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Joshua Blakeney : ‘Zionists dictate policy to Harper government’

Blakeney notes: Zionism has fully pervaded Canada economically and politically and we are seeing inequality, racism, demonization and trampling of people's rights. In the background of this, Canada as a warmongering, pro-Zionist, neo-con State? Hard to believe, but that is what the country has become under Prime Minister Stephen Harper according to an increasing number of political analysts. Attention began to fall on Canada in terms of Zionist influence when it was the only Western state aside from the US that voted against Palestine recognition by the United Nations.

Blakeney also notes: Canadians Search for Explanations for Foreign Minister's Radicalism

Whenever a prominent statesman prioritizes the national interests of a foreign country over the national interests of his own country it behooves journalists to ask uncomfortable questions. And in the case of Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird, who prioritizes the national interests of Israel over those of Canada, it is his personal sexual orientation which is being honed in on by certain analysts.

Currently Canada's Foreign Minister is lecturing other countries on respecting the rights of homosexuals while he and some of his colleagues, with the help of the media, appears to be concealing their own homosexuality, possibly to prevent them losing the support of certain Christian Fundamentalists and other anti-homosexual groups which tend to vote for John Baird's right-wing Conservative Party.

Political analysts have drawn attention to the roles blackmail, a specialty of the Israeli Mossad, and sexual politics play in international diplomacy. Some analysts feel this subject may relate to John Baird, who for the past 15 years has been a frequent visitor to Tel Aviv, a city sometimes referred to as the "Gay Capital of the World".

Critics argue that Canada's Foreign Minister may be jeopardizing Canada's national interests because of his own biases and orientation. And whether Baird's secretive personal life is being used to manipulate him in other ways is yet to be seen. What cannot be denied however is that there is a glaring contradiction displayed when Baird lectures anti-homosexual governments on homosexual rights abroad, while concurrently relying on people with such views for votes domestically.

"UN Watch" also got angry with me this week over a report I produced which criticized the pro-Israel group. In addition, please note that Zionist Hillel Neuer seems to be making headway with getting the UN Rappateur for Palestine, Professor Richard Falk ousted from his UN position.

Having said this, getting the UN Human Rights Council to vote on Falk's credibility, based on his skepticism about 9/11, seems that it could backfire on "UN Watch", if the whole world votes to keep him in his position. It would be a de facto endorsement of Falk's 9/11 skepticism and defence of Palestinian self-determination.

Hillel Neuer Executive Director of UN Watch

Gilad Atzmon writes: "I was amused and proud to see my latest book The Wandering Whoheld aloft by Israeli chief Sayan Hilllel Neuer at the UN’s Human Right Council. The book was presented as ‘exhibit B’ in a farcical self-appointed Talmudic kangaroo court against the great Professor Richard Falk who lent his name, amongst many other leading humanists and intellectuals, in support of my work."
Hillel Neuer Attacks Richard Falk

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