Free Syrian Army shoot prisoners

In this video, uploaded to YouTube, we see prisoners, including wounded, being killed in cold blood..

The unit involved is apparently the “Mountain Shield Brigade” of the FSA and the location Hmeisho checkpoint / west of Saraqeb. The video was issued by the Mountain Shield brigade’s “information department.”

It is not clear who the victims are, although some are certainly wearing civilian clothing.

One pleads, “I did not hit anyone, by Allah. I did not kill anyone.”

The man filming the video tells the victim to shut up and directs his comrades,

“Organize them for me.”

The fighters pull the victims to the center of the room and open fire on the victims with automatic fire.

These are war crimes (under the Geneva Conventions and the ICC Treaty) since they endanger protected persons (prisoners of war and the wounded and sick). They are also crimes under islamic law.

Some of the armed groups affiliated with the FSA use language that expresses contempt for other religious and ethnic groups, and the clear intent to “cleanse” Syria of non-Sunni Muslims. This violates international norms on the prohibition on genocide.

Countries involved in supporting groups involved in such activities could be held liable for these crimes. The ICC Treaty for instance, holds the perpetrators as well as the enablers responsible for the same crime.

Reportedly, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey (and possibly the UK and USA) have provided financial and military aid to the FSA. If these reports are true, these states are complicit in the crimes committed by the FSA.

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