#Turkey #Coup Torture and Murder on the streets (Warning 18+)

[Warning 18+ Distressing Photos]

#Turkey #CoupAttempt #Erdogan's Islamist Brotherhood/Qaeda/ISIS supporters casually beat, torture and murder innocent coup soldiers on the streets. Most of those involved soldiers were unaware what was happening and were just told that they were part of  'an exercise' / 'sham battle'
by their superiors.. I feel the need to collect and share those photos to expose these men and make sure their crimes stay recorded and not forgotten... Apologies for any distress they may cause. 

Please read this article on the link below which will help in making sense of what's going on and put it in context - https://www.liberationnews.org/turkey-right-wing-forces-battle-control/

"The crowds on the streets of Turkey Friday night were of a purely reactionary, lynch-mob character, some of them armed and acting in close coordination with the police. It is important to remember that the AKP and Erdogan have played a critical in the rise of the so-called Islamic State by supporting, arming and funding IS. The character of the crowds dominating the streets last night is also a grim exposure of how the AKP could equally unleash these reactionary gangs on progressive and left forces if there were a similar Gezi-like uprising."

"The country’s clergy quickly responded and issued a special call to prayer to mobilize supporters of the Erdogan regime. It is important to distinguish the class and political character of the crowds that came into the streets on July 15 and the hundreds of thousands of progressive and working class people who have taken part in various movements to resist the AKP’s reactionary project, including the heroic June 2013 “Gezi Park” movement."


"Thousands have been arrested so far in a massive sweep carried out by security forces after the coup was put down. The judiciary, military and other key state institutions are being purged of remaining opponents of Erdogan and the AKP. This reportedly includes dozens of generals. Many of these people likely were involved in the coup to one extent or another, but others are undoubtedly targets of opportunity who have been in the AKP regime’s crosshairs for some time. "



Also see: 'Turkey coup attempt: who were the plotters?'

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