the government which arrive at the people. Not to mention that the Syrian government was not able to protect its civilians in the last 16 months. There are still question marks in the military actions and the methods like this terror of several, even different armed militias is handled by the Syrian leadership.

After the twenty minutes of the interview between Mr. Todenhöfer and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Germany`s first state channel, ARD, has restarted its propaganda machine. For this propaganda, the perfect two “experts” were invited: Mr. Zand (Spiegel) and Mr. Armbruster, the careerist, who has already sold his soul years ago. Both should analyze the interview with the Syrian President al-Assad, but to be honest, it was not about a real analysis of the context and answers of the President.

Both so-called experts should rehash the known information and accusations, the half lies and truths, all that is useful for further propaganda – even if it is again based on false information or information that is far away from a status of confirmation. Both allegedly experts, not better than Clinton (for reasons), have accused the Syrian President that he has a loss of reality and cynicism, because he has turned around all information in their opinion. Interesting enough, that people, even French, British and German tourists, which were in Syria in the last 10 months, would rather agree to the statements by Assad than to the words of these two German experts. It is questionable which side willfully turns this information upside down.

Outside the ARD-truths, there is much evidence, which is able to present the arguments by al-Assad as credible, verifiable and proven. Both Armbruster and Zand presented themselves as supporters of the “Syrian rebels” (armed militias, Islamists) and as NATO instruments, so nothing new in the West.

Both were again and again interested to deny the legitimacy of Bashar al-Assad as president of Syria, although the majority in Syria supports him. Beside this, also contrary to all that, what was leaked in the last months and weeks about these so-called „rebels“. According to the propaganda machinery of the German state TV ARD, which is really easy to maintain, considering the general German audience, both so-called experts shone over with half-knowledge, and also have presented arrogance towards the truth. Both so-called journalists were far away from a factual and objective account of the events in Syria.

An example for the (willfully) misinformation of the German state TV ARD are the statements about the beginning of the demonstrations in Syria and the famous (horrible and sad) massacre of al-Houla (al-Hula). The careerist Mr. Armbruster has recite mechanically, that young people were tortured to death in the Syrian city of Daraa, and that adults have then taken to the streets to protest for reforms – he presented the Syrian regime the way it should be presented in the West – as hell hounds.

But what has really happened in Daraa? There are several reports. The fact is that young people were beaten and abused. The fact is that a crowd took to the streets to protest for reforms and for the punishment of the governor of this region. What is often concealed in the reporting by the Western mainstream, is, that shots were fired during these demonstrations, in which police and demonstrators were killed.

Also omitted is, that the governor was called to account. Also concealed is that Assad has met with the families of these young people, and that he was willing to respond to the demands of the people. The tribes, which primarily dominate this area in the south of Syria, seemed to have already received money from “other sources”.

The tribes have rejected Assad’s offers and called for his overthrow. These are also details which should be mentioned in every objective debate. But ARD has again proven to be biased and a tool of propaganda.

While the German government is blackmailed by the United States, one should not forget to mention that the ARD is one of the agencies which is allowed to evaluate the so-called “Syria Files” by WikiLeaks. Thus, not only ARD and its duty is to put into question, but also Wikileaks. The methods of Wikileaks are questionable. How can biased media evaluate things in the way that the real truth is uncovered? For example, the ARD will selectively choose what they use from these “Syria Files”.

Of course, the massacre of al-Houlah (al-Hula/Houla) was again a topic in this show, and already Mr. Todenhöfer has mentioned this horrible massacre in his interview with the Syrian president. ARD has aired the known video about the child who has allegedly survived the massacre in al-Houla because he has pretended to be dead. The video was perfectly cut in order to serve the propaganda purposes, thus it has missed important parts. Some would say, due to the cuts, a perfect brainwashing. You can read more about this here: “Syria: Houla Massacre Star Witness Reconsidered“.

In contrast to the original complete video, the ARD also just showed some fragments and has cut it in the manner that one may well give the Syrian army the responsibility for this horrible massacre. Of course, Mr. Zand has scintillated in his statements to the video, although there are serious doubts about this presentation. But OK, it is the ARD and thus, nobody should expect an objective presentation about events in foreign countries, to which the United States of America have a clear stance and a clear goal.

Mr. Zand also said that no Islamists have taken up arms against Assad in Syria, without any evidence for this allegation. As mentioned, to say “CNN confirmed something” cannot be taken as evidence. Journalists should know about that, but it seems it is useful to sell the imagination this would be already confirmed. Of course, it is false. All contacts, friends and sources, all around in whole Syria, tell the difference. If one does not expect the truth from the Syrian president, one should also not expect that the “Syrian rebels” would tell the truth. Not to mention that investigative journalism is a fairy tale like the allegation that “moderate Islamists” would exist on this planet.

It is questionable whether it is funny, stupid or just a farce, that even propaganda media often report that one is able to hear “Allah Akbar” in the videos from Syria all the time and that one can also often see the flags of al-Qaida in these clips. Mr. Zand is either ignorant for what reason ever, or has a problem to fulfill the real duties of his profession.

Even if it was the al-Qaeda which was founded by the U.S. itself, there are Islamist gangs on the roads and in districts in Syria, which were and are sent especially from Saudi Arabia to augment the influence of the Sunnis in Syria and to further destabilize the government and thus the country. Not to mention the useful false-flag actions and the threats for Christians, Alawites and some other minorities in Syria by these radical religious militias, which are also armed to the teeth.

The German ARD program “Weltspiegel” with the exclusive interview of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was an elaborate propaganda show against Syria, which was not able to present a solution or further information about the conflict in Syria. Not to mention that the stated information within this program, as said, is more than questionable.

All present have maneuvered themselves due to their analysis that no one wants to really intervene in Syria, to a point in the offside. Due to this, there was no more room in these dubious analyses about how it will go on in the future with and in Syria.

There are some ways for Syria. The worst case and that is to prevent by all means, is the disintegration of the state into several smaller tribal areas, which are controlled by the great powers among themselves. To truly create peace, the arming of the militias and religious fanatics, criminals and Islamists must end, and the West has to join the policy of China and Russia towards Syria, in order to create opportunities for dialogue without preconditions.

But whether this actually will hit the sympathetic ears among the NATO countries is questionable. Because, the grueling situation as it is currently in Syria, is just a benefit for the interests of some NATO countries and the United States. That could be a reason why they again support religious fanatics and also again maintain a policy of double standards.


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