‘Double standards exist on media coverage on Syria’

The UN Human Rights body has reacted to the video posted on the web that shows insurgents in Syria, executing soldiers, saying the video probably shows “war crimes.”

On Thursday, video footage circulated the web showing foreign-backed insurgents killing Syrian soldiers execution-style at a checkpoint in the crisis-hit country. The insurgents beat about 10 soldiers before executing them with automatic rifles.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Hisham Tillawi, host of Current Issues TV and Radio from Lafayette, to further discuss the issue.

What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: What is worse, what has occurred which has been blasted by Amnesty and the UN as perhaps constituting war crime or the fact that the United States and its allies namely Qatar, Saudi Arabia, we can mention France have been arming these insurgents and the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton coming out and saying maybe some of these extremists are hijacking the revolution of which it could be the insurgents that we just saw executing some of these soldiers?

Tillawi: Well I think what is worse is the media reaction to all of this and even the UN reaction to it. If you have noticed when the UN commissioner mentioned the condemnations he also put in there the peaceful demonstrators and the killing of these peaceful demonstrators, etc. and if you look at almost every Western news agency and every Arab news agency, those that go into mass distribution like Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera you will see that they are in the same article where they are talking about the execution of the soldiers by the opposition forces.

They also, two-thirds of their articles are talking about how bad the regime is and then they mention that well these videos are not confirmed so we do not know if they are right or not and even Amnesty International and all these organizations.

On the other hand when a video comes out [ about what] supposedly the regime has committed, nobody questions that even the UN will go into secret sessions and will go into high sessions and the United Nations Security Council will have a meeting on issues that are not verified but the accused was the regime.

So there is definitely a double standard here in the media coverage of this because as of right now nobody I mean except you guys …and probably couple of other stations, are talking about this the way you are but everybody else is like be cautious, you know this may not be a legit video.

And even those who think it is legit video they are playing down the responsibility of the oppositions and definitely the United States has the major responsibility here for the killings of these people, the Qatari government has a major responsibility for these thugs that they are sending there and they are basically killing people.

You know, there are rules of engagement but I guess it does not apply to the United States as it did not apply for the United States in Libya, did not apply in Afghanistan, did not apply in Iraq and apparently it does not apply to those who are affiliated with the United States.
Sat - 3rd Nov  2012

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