The number of Palestinians killed in the Gaza with Israeli bombardment passed 1,000.

15 January 2009

Israel bombs the dead in Gaza cemeteries

The crater left after Israeli forces bombed a cemetery in Gaza yesterday, sending body parts flying on to neighbouring houses

Gazans had already been forced to re-open graves to bury those killed in the Israeli offensive as cemeteries in the territory were filled up

Second front?: Lebanese soldiers inspect the remains of two rockets, which were fired towards Israel but fell short in south Lebanon yesterday.

Explosion: The Israeli air force attack a target in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday morning

A halt in fighting would allow aid into the territory and talks for a permanent solution to be stepped up. Palestinian officials said the death toll had reached 1,010, including 673 civilians.

More than 300 of the dead are children, with a further 1,500 among the 3,500 wounded, Ann Veneman, the head of the United Nations children's agency UNICEF claimed yesterday.

'The gates of Hell': An explosion tears through the sky after an Israeli air strike in Rafah

An Israeli bomb struck a graveyard - the crammed Sheikh Radwan cemetery in Gaza City - sending body parts flying and blasting craters in the ground.

'Gaza is all a graveyard,' gravedigger Salman Omar said while residents collected charred body parts in plastic bags and placed them back in a crater which was all that remained of around 30 graves.
The Israeli army said the strike targeted a weapons storeroom adjacent to the cemetery and a separate strike targeted a spot from which rockets are launched.

An Israeli soldier adjusts the barrel of a tank as his unit prepares to enter the northern Gaza Strip yesterday

A number of rockets were fired from Gaza yesterday while three from southern Lebanon landed near the northern Israeli city of Kiryat Shemona. There were no reports of injuries.

Palestinians inspect a house destroyed after an Israeli airstrike

A large section of Gaza reduced to rubble following overnight airstrikes

Palestinians help an injured man to a stretcher following overnight attacks by the Israeli airforce


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