Is Recep Tayyip Erdogan a dictator?

by Candan Atadostu (Notes) on Thursday, 6 June 2013 
Well I'm going to write some of his sentences; so you can decide yourself whether if he is a dictator or not:

1- "I will bring-up a religious youth. So what? Shall we bring-up people who addicted to thinner?"
2- On a meeting about his opponent Kilicdaroglu: "Do you know his religious sect is Alevi? Do you know ? Do you? Do you?"

3- "The one who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic even if he drinks only a little"

4- "Tel me which laws are more important. The laws of the religion or the government laws which came by two winos. (He means the Father of Turkey, M.K Ataturk) Of course; the laws of the religion is more important."

5- "When I see the people who arrive by Kadikoy liner; I shame to see their dresses. It's a shame. But I don't say anything. You see? I am not a dictator.

6- "I'm going to build a shopping center on that green park."
After Gezi Park protests:
"We absolutely build that building. But it's not sure, what we do with it. Perhaps some of area for opera.
Perhaps some shops on first floor. Perhaps a residence on it. İt doesn't matter what we do in that building. It can be anything else. But this is sure that we certainly build it; and we don't have to get permission from several raiders (bandits).

These are only some examples of his fallacies. But the worse one is; the things what he makes are worse than the things what he says.

Is that protests only for some trees?
The trees were the last event to lose the patience. Because the people whose are not his voters have been under pressure for 10 years. I know that this uprising is a big surprise for the world. Because all of the people thought that everything are going well in Turkey. Do you know why they thought so?

The main media groups have been done auto or direct censorship. There were only one TV channel without
censorship but it is only a small and poor channel. Because advertisers afraid to order their adds on that
channel. (Ulusal kanal)

Just for an example: On the fifth day of the large Gezi park protests, non of the TV's have been showed any
part of it. Until the people start to go their building to protests. (Also on social media) Even when millions
of people the streets. Even when police attack to the protesters with the gas and batons. Even when people are dieing.

Please look at the image below to understand to understand state of Turkish media. The image has been taken at the hottest time of the protests. And this is the one of the main news TV in Turkey. (CNN Turk)

Please don't think that the image above is, only for a short time. They have not been showed any part until
protests turned over them.

The fault of Turkish media is not limited by the last censorship. The censorship has been going on for ten years.

Let me give you an example:
There is terrorist organization in Turkey; named Ergenekon. Hundreds of people in the prisons because they are member of that terrorist organization. Do you know what their education average rank is? Higher than
university. Because there are many many professors, doctors, scholars. Many of them are journalists.
Do yo believe it? Is that kind of terrorist organization possible?
Do you know how the police found out that terrorist organization? Six years ago, a man blame them. His name is Tuncay Guney. And now he is crying that:

"That was only a game, to put the important dissentients in the prison to give AFFRIGHT to the other
dissentients". That man escaped to the USA and says "The police made me tortures. They beat me along days. They told me what I have to say and push me to sign it."

But the non of the media hears him. The court never wants to listen him. There is someone else who leaked a voice record while this torture being. But nobody wants to listen this record, include the media, however hundreds of fame intellectuals still in prison.

The image below is also tells how strong censorship in Turkey is:

All what I told are only a few in thousands of others.

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Candan Atadostu

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