Asad AbuKhalil: "For three years, Western correspondents in the Middle East & the American pundits have been promoting a Syrian 'revolution'

 Asad AbuKhalil: 

"For three years, Western correspondents in the Middle East & the American pundits have been promoting a Syrian 'revolution' In the course of this promotion, they lied & fabricated & gave their readers a totally different picture of what is happening on the ground. 

They even invented a media phenomenon, called the Free Syrian Army, when no such army really existed beyond various gangs in different places using various names for their battalions & telling American agents on the ground in Turkey what they want to hear to get money & weapons. 

For three long years, Western correspondents in Beirut created a fantasy of a revolution where the armed groups are all run by two secular women operating from downtown Damascus. The danger of the fanatical Bin Ladenite groups have been belittled from the very beginning & even recently those same correspondents have tried to promote Nusrah Front (classified by the US State Department as a terrorist organization), which is the OFFICIAL branch of Al-Qa'idah, damn it. This is the real Syrian 'revolution': a variety of terrorism & Jihadism. Even the Saudi-funded Jihadi front, Islamic Front, was promoted as a moderate version of terrorist Jihadism.

All those who engage in such propaganda are culpable in the kidnapping & murder of James Foley. They basically told unsuspecting American journalists that the Syrian rebels are reasonable friendly forces & that they would welcome the foreign press.

All the cases of kidnapping & murder of foreign journalists were at the hands of Syrian rebels. All of them. Take the case of James Foley: the Western media covered up his kidnapping & pretended that he was in fact held at a detention center in Damascus. Look at this lie here from last year. 'After a five-month investigation inside Syria & the wider Middle East, GlobalPost & the family of missing American journalist James Foley now believe the Syrian government is holding him in a detention center near Damascus.' Only recently this paper had to retract its lie but only in the most vague way: 'Editor's note: Since the publication of this story further investigations have been conducted on James Foley's kidnapping, pointing in a different direction. The latest public information is available here. ' But worse: even after the terrorist ISIS claimed responsibility for his beheading, there are Western correspondents (I am told that Kim Ghattas of the BBC is one of them) who are peddling more lies & claiming without a shred of evidence that the Syrian government surrendered Foley to ISIS. Shame on all of those journalists who basically collaborated on the promotion of lies that were to the benefit of ISIS & its propaganda machine."

20 / 8 / 2014

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