Syria and Saudi Arabia: secular state and Al Qaeda terrorism

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker - Modern Tokyo Times

The government of Syria is facing a brutal Sunni Islamic jihad which is being supported by outside forces. If the secular government is overthrown then a civilization based on different faiths will face the bleak reality of mass indoctrination and women will be pushed into the shadows. Also, the functioning nation could disintegrate into hostile areas and given the nature of the opposition, then Lebanon faces a genuine domino theory.

Lebanon and Syria are multi-confessional and this applies to different sects within Christianity and Islam. Also, the Druze element is ample evidence of the diversity of the Levant. However, radical Sunni Islamic forces in Syria hope to create an Islamic Sharia law state whereby all progressive forces within Syria will be turned over to a culture based on “Talibanization.”

The two videos below this article provide a glimpse into the reality of hatred in Libya against all non-Muslim areas of life. This is a far cry from the so-called forces of democracy and the “Arab Spring,” which in reality had a powerful “radical Sunni Islamic” undercurrent. These Islamists not only hate other thought patterns, but they also desire to crush moderate forces within Sunni Islam and clearly strings from Saudi Arabia are being pulled and controlled.

In the second video which is based on radical Sunni Islamic propaganda it is clear that showing dead American soldiers is all part and parcel of showing that time is on the side of radical Sunni Islam. Therefore, it is baffling that on the one hand the United States killed Osama Bin Laden but on the other hand the Syrian opposition, which is also supported by Al Qaeda and other radical organizations, is being supported against the secular government of Syria.

In Syria the government is fighting to preserve the integrity of the nation state and to protect Alawites, Christians, the Druze, Sunni Muslims, secularists, the rights of women, and so forth. This nation state however faces brutal Sunni Islamic terrorist organizations which seek to crush all diversity and impose their dangerous ideology. Therefore, you have a civilization war based on progressive forces whereby women have freedom and different faiths co-exist under the current government of Syria. Alternatively, you have radical Sunni Islamists who desire “Talibanization” and clearly the forces of Al Qaeda, Saudi Arabian indoctrination based on hatred towards non-Muslims and diversity within Islam, and outside meddling which supports various theories – are based on stagnation and monoculture.

While the mass media on the whole was celebrating the demise of a dictator in Libya his gruesome ending was “a moment of truth” because the replacement wasn’t the so-called “Arab Spring,” but yet another failed state where the rule of law means nothing. Indeed, Libya is faced with disintegration and clearly you don’t have a genuine functioning nation state. Instead, various militias which abuse their power are creating mayhem and Al Qaeda bases in various parts of the country are manipulating the situation.

People may be against the government of Syria but questions need to be asked. Why did 60% of Christians flee Iraq after the American invasion (100,000 fled to secular Syria)? Why have honor killings increased in Iraq and the rights of women plummeted since the invasion of Iraq? Why are al-Qaeda and the West supporting the opposition in Syria? Where is democracy in the “new Libya?”

Syria is the last bastion of secularism in the Arabic speaking Middle East and recent events have been instigated by outside forces. The terrorist opposition became well armed quickly and many Sunni Islamic networks entered the fray because of powerful backing. Therefore, the “Saudi Arabian monoculture” is spreading its venom in order to crush diversity and the role of women.

Why no “Arab Spring” in Saudi Arabia? After all, if the “Arab Spring” was based on pluralism, religious freedom, equal rights of women, democracy, and other progressive forces – then why nothing in Saudi Arabia? Not only this, what about the rights of other faiths in “then new Libya” and the rights of women? Also, do Coptic Christians and secularists in Egypt see a “new dawn” or “a new nightmare?”

Egypt and Tunisia before the so-called “Arab Spring” were much more progressive than Saudi Arabia. However, the winner of the recent changes is Sunni Islamism and clearly this suits the Saudi Arabian agenda. Therefore, the “Saudi Arabian monoculture” which supports killing all apostates to Christianity, forbidding all non-Muslim places of worship, whipping women who don’t cover-up, and so forth, is the real winner.

If democrats in the West believe that their version of history is winning, then not only do these people have blinkers on, but more alarming they are supporting forces which are hostile to democracy, religious pluralism, the rights of women, and all progressive forces. The Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabian and Western alliance is a “strange bedfellow” if looked at rationally. Therefore, is the alliance based on Western governments supporting Islamism or is it based on naivety, a picture unseen, or other factors?

Either way, for Alawites, Christians, the Druze, Sunni Muslims, secularists, women, and so forth; the growing menace of radical Sunni Islam threatens the civilization of Syria and the multi-religious nature of this society. The so-called forces of “democracy” have killed over 2,000 soldiers and police officers in Syria; attacked Christians; threaten the rights of women; and are spreading their terrorism throughout Syria.

Therefore, where did all the military arms come from and why have Al Qaeda and other Sunni Islam terrorist networks moved into Syria so quickly? Libya and attack against Christian graveyard. (Some images are very disturbing and please understand this if you watch – or please avoid watching the second video? Some images of Sunni Islamists celebrating the deaths of American soldiers are very disturbing) – This video highlights the mindset of radical Sunni Islamists who are intent on spreading their hatred in Syria.

March 24th, 2012

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