Four Zionists, two good Zionists and two bad ones . That the Jews or anybody else , for that matter , dream of having their own nation ,or anything else , that is fine , especially if they are lying in their bed in their homes while doing so ; they have the right to dream . But if they start dreaming of taking someone else’s land and killing them off and living in their homes and farms and making it their own , this is when things start turning evil for dream is one thing and physical reality is another ; certain religions and cultures require that a man who wrongs someone in a dream apologizes from him upon waking up .. If this dream of a nation is carried out to become an actual reality involving chasing out people from their houses and villages then this is really bad and requires a measure of some sort to stop this violation. We import good things from dream state to waking state and suppress evil things in the waking state.

The Chomsky and Finkelstein syndrome , never go that far in applying ethics to the matter , they never question the right of Israel to exist and, as Zionists, they seem to start all their reasoning from the evident fact of Israel’s right to exist ; this is their starting point and their final point as well , and , between the starting point and the final one they are ready to raise many issues in favor of Palestine and Palestinian rights and give many concessions , but they will not back up on the fundamental point which is Israel’s right to exist , in fact they are so keen on letting it exist that they want to protect Israel from any misadventure or excess of retaliation and reaction that will expose Israel and spoils its image and threatens therefore its existence , . For this reason when the Chomsky /Finkelstein syndrome exposes Israel’s excesses and violations they do so because both of them are intelligent enough to guess the repercussions of such violations on Israel itself , on its existence , survival and reputation and on the other hand to promote an imaginary co existence with Israel (such as a horse with wings) by infiltrating the intelligentsia and creating confusion.

The ethical issue of the original theft , ‘that of the land, is not raised , not even tackled , there is desire to limit the expansion of Israel and call for the formation of a Palestinian state out of sympathy and identification with Israel and not out of recognition of Palestinians’ right for their land which covers the whole of Palestine . There is no doubt that our two dedicated academicians add a scholastic flavor to Zionism, a flavor especially used to fool people like us who go on applauding them and praising them for serving Israel and helping Israel acquire an irreversible legitimacy and recognition while Arabs and Palestinians should be satisfied with the horse with wings.

Chomsky and Finkelstein both secure for Israel the academic laisser passer that makes Israel turn from a racist country to a some sort of “legitimate”country that hosts a certain culture and a religion namely : the Jewish one.The other two bad Zionists are non other than ‘Azmi Beshara and Bernard Henry Levy and each one of them is a school by himself . Azmi Beshara acquired the status of Arab thinker until he ended up in the arms of prince Khalifa of Qatar heading in Dawha a research center and working for the pro Zionist project of the prince . This is when we discovered that the Arab thinker stinks more than he thinks ,and serves an agenda that benefits Israel in the first place, and this after playing the victim and fooling Arabs claiming that he was the victim of Israel’s ban and eviction and acquiring thus their sympathy , support and respect . Evidently he was endowed with the mission to acquire this sympathy and support and direct them to Israel , mission in which he succeeded for some time , until many Arabs discovered the truth of his fake endeavor and fake personality.

As for the other Jew : Bernard Henry Levy , he stinks too much to have anything to add to the matter.

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