Long time no see , no hear , this does not mean that eminent professor Chomsky was idle, there he goes lecturing people and students about the situation. This time, the dull professor -whose dullness is meant to mislead and misinform - reveals again his true affiliations and devotion, except that now he sounds more like a revolutionary rather than a US patriot or a Zionist Jew .

Certainly his beard has grown and Mr. Chomsky of the multi folded agenda and multiple tendencies- ranging from moderate left to Zionism- is now expounding his views about Syria., We had to wait long before our erudite expert grant us the pleasure of hearing his last statements, but it was worth while waiting because what we heard taught us more about the eminent professor than about Syria. 

You have to admit that the eminent professor has been a riddle for a long time. A Zionist unusual figure armed with knowledge, objectivity and notoriety rather than nuclear weapons and bully. A mild Jew who would go to the length of denying the holocaust if this had for effect to increase his fans among Arabs and Muslims and cause him to win the hearts of some lost Palestinians.

The Zionist professor who- according to his soul mate- Finkelstein -of the staged lectures with cries and tears- became a Zionist as early as he learned how to put on his trousers, is now standing with the Syrian revolution against the so called dictatorship of president Assad.

Mind you, the smart sneaky professor - as appears in his statement - does not want- in any way- to be associated with the NATO group who is triggering the Syrian events and backing the so called opposition on the ground, because such an association, would not look good on the record of the free thinker and mild leftist he pretends to be. 

For this reason, we see the eminent professor casting himself aside and presenting himself as a supporter of the so called Syrian revolution declaring that this is in antagonism with the US administration who is backing –according to him – the Syrian dictatorship.

Really! We are here in the presence of real erudition in the form of political Zionist manipulations that we are supposed to believe, and political maneuvers in which we are to partake. Of course the US administration could not be revolutionary; therefore-if revolution there is- then US administration is on the side of dictator, and if revolution is true and it is so - according to Chomsky - then Chomsky is on the revolutionary side against the US.
This is neither erudition nor free thought, nor moderate left, this is utter Zionism dressed in something else; this is the kind of reasoning Chomsky must have learned and taught at the linguistic department of the MIT. 

There is logic in the reasoning except that the first premise is false, if there were revolution then all the reasoning would have been correct, and Chomsky could have kept his good place and the US administration would have to back the dictator. But there is no revolution in Syria, and the US is interfering by way of armed hired thugs paid by gulf countries and trained by the CIA in Turkey in order to operate a regime change. This makes this reasoning a well formulated trick and turns Chomsky into a US version of Bernard Henry levy.

by Daniel Mabsout

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