Obama, CIA Arming Syrian Rebels With Missiles Following ‘Secret Order’

The Obama administration, partnered with the CIA, is engaged in arming the Syrian rebels (who openly behead Christians and innocents to raging crowds) with weapons of war following a 2012 ‘secret order’ by Obama as reported in a Reuters breaking news story.

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By Anthony Gucciardi | Story Leak | August 6, 2013

It turns out that when you dig deep enough through all of the mainstream media mud, you can start to make sense of things. Even with extremely complex shadow operations like the one we see going on with the Syrian rebels, who are being backed by the Obama administration in what the media pretends is a completely acceptable act of support. In fact, the story now coming from intelligence insiders is that Benghazi was a smokescreen event in order to shuffle in thousands of missiles to the Syrian rebels.

Media Admits Massive Military Support

And the evidence points to this, but what if we could also find out more information in the mainstream media regarding these plans. Well, one CNN piece from late June before all of this information blew up offers answers. Reporting the situation in Syria and the arming of the Christian-beheading Syrian rebels, CNN goes and reports on the plans initiated by the Obama administration to arm the al-Qaeda-linked rebels as if it were no big deal. Disregarding the available reports that the rebels use the resources to kill innocent Syrians who refuse to swear allegiance to them, CNN nonchalantly reports on the plans to arm the rebels with anti-tank weapons and more:

“The White House has not publicly specified what steps it would take to support members of Syria’s opposition, though sources have told CNN that small arms, ammunition and possibly anti-tank weapons would be part of the assistance package.”

Obama’s ‘Secret Order’ Uncovered

And again, that’s what they’re admitting to on record. What no one likes to talk about is the 2012 ‘secret’ order given by Obama and reported on by Reuters to start supporting the bloodlusting Syrian rebels, which shows how eager Obama and his handlers were to immediately start using the CIA to give these rebels access to military arms and other resources. Even when considering the fact that Russia is arming Assad, the opposing side in Syria, the Obama administration continues to fuel this proxy war with all the United States can give.

From anti-tank weapons to thousands of other missiles, Obama is pushing full steam ahead to arm the Syrian rebels at all costs — even if it means a mega proxy war with Russia that could ultimately claim the lives of Russian troops. Even if it means supporting al-Qaeda as they launch their ‘significant’ threats against the US to the point where dozens of embassies are forced to close for extended periods of time.

Whether it’s by secret orders or open funding, the Obama administration and higher ups are willing to fund the Syrian rebels at all costs.

SOURCE | http://intellihub.com/2013/08/06/obama-cia-arming-syrian-rebels-with-missiles-following-secret-order/

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