CIA Asset , Mahdi al-Harati

While the mainstream media is going to great lengths to convince the world that events in Syria are the result of yet another 'people's revolution', the facts point clearly to yet another US government-sponsored bloody 'regime change'. Given that the US has been a de facto global empire for at least 60 years, with all of the power, infrastructure and influence that entails, how difficult do we think it would be for agents of the empire to manufacture a 'revolution' in any given country? The answer, surprisingly, is 'not so easily'. But it is doable, as long as the empire is willing to murder innocent civilians to create the impression of a brutal regime in need of removal. And the USA has never balked at murdering a few hundred, a few thousand, or even a few million civilians to ensure it gets its geo-political way, to the delight of psychopaths in power everywhere.  

The CIA is using 'Muslim terrorists', i.e. people against whom America is waging the 'War on Terror', to bring 'freedom and democracy' to states that 'harbor Muslim terrorists'. 

Mahdi al-Harat with his wife and some CIA money that he lost, or maybe they just wanted it back.
A fine 'Irish' chap by the name of Mahdi al-Harati was second in command to Belhadj in the Tripoli Military Council until he resigned in October 2011. Married to an Irish national, Mr al-Harati has admitted that he was paid by the CIA to organise anti-Gaddafi fighters in 2011. According to a Sunday World article of November 6, 2011, €200,000 in cash and expensive jewellery was stolen from al-Harati's Dublin home a month previously. The Sunday World reported that a criminal gang working the area found two envelopes stuffed with €500 notes during a raid on al-Harati's family home, October 6. The article, apparently relying on police sources, stated that al-Harati, who had been a Dublin resident and employed as an Arabic teacher for 20 years, when contacted by Irish police, claimed that the stolen cash was "given to him by an American intelligence agency."
"Astonished officers made contact with Mahdi al-Harati who told them that he had travelled to France, the United States and Qatar the previous month and that representatives of an American intelligence agency had given him a significant amount of money to help in the efforts to defeat Gaddafi. He said he left two envelopes with his wife in case he was killed and took the rest of the cash with him when he went back to Libya."

Note that al-Harati resigned from his position on the Tripoli Military Council just a few days after the money was stolen. 

Barely two months later, on December 17, 2011, the Spanish paper ABC, carried a report by Daniel Iriarte entitled: Libyan Islamists move to Syria to help the revolution. During his visit with the Libyan rebels in Syria, Mr. Iriarte meets three Libyan rebels: Adem Kikli, who says he works for Belhadj; Fuad, who appears to be a body-guard; and none other than Mahdi al-Harati. Al-Hariti told the ABC reporter that he and his friends are in Syria to "evaluate the needs of our Syrian revolutionary brothers, not to fight". But it strikes me that that is precisely what a CIA agent in Syria today might say if challenged. al-Harati then told the ABC reporter something rather unexpected: "I was injured on the assault on the Mavi Marmara and spent nine days in a Tel Aviv jail." Yes indeed, it seems that this high-profile Muslim CIA mercenary, every-ready to do battle to oust Muslim leaders (secular or not) for NATO, is also a pro-Palestinian (and, we must assume, anti-Zionist) activist! Unless, of course, he was on the Mavi Marmara in the role of spy for the Mossad. What seems to be the case is that these former Muslim terrorists turned NATO freedom fighters are nothing more than unscrupulous hired guns, who will fight for any cause as long as someone is willing to pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars, with €200,000 or more left over for their spouses. 

Love-fest between the Terrorist Sponspor Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan  and the CIA payrolled terrorist Mahdi al-Harati


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