What is happening in Syria?

ISTANBUL, (SANA) – The International Affairs Committee at the Turkish Popular Front affirmed that what is happening in Syria isn't an internal political struggle; rather it's an external aggression in which imperialism uses its pawns to impose control.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Front affirmed its full support for Syria which has become a role model in confronting imperialism, stressing that what is happening in Syria is a clear imperialistic attack planned by masters and executed by pawns, while "bourgeois" media depicts what is happening as a struggle between the people and the government.

The statement said that imperialism uses all its tools, including biased media which falsifies facts about Syria, promoting lies and rumors to control the world similarly to what happened in Iraq and Libya which were occupied to seize their petroleum, with the Front affirming that the Syrian people's steadfastness foiled the imperialistic media's efforts to justify an aggression against Syria.

The Front said that the imperialistic practices against Syria are illegal and immoral, with imperialistic forces admitting to carrying out espionage, surveillance and recruiting and training of terrorists of Turkey, in addition to hiring foreign mercenaries and distorting facts in the media to pass their own version of reality as real.

The statement decried Turkey's role against Syria, denouncing the use of its lands as camps for the opposition, providing logistic aid, and allowing intelligence agencies to train militants and send them to Syria.

The Front said that the shift in Turkey's position regarding Syria is due to the links between Turkey and the NATO and Syria's rejection of US hegemony, noting that contrary to Turkey, Syria doesn't have army bases of imperialistic forces, adding that Syria is debt-free, that its health and education sectors serve the people, and that its petroleum belongs to its people, not to companies.

The statement also noted that Syria is a state in which all members of society coexist, and that it has popular unions and organizations that decide their own activities and work.

The Front stressed that imperialistic forces, primarily the US, which killed over 250 million people around the world, have no right to impose themselves defenders of human rights.

The statement said that Syrians seek peace and stability, with the Syrian leadership's agreement to the plan of former UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan and the presence of international observers proving the Syrians' struggle to achieve said peace and stability. However, armed groups rejected Annan's plan and escalated operations and bombings in full sight of international observers who avoided addressing this, providing UN cover to the aggression against Syria.

The Front said that despite the opposition's claims that its movement and peaceful democratic, the media uncovered many facts that proved otherwise, showing the opposition's brutal crimes of beheadings, dismemberment, disemboweling and other sorts of murders.

The statement called on western media to accentuate facts and abandon the evasiveness and lies they employed with Iraq before, covering up the murder of 1.8 million Iraqis.

The Front said that the Syrian people struggle for the sake of the whole world, because Syria won't be the last country to be targeted, concluding the statement by saying that "Syria's struggle is the struggle of all of us… we will be unified with all our strength beside it."

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