War is a racket

Via (the brilliant) Occupy Marines: www.facebook.com/occupymarinesonline

Our troops are still in Afghanistan and will remain in Afghanistan because of:
1) Opium, 2) Minerals, and 3) Oil and Gas Pipelines. 
We are being lied to. War is a Racket - it is for profit for the .01% - follow the money.

"Estimates of the number of opium/heroin addicts in Iran range between 2-3 million, making it the most addicted country in the world per capita. According to the United Nations, some 60% of Afghanistan’s opium yield ends up crossing the border, where 2.8% of Iranians over age 15 regularly consume the life destroying drug.

Iran, like most other countries of the world has had a heroin problem for many years, but its current spike of addiction is inextricably linked to the Western invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. During the Taliban’s rule, which began in the 90s following the defeat of the Soviets, the Muslim fundamentalists outlawed poppy cultivation for being un-Islamic. It was only after Bush, Blair and co began bombing the country under the baseless pretense that 9/11 was orchestrated from there, that the Taliban were forced to cultivate the crop in order to fund a defense from the unjust onslaught."

Not just in Iran, all over the world heroin use is on the rise. Including our miitary - just like in Vietnam, many are addicted to heroin.

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Massive respect to OM for all the good work they do and as they frequently point out, "War is a racket" 

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