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Andrew Ashdown Cathy Newman..what Vanessa says is true. I have been to Syria five times in the last two years and was in Aleppo last week meeting with faith leaders and with the City's Council of Doctors. Many of the reports from Aleppo are at best grossly misleading and most of the British media's sources are profoundly unreliable; sometimes downright lies, and have one agenda. If you listened to the voices of Syrians on the ground and the millions of Syrian displaced who have mainly fled the brutality of the 'moderate' rebels who have left death and destruction in their wake, you would learn that realities on the ground are not as they are presented. Bouthaina Shaaban is a woman who cares passionately for her people who is fed up with the uncritical acceptance of bigotry and often manufactured narratives. The doctors council in Aleppo whom we met last week confirmed that much of Western reporting is profoundly misleading, whilst the many real hospitals that have been destroyed and the multiple deaths by the random attacks of our 'moderate' friends are rarely if ever reported. No wonder Bouthaina Shaaban felt no compulsion to dignify the rudeness of the questions and the unsubstantiated accusations with an answer..
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Vanessa Beeley Well said Andrew.
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Rob Halford Thanks for the info Andrew, much appreciated.
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Samantha Dalrymple Thank You all for holding our media accountable ... Many know the lies that are being told by our media.. Our only news source is social media today ... I pray for Syria .. I pray for the Middle East but most of all I pray for those who are paid to lie...See more
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Sarah Deniz

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Vanessa Beeley Cathy Newman have you been to Syria? Have you experienced the bloodshed and crimes against humanity being committed by the UK government in lockstep with the US government as they unleash their fully paid up terrorists upon the Syrian people. You spouted so many lies tonight I am surprised you can still breathe...your information comes from some of the most spurious and unbalanced sources imaginable yet you dont care. You repeat the lies that have been officially discredited without hesitation and you insult, harangue and attack Dr Shaaban who has more integrity, honour and compassion in her little finger than the politicians you serve by your blind repetition of their murderous lies. Have you been to Syria? I have, I have been to Aleppo and seen for my own eyes the extent of your lies, tried to find the miraculous hospitals like Al Quds that one minute you report as destroyed, the next it is back in circulation during the mythical chemical attacks you are promoting in an attempt to provoke the UK govt desired No Fly Zone that would finally reduce Syria to rubble. You take the evidenc of the Aleppo Media Centre, a French Foreign Office funded propaganda operation, or the SOHR an EU funded one man band operation who lies professionally. Where are his figures on the US coalition bombings of civilians?? Do you ever even bother to ask. Why dont you talk about the "moderate rebel" chemical attacks on western Aleppo that houses more than 1.5 million people. Why dont you remember that Nusra Front equipped by the UK and US government took over the only chemicals factory, producing chlorine, in Aleppo in 2012. There are so many lies I could call you out on, its ridiculous. I know for a fact, that Syrian people have been writing to your media channel demanding you answer their accusations of lying and deceiving...but you have failed to respond. You dare to call yourself a journalist, you are a lying, bigoted, ignorant and arrogant employee in a very expensive PR agency for perpetual war and chaos. The truth will prevail and those whose voice counts will be heard. Yours is not going to be among are shameless. May the Syrian people forgive you because your lies cause their deaths.
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Paul Dilly Well said Vanessa Beeley 
The people of Syria (when they are actually spoken with ) tell a different story...
This Cathy Newman is just a media mouthpiece who's Job is to follow the narrative and her interviewing style is about as disgusting and rude a
...See more
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Paul Dilly Cathy Newman hasn't been to Syria ... She just sits in an office doing what she's good at ..... Manipulating and distracting instead of reporting ,..
Sorry this is probably over the top ranting on like this but when people are being massacred because o
...See more
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Lyn Smith All I can say is thank God for real journalists such as Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, Patrick Heningsen and others not following the Cathy Newman "it says here" school for fools style. This emans we can actually manage to piece together what is happen...See more
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Lyn Smith Paul Dilly no but it makes you feel that and doesn't it? We all feel the same - hard to know where to put the anger sometimes; anger disbelief and shame.
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Sarah Deniz

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Angelis Dania Cathy Newman 

1. The US is in Syria illegally. They have no right to strike anywhere in Syria, whether they notified anyone or not. They were not invited, and they are in violation of international law and Syrian sovereignty.
...See more
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Janice Kortkamp I am curious as to why so many little blonde western journalists are so intent on putting the free women of Syria under the bondage of sharia law??? Why are you supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia's mercenaries... ISIS, al Qaeda and all ...See more
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JC Martínez Newmans love Burkas and Wigs and she know those Joozlims in Syria are Isreal assests..She is part of the tribe..

Channel 4’s Cathy Newman branded a liar after footage disproves her mosque story

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Sarah Deniz

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Vanessa Beeley Why have you not reported 7 year old Haider, sniped in the stomach by US protected terrorists, Ahrar Al Sham? Why is this child of no interest to you? Because he does not serve your filthy propaganda campaign. Well here you go, try to read some truth for a change...
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Eva Bartlett Terrorists took over the only chlorine factory in Syria in 2012. You are a typical presstitute lying about what is happening in Syria and your lies are in turn causing the deaths of more innocent Syrians.
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Brian Souter Why did channel 4 arrange an interview with Dr Shaaban on the US bombing Syrian troops, then decide to switch horses and use the time to attack president Assad?
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Angelis Dania Brian Souter That's exactly why. They wanted to do a Samantha Power belligerent manoeuvre and project blame shamelessly.
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Brian Souter doesnt that violate journalistic ethics?
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Rob Halford She isn't a journalist, she is a sharmouta
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Nick Sobkowiak "journalistic ethics" <-- hahahahaha
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Sarah Deniz

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Alan Lonergan Dear Ms. Newman please go back and check the dictionary definition of “journalism” because this is not an example of what “journalism” is about. Your bias is blatant and obvious; you are nothing more than a mouthpiece for the destructive geo-political objectives of NATO and the GCC. Why should Mrs. Shaaban care about the false propaganda in the Western Media? The fact is a majority of Syrian citizens both inside and outside of Syria support their country in the fight against the terror gangs and death squads that are being backed by the UK, US, France, Turkey and the Gulf states. Enough is enough, your propaganda mill is not working people are waking up to what you are doing in the British press and it brings disgrace upon your supposed profession!
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Marlene Oh Cathy Newman, a mercenary of the corporate media, echoing with a megaphone the war propaganda of her paymasters. Not a pinch of decency, peddling the Imperial wars that have devastated so many countries and now is in full force against Syria, causing so much pain and suffering. At the other end of the scale we have Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, a woman of integrity, intelligence; a real patriot who has remained in Syria to support her people.
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Vanessa Beeley You have even managed to twist Dr Shaaban's have zero professional integrity left.
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Ghassan Al-Assad Stop barking from your little studio telling lies to serve your criminal British terrorist regime
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Dee Hunt YOU ARE DESPICABLE Cathy Newman!!! 
Hang your head in shame you British Barbarian - at best, an ignorant arrogant zero integrity parrot, but more likely an amoral Goebellean whore who in a fair world would be hanged alongside the disgusting degenerate 
Blair, Cameron, Hague, Hammond et al mass murdering WAR CRIMINALS.

Cathy Newman - do you know the Syrian UN-civil war was planned in Washington and London pre 0911 ... amongst the list of 7 countries to be destroyed in 5yrs? 
Wars that British barbarian PARASITES living off blood and corpses of other nations are still engaged in - killing mega-MILLIONS, displacing, drowning, DU poisoning into eternity Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, half of Africa in 'hidden' neo-colonial wars, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine - in every war for the past 2 centuries - find degenerate war addicted British with the other Anglo-Zio-NaziNATO savages .... 

If you don't know that 0911 was the precursor to the long planned '7 wars in 5yrs' - do minimum research and let US General Clarke tell you about it in person. 
A few more clicks and you can get French ex F.Minister Dumas to confirm the degenerate British were firming up on those war plans long before AngloZio engineered "peaceful massacres" took place in the so called "rebel revolution". 

If you have an iota of integrity - go do your research on Ghouta gassing false flag ... totally debunked by e.g. 
MIT trajectory studies, 
Carla del Ponte of UN ... fired for telling the truth 
Seymour Hersh in his 'Cherry Picked Intel' & 'Red Lines Rat Lines' series of leaked intel; 
your own Porton Down lab in Wiltshire results showing the sarin did not come from Syrian stock - that your criminal Cameron knew full well but still wanted to go bomb Damascus; 
Turkish court records and ministers statements about YOUR BROTHER IN ARMS proxy IS terrorists having the ingredients for cooking up chemical weapons attack ...
MANY more sources ...

But of course ... you have no integrity nor interest in the truth. 
You are just a war whore spouting off as much poison gas as your proxy terrorists do. 
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Marlene Oh Great!!!
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Sarah Deniz

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Daniel Wirt Cathy Newman, if you had any gonads at all, you would interviewVanessa Beeley...
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Ghassan Al-Assad You wish had a president like our hero president Bashar Al-Assad and an army like the legendary Syrian army
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Vanessa Beeley No response Cathy Newman, just a few self congratulatory tweets. Celebrating your hollow victory over a one of the most eminent and well loved members of the Syrian state. You may like to register that the comments on this thread come from Syrians, journalists who have spent extensive time in Syria. Analysts, researchers and commentators who have followed Syria for decades so please dont further demonstrate your colonialist exceptionalism by trying to dismiss them via snide tweets and ignorant refusal to respond. You are a journalist, you should be horrified that so many are contradicting your narrative and calling you out on your lies. You should at least respond to these accusations. I repeat, you are invited to accompany us to Syria and to meet the people you have insulted and are trying to condemn to further bloodshed and devastation. Would you even listen to them or has your soul been irretrievably sold to the state, the military industrial complex and imperialism?
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Daniel Wirt Cathy Newman, obviously you care more about pleasing your employer and career advancement than you do about actual evidence...
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Brian Souter every time you attack president Assad u empower/radicalise some sunni to off on jihad to syria...n contribute to syrian deaths
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Brian Souter interviewed dr shaaban on the massacre BY US of 80 odd syrian soldiers , but quickly turned to attacking dr shaaban, the same syria army and govt, based on allegations long have u seen the evidece for US ISIS coordinatiom of the attack o deir ezzor? why not investigate that ...
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Brian Souter 'millions have been displaced.....'' 70% of the displaced live in govt areas....not with the'rebels'....and those in turkey blocked from going south by the jihadis
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Janice Kortkamp Boggles the mind...the idiocy of western journalists supporting the terrorist/mercenary proxy forces against the progressive and popular president of Syria. Even after Alex Thompson saw the true nature of the "freedom loving rebels" channel 4 continues...See more
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Brian Souter why is it syrians dont fear pres Assad if he is so brutal?
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Brian Souter US double tapped at Deir Ezzor?

IT SEEMS,US was also 'double tapping'(alqaeda method of maximising kills).... Marcel Sardo ‏@marcelsardo Sep 17
...See more
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Janice Kortkamp Syrian man early in the war telling BBC reporter..."you're not telling the truth".
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Simon Brace Saying that she shows no remorse for all the deaths of her countrymen and women, is pretty low, Cathy. I would say disgraceful, actually. I can tell from here how stressed she is by events, and you didn't exactly help with your leveling of false allega...See more
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Janice Kortkamp NBC "news" team was kidnapped by "rebels" pretended to be Assad's men. When NBC realized the truth shortly after the crew was released...they refused to report it until the NY Times broke the story years later.
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Janice Kortkamp Journalist kidnapped and tortured by his "freedom and democracy rebel" buddies...sees them working for CIA.
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Vanessa Beeley A perfect example of mockingbird journalism.
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Ghassan Al-Assad Stop your lies and Criminalities
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Ghassan Al-Assad Western terrorists regime
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Eva Bartlett You show no remorse for your blatant lies. #Shame.
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Daniel Wirt Cathy Newman, remember the "Iraqi weapons of mass destruction" propaganda? You are falling for the same demonization and false propaganda, this time directed against Syria. It is a dirty war on Syria. If you have any intellectual integrity, read Dr. Tim Anderson's book, The Dirty War on Syria.
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Eva Bartlett "In April 2013, it was reported that Jabhat al-Nusra (formerly known as al-Qaeda) seized Syria's only chlorine factory:

"Jabhat al-Nusra, which the U.S. government classifies as a terrorist organization, seized control of Syria's only chlorine gas
...See more
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Ghassan Al-Assad How much they pay you to lie you ignorant Cathy
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Daniel Wirt Brian Souter: "Channel 4 blonde sets blondes back 100 years..." 555
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Tom Duggan Cathay Newman makes me ashamed to be British ,she is a so called journalist who speaks to terrorists does not meet them ,just talks to them ,she should come and see for herself through her own eyes ,the gas attacks she refers too are a terrorist act ,I...See more
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Matija Lukač Cathy, you are a shameful woman. That was not an interview, it was disgusting attacks. And she said that she doesn't care about false reports. So she answered you. And tell to the people who are your sources from Syria? Al Qaeda and people deeply embedded with that terrorist organization. You represent everything what is wrong in today's journalism. You make me sick.
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Tom Duggan Cathy Newman never seen you in Aleppo nor in Homs nor on the front line at project 1070 or in Damascus or joba and tadmore or any place in Syria ,,,,
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Jo Simister Bouthaina Shaaban, you received us graciously and spoke to us openly and honestly, and I am so sorry you had to endure the ignorance and arrogance of our media. They make me ashamed. We used to have media reporting to be proud of but it has turned into a bear pit. Thank you for holding on with dignity.
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Norma Barakat Cathy Newman what a total sham of an interview. Where is your integrity? Are you not a journalist or simply a media vessel regurgitating propaganda. You are as guilty as your leaders by endorsing them and their actions which aim to destroy a sovereign nation. 
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Simone Rudolphi What a bizarre comment on the interview above Cathy Newman , it shows a total lack of understanding of Syria and the Middle East and in the very least a severe and inexcusable lack of reading wider than the comfortable echo chamber... I wonder if this were British troops attacked if same/similar questions would be asked or seen as acceptable.
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Calling All Rebels The American military murdered at least 60 Syrian soldiers and wounded more than 100 who were on the front line fighting ISIS. 

The Syrian Army is between 178,000 and 220,000 regular soldiers. Added to that it is believed there are another 80,000 to 1
...See more
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Zita Connolly Dr shabban showed true courage when faced with your shameful vitriolic what was put out as am interview. It's disgusting that you try to show any sympathy for the children of Syria, yet your lies repeated daily ensures many more die, you have blood on your hands.
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Hanin Elias you make me speechless with your ignorance and lack of facts Channel 4 news! Come to Syria and compare the life in government held districts and the Wahabi terrorists that you support! Then tell me where you would prefer to live!
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Naseer Ahmad "We dont care about western reports with no basis in reality. I don't care about false reports." Cathy Newman should be ashamed for her false reports.
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Rob Halford I have never seen you before Cathy, but you are no journalist.
Bouthaina showed you for what you are, a lamestream media sharmouta.
This was no interview, this was an interrogation by someone unequipped for the job, meaning you, not her.
...See more
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Hunter Goldberg-elliott Cathy you are a disgusting whore of the government with no utter journalistic credibility..Are you still living in the 80's..Hillary Clintons emails during her time as SOS that have been released under the FOIA show that the US had planned this war yea...See more
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Angie Wright Why not actually go to Syria and speak to people on the ground instead of simply acting as an ignorant mouthpiece for the US/NATO agenda? Whatever happened to impartial investigative journalism? You are a disgrace!
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Olga Krush-White That is exactly why myself and my family stopped watching western mainstream media as it brings nothing but packs of lies! Where are the real journalists?! When and why did they sell their integrity?! When and why did the truth become unimportant to th...See more
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Nicholas Gagatsakis Cathy Newman you filthy, disgusting, despicable woman! The filth that comes out of that mouth of yours is truly sickening to listen to. How many zeros did the cheque you recieved after this interview have? The x-mas bonus your expecting this year court...See more
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Bassil McDonald Hi Cathy Newman, 
Why don't you take Shaaban up on her offer and go to Syria and prove her wrong. You go girl, you can do it!!!
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Des Brittain Who is paying Newman? Who is she working for besides the liars at Channel 4? I used to trust Snow but no longer if he supports this witch.
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Lukasz Slusarski If in this interview there is a person without shame, it is Buthaina Shaaban, who is complicit in Syria's destruction. Her employer's place, and perhaps her, is in the Hague.
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Johannes Meyer We all know that Assad has NEVER used Gas! Only FSA ISIS and Nusra Terrorists have used Gas! The same lie Like in Iraq with the WMD! Assad is a true Hero and the savior of Syrian People! SYRIA BASHAR U BAS!
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Mary Wilkins What a disgusting caricature of a human! Kathy ,you are a scourge on the face of this earth.
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Mabrouk Mahammedi N'est pas journaliste qui veut, Cathy Newman (meaning not anyone can be a journalist)See translation
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Raul Quintanilla Faces we see, hearts we don't. Do you have any shame at all or is the bunch of money you get paid, more than enough to cover it? I wonder what the people around you really thinks of you. Do you have any friends, real friends ? Not the ones you trust, but the ones that trust you.
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Johannes Meyer Cathy is a disgusting human being with no heart and soul! And such a Person is a mother? That poor little Kid!
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Judith Tanner I was disgusted by the tone you took with Bouthaina Shaaban. She is an incredibly intelligent and erudite woman who, like President Assad is Syrian and holds her country and the welfare of her countrymen and women to her heart. Who are you to question...See more
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Boris Naujoks what do you think you are..CATHY a journalist ?? fucking bitch
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Brian Souter i hope cathy is reading the comments and takes on board our criticism oif her approach to interviewing and to events in syria
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Amira Fallouh Shame on you Cathy Newman, the truth about yria is cristal clear you can't hide it.
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Lyn Smith Shame shame shame on you Cathy Newman, you stupid, stupid autocue bunny.
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Nick Sobkowiak Cathy you should be ashamed of yourself. You're not a journalist. You are a propagandist whore
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Paul Dilly Cathy has sold herself out
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Brian Souter currently, as the story of US, brit, australian & danish particiption in the bombing of syrian forces in Deir Ezzor makes its embarrassed way thru the news cycle, another story is being aired parallel...Assad and chlorine gas attacks! (cathy newman at ...See more
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Zulfqar Ali How dare you call yourself a 'journalist'? Shame on you for spreading such dangerous lies!
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Re Shiomi Newman is not a journalist. She is not interested in truth, she parrots official claims and relies on government and other corporate media to inform her view. This is someone who does not understand our leaders lie and the media aid and abet them.
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Lulwa Kasawat My first response to the "Goebbels" of Channel 4, chief NATO interrogator Cathy Newman who, yesterday, grilled Dr Bouthaina Shaaban for 10 minutes, shouted her down and acted with the ignorance and arrogance that comes from being a well paid-up member ...See more
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Brian Souter the fact US Forces DOUBLE TAPPED (bombed once....then bombed the responders) is being ignored
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Barbara McKenzie It is you who, Cathy Newman, who shows no remorse for the millions of Syrians who have been killed or displaced, because of a war perpetrated by Western sponsored terrorists. Although these are some of the most brutal people in the world, the West de...See more
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Reema Hassan Kiassa Cathy Newman damnnnnnnnn she ate you alive! Lolll you got slammed 😂😂😂😂
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Barbara McKenzie Countless allegations against Syria, and Russia, have been disproved: the Ghouta chemical attack, shown to have been carried out by British ally Jaish al Islam, the Assad files, the Zainab al Hoseni scam, the Russian attacks on non-existent hospitals, ...See more
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Barbara McKenzie We all know that NATO stood by and rubbed its hands with glee when ISIS went into Palmyra, doing nothing to stop their advance; we all know that NATO did nothing to stop trade in oil, arms and foreign terrorists through Turkey. Of course Bouthaina Shaaban is right, of course the air cover was deliberate. Changing the subject to brainless accusations about it being 'Assad's war' doesn't hide the truth.
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Eleonora Ilieva Hey Cathy, are you a born idiot or became later ? 
Your ignorance and psevdo journalism only can be compared to the garbage from CNN .
Whatever how many lies your mouth talking, the true will wipe the floor with you.
...See more

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Alma Lucas Cathy, you're disgusting! She has every right to say she doesn't care for western media.
PS what is the difference between a bomb and a barrel bomb
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Александар Перућица Hey, Cathy. What you do is not journalism. It is crime.
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Stephen Hurford What a heartless bitch
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Eleonora Ilieva Syria will survive this brutal war crime against her. One day you will be in the list with the corrupt paid from Murdock and co. . And you will feel the shame fully ...
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Nicholas Saysell hyes shame on channel 4 for reading the script, barrel bombs? are bombs, bullets are bullets, terrorists o sorry moderate rebels using clorine gas>? un inspectors has said so,if mr assad id targeting his people he would not have support of the army, wh...See more
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Maria Alexandre ISISrael , USIS and United NAZIons thank you for your aid Cathy , hope they made it worth your while to sell yourself of
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Brian Souter why is it syrians dont fear pres Assad if he is so brutal? Here he is with martyers children
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Mary Wilkins What a disgusting caricature of a human! Kathy ,you are a scourge on the face of this earth.
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Eli Chabo ASSAD IS OUR HERO!! U LIAR!! * chemical weapons attack * iraq dejavu ? Media has brainwashed all the west... freaking amazing..
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Maria Alexandre waiting for a part on the United NAZIons approval of SaudISIS as human rights council "be" headers , waiting for a part on US and UK arms sales to SaudISIS arabia , waiting for a piece on ISISraeli's illegal bombing of Syria , the ignored UN "resolutio...See more
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