What we must all understand and be clear on about Syria

What we must all understand and be clear on about Syria, something that's hardly ever talked about, but which is very crucial for our understanding of the situation there and the dangers involved, is that the current tension and animosity and even talk of "war" between the US and Russia is not because suddenly Russia decided to be more "assertive" or because of some unidentified economic interest or because of some nationalistic pride to regain past stature and status. Confronting the US is the last thing Russia would want. The mindset among the Russian people isn't like it is with Americans. Russians are deeply and strongly anti-war and weary of another world war.

The reason why Russia has decided enough is enough and drew the line in the sand over Syria and is trying to stop US march towards total and complete domination in Middle East is because it has no choice. Russia's back is truly against the wall. They either stop the US now and in Syria or their turn will soon come, too. They've seen the writing on the wall and know where this is all leading. For them, it's a matter of survival, not "expansion", "assertiveness", ambition for greatness or national pride, but simple survival. Syria is like that last hill, which must be held or the city will fall, the enemy will enter through its gates and it'll go up in flames.

Why is this a matter of survival for Russia? Because after destroying Iraq, Libya and Syria, the US will go after Iran (and the Iranians know it, too). With Middle East completely under their control, replete with numerous military bases and puppet governments and Israel as strong as ever (Obama just signed an aid package for Israel for the next 10 years, worth about $40 billion), and with the plan for surrounding Russia herself with NATO forces, from the Baltic states to Ukraine, going strong and unabated, it would only be a matter of time to attempt regime change in Russia, herself. Russians, of course, see and understand this. That makes the situation more dangerous because it means they can't back off.

And as for the US, they won't back off, either, because backing off for them means backing off their long-running intergenerational and henceforth well executed plan for World domination for their corporations. In a way, the US, too, views continuing their march for world domination their only hope for survival, because for imperialism, stagnation means death; staying alive requires growing capital and profits. They must suck blood out of their victims or they die. They don't know of another way. They're the product of capitalism and capitalism knows no other way. It's like asking a flea or tic or a parasite to change its ways. New markers must be opened up and new sources of cheap natural resources and labor discovered and taken over to keep profits flowing. The end of capital growth is viewed by them as the end of capitalism and the end of their kingdom and way of life, the end of their world as they know it. Even Bernie Sanders knew that, which is why he, too, wouldn't try to change course in US foreign policy - not by a long shot. Capitalism in the US cannot go back to being non-imperialist. Capital cannot be contained within one’s borders. It must be dismantled.

Whether or not we need to overthrow the old system and replace it with totally different values and framework, which won't be based on or driven by profits, exploitation, wars and plunder is no longer academic and a topic for intellectual entertainment and pastime. Overhauling the capitalist system and pulling it out from its roots has now become a matter of life and death.

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