Syria: Mawtini – My Homeland (VIDEO)

This, both the article and the video brought tears to my eyes and wanted to share here in this blog.

"SYRIAN YOUTH – 5 October 2012 – I came across this absolutely beautiful video the other day. The song was entitled “Mawtini” which translated into “My Homeland.”

Syria. MY homeland, MY home, MY love, MY light, MY guidance, MY hope.

This video just overwhelmed me with me with emotion and I couldn't hold back the tears. This was my country, the country I was born in, the country I grew up in, the country that I took pride in…the people I call my comrades, the people who have given me the blood-borne right to hold my head up high and say “I am a Syrian.”

The popular saying goes, “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” I have never seen a more suitable time to use such a phrase. Syrians have grown up in a beautiful country. Security was our God-given right. We never questioned the stability or security…it was just there. The country who has gone through wars, trials and tribulations just to bring us that stability that we all were born into.

That stability we can now look back on and cry over.

What now?

After watching the video numerous times I can’t help but question how or what does someone do to brainwash people of a country to destroy their OWN COUNTRY. They’ll pay you to destroy your country but what will happen afterwards? Will they help you build it? Will they buy back your dignity? Will they buy back your patriotism? Will they buy back your heritage? Will they buy back the blood of the martyrs that gave up their lives to bring this country peace and sovereignty?


I can’t say I quite understand it. I never will.

I just hope and pray one day…someday…those who harmed this beautiful land and hurt its beautiful people will realize what a tragic mistake it was.

I’m sorry for everything Syria, I really am.



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