Condemnation of Violence in Egypt. Whose Violence and Why

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) , - On Sunday, Egypt called on all world countries to condemn the violence in the Northern African country. The violence has largely been condemned by most. Rather than a condemnation of the violence, based on who the actual perpetrators are, the responses  are largely a political positioning game, with each of the governments who are condemning the violence having their own motives and motivations. Some of them are productive, others incite more violence, while some countries seem to be obsessed with shooting themselves in their feet. 
hromedia Egypt prosecutor orders Muslim Brotherhood arrests arab uprising1On Sunday, 18 August 2013, the Foreign Ministry of Egypt called on all world countries to condemn the violent acts which are currently taking place in the North African country. During a press conference, Egypt´s Foreign Minister, Nabil Fahmy, displayed footage, showing members of the Muslim Brotherhood burning churches, mosques as well as other buildings and establishments, including museums.
Moreover, the footage confirmed what nsnbc international has reported from the onset of the events on 14 August, which is, that radical, militant members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been firing at unknowing protesters as well as on Egypt´s police and military forces in Nahda Saquare and the Rabaa el-Adawya area. The footage shown to Egyptian and foreign journalists corroborated hundreds of eyewitness reports as well as photo and video evidence nsnbc international has received from Egyptians, using the nsnbc international hotline and previous reports published in nsnbc international.
Peaceful protesters in Nahda Square and the Rabaa al-Adwaya area had been set up by cadres within the Muslim Brotherhood. Their strategy was as simple as it was brutal and cynical. Occupy two important hubs of Cairo to cripple the economy and create chaos. Commit acts of sectarian violence and atrocities to create tensions and a state near civil war in the Sinai and create violence and insecurity in some Christian quarters of Cairo. In other words, force the interim-government to intervene.
Place militants behind sand sack barricades and in sniper positions. When the police is moving in, snipers open fire, killing those protesters who want to leave the area and a barrage of gunfire is cutting down those who stay. Spread reports about that a massacre has been committed by the police and military via Al-Jazeera, Muslim Brotherhood aligned Egyptian and foreign media. Rely on, that Turkish media, British, European, US-American and other media will repeat the “storyline” and count on the gullibility of pseudo-independent media such as RT, PRESS TV and other.
Copts in the line of fireThe propaganda strategy has worked, as expected. Even journalists like RT´s Bel Trew were apparently shocked and did not realize that the deadly gunfire came from within the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood.
The result of the successful false flag operation and propaganda machination is that even governments of those countries who, if not fooled, would be likely to be among the ones who would be more supportive of the interim-government and the people-powered counter coup, such as Venezuela, are “condemning the violence”.
mccain-jihadMixed Signals from the USA – Polite Signals Back From Egypt’s Foreign Ministry. The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Fahmy said with regard to the US position, that US President Obama is condemning all violence. He also stressed, that some US policy makers are condemning the Egyptian government´s action while some are more neutral. Several international analysts have stated, that the recent visit of the Chairman of the U.S. Armed Services Committee, John McCain has directly encouraged the Muslim Brotherhood to increased violence.
Fahmy however, stopped short of stressing the US role in bringing about the situation that led to the violence which broke out on 14 August, because of the US unequivocal support of the de facto coup d´Etat by the Morsi administration. The fact that Morsi either would have to be more inclusive or face violence and a coup has been forecast months ago in a report in nsnbc international. Neither did Fahmy mention the US role in the region in general and US involvement in manufacturing subversions from Libya over Mali to Syria.
File - Image
File – Image
The Turkish government of Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdogan condemns the violence and the brutality of the Egyptian security forces, not based on the evidence, but based on the fact that the people-powered military counter-coup against Morsi and the MB, who had succeeded to:
Asked about Egyptian – Turkish relations, Egypt´s Foreign Minister said, that the Turkish stance towards Egypt is “unacceptable” and the decision to scrap the planned naval exercise with Turkey was made in protest at the unacceptable Turkish statements and actions which represented a clear interference in Egypt´s domestic affairs.
HAMAS_LOGO - KopiIn fact, many analysts are acutely aware of that this strategy supported Morsi´s election campaign. The ousting of Morsi and the MB could be a fatal blow to Qatar´s regional ambitions. Ambitions, which include the establishment of a Free Trade Zone in the Sinai; the establishment of a Hamas led Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip while rendering the West Bank and Jerusalem to Israel; ambitions in Syria, against which Qatar has led a de facto war since 2011.
Had the people-powered military counter coup against the Muslim Brotherhood not taken place, the Egyptian Military might have been deployed to fight a neo-colonialist war against another Arab nation, Syria. Mohammed Morsi´s call for “Holy War” against Syria during a demonstration on 15 July 2013 was a clear signal, a signal which the people of Egypt as well as Egypt´s military understood to interpret correctly.
Morsi was about to throw Egypt into two neo-colonialist wars, in Syria and in Ethiopia. The ousting of Morsi and the MB in Egypt is indeed a blow for Qatar´s regional ambitions and a blow for Britain, USA, France and Israel, the primary players behind the violence that has swept across the region since 2011.
Sorcery, Saudi Woman beheaded for sorceryThe Saudi support for the Egyptian military and the interim government is complex. It is not based in the overwhelming amount of evidence that shows, that the Muslim Brotherhood was responsible for the massacre on 14 August. Saudi Arabia, which sentences women to death by beheading for charges of sorcery, which authorizes execution by firing squad on dispensation because it has a shortage of swordsmen, and which sentences rights activists to seven years in prison for “speaking to foreign media” could not care less.
It is rather based in Saudi Arabia´s perceived and very real need to assert its role as a regional player in the light of a joint GCC member and neighbor, Qatar, which ultimately could become not only a strong competitor, but one, who might become dangerous for Saudi Arabia´s domestic politics.
Rohani2Iran´s Condemnation a warning signal. The condemnation of the violence on 14 August, which according to Iran´s allegations and contrary to the body of evidence has been committed by the Egyptian government, is a clear warning signal for any nation who may perceive Iran as an ally.
The position of Iran´s President Rohani demonstrates once again, that Iran may well be an ally, even to secular governments like that in Syria, but Iran will support policies to move its allies toward the establishment of an Islamic Republic if it finds it opportune and appropriate.
That includes Iran´s political support of NATO´s illegal war on Libya and Iran´s apparent support of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and it includes Iran´s rather ambivalent position with regard to Turkey´s involvement in the illegal war on Syria. Iran´s alliance with Russia will have to be perceived and understood according to the same dynamics. Iran´s relations with Afghanistan and Pakistan must ultimately also be analyzed on the basis of the policy Iran demonstrated with regards to Libya, Turkey/Syria and Egypt.
In particular Iran´s religious leadership must understand that their policy leads to renewed questions about, whether the Islamic Revolution and Khomeni were ultimately backed by the West, and to what extend a cooperation on important strategic, geopolitical issues still persists. The answer to this question is, among other of vital importance for Russia as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan.
With regard to Iran´s condemnation of the interim-government and the military however, Iran has, so to speak, shot itself in the foot. Its policy reinforces the Saudi influence in Egypt, which is not likely to be in Iran´s interest. Moreover, it is condemning and potentially weakening those forces in Egypt, who are not only willing but capable of standing up against the US – Israeli – European regional project which was initiated in 2011.
Iran´s political drivenness to support almost everything “Islamic”  has led it to commit a strategic blunder of colossal proportions with regard to Libya. Had the overthrow of the Ghadafi government in Libya by Qatar, NATO, Israel and Saudi Arabia not been successful, the war on Iran´s primary regional ally, Syria, would most likely have ended long ago. Moreover, Qatar´s victory in Libya and its subsequent involvement in Mali have significantly increased the regional might of Qatar, who is the primary Arab adversary to Syria. Iran has, with other words, shot itself in the foot.
One cannot avoid the question why Iran would shoot itself in the other foot with regards to Egypt. Condemning the Egyptian interim-government and military is equivalent to Iran having shot itself in the feet twice. Not surprisingly then, is that it has significantly weakened its ability to stand the brunt of neo-colonialism politically, and eventually militarily.
Iran´s “day of reckoning”  may come and the people of Egypt won´t necessarily forget so easily what Rohani said when they defended the nation against a Western – Israeli – Qatari-backed Muslim Brotherhood coup d Etat.
President Nicolas Maduro and Foreign Minister Elias Jaua (EFE)
President Nicolas Maduro and Foreign Minister Elias Jaua (EFE)
The Condemnation by Venezuela is the most difficult to understand. If Venezuela´s condemnation was based on incomplete intelligence, one would expect Maduro to do what would be expected after a “blunder”, to gain proper intelligence and to correct its position.
If Venezuela´s position should be based in the country´s close ties to Iran, then Venezuela is ultimately condemned to be playing with the same fire which the Rohani administration and Khamenei seem to be playing with.
Both Venezuela and Iran, as well as Russia, India, China and not least South Africa would be well advised to support the interim-government and the military of Egypt at stabilizing the country to the extend that peaceful and free elections can be held.
Free Elections Impossible during catastrophic Poverty. What Egypt urgently needs is political as well as economic support from all countries who oppose the Western re-colonization project in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Democracies, and with it elections cannot function as they are intended to, when there is a high prevalence of not only unemployment, but catastrophic poverty.
The formation of a popular opinion and will requires a functioning middle class and a functional working class which has the excess energy that is required to seriously reflect on other issues than those represented in the bottom strata of Maslov´s pyramid of needs.
The best guaranty for a return to a democratically elected, stable government in Egypt would be to support the peoples, the military´s and government´s struggle against the foreign-backed militant elements who are obsessed with creating a civil war. To help Egypt to return to being governed by an elected government, the country urgently needs support with regard to kick-starting the country´s economy without throwing it into the claws of globalists, the IMF and the World Bank, so Egypt could become a realistic contender for BRICS membership.
CairBack to Cairo and the Reality behind the 14 August Massacre and the Situation in Egypt. During the press conference with Egypt´s Foreign Minister, Nabil Fahmy on Sunday, Fahmy said, that the dispersal of the two sit-ins in Rabaa al-Adawya and Nahda Square was done in accordance with Egyptian law. He presented evidence, showing who the shooters were, but regretted the death of the victims of the incidents that have taken place in Egypt over the recent days.
Fahmy reported, that there has been systematic violence all over Egypt since Friday and added, that this violence was aimed to terrorize the people and to shake the country. He stressed, that such acts of violence would be confronted with firmness.
Photo, Egyptian Chronicles
Photo, Egyptian Chronicles
Since Friday, more than 50 Christian churches have been looted and torched. A large number of mosques has been looted and torched, and not, as one may be led to believe, by Christian radicals or in revenge.
Egypt is being targeted by foreign powers. The strategy has been used from El Salvador to Iraq and Syria. The true enemies of the people of Egypt are the USA, Qatar, the UK, France and Israel.
Massacres have been committed by armed Muslim Brotherhood squads. nsnbc international is receiving reports from an Egyptian source who spoke about in the presence of Libyan and Palestinian gunmen in the Sinai. Such reports are not only disturbing. They are confirming reports from earlier this year when it transpired that relatively large amounts of weapons were being smuggled from Libya into Egypt with the Muslim brotherhood and Salafist radicals being the recipients.
Governments who are intending on bringing about peace, stability and security to the country, it would be incumbent upon them to base decisions on verifiable intelligence and evidence. Egypt´s Foreign Minister also stressed the need for knowing the truth about the events in Egypt, saying:
“We plan to announce the formation of a fact-finding panel to look into the incidents which took place after June 30 Revolution to document the incidents and provide precise information in order to be available to citizens, historians and politicians along with the judicial authorities”. 
Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy continued, saying that the revolutions in the past two years were made according to the will of the Egyptian citizen and his wish to define his future, and he assured that the government intends to bring about the conditions where free elections can be held under secure conditions. Fahmy said, Egyptians fighting and killing each other is totally unacceptable, and that it is necessary to achieve stability and security in the country.

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