A jihadi fighter has sent his two little daughters to blow themselves up inside a police station for the Syrian government in Damascus last Friday.

A sickening video has been released showing the jihadi fighter, Abu Nimr, who is a former fighter for the al-Qaeda-offshoot Jabhet al-Nusra, instructing his two little daughters to carry out suicide attacks against government-held facilities in the capital.
Another video footage also features the mother giving her daughters a warm good-bye before embarking on the attack.

Islam, 7 years old, and Fatimah, 9 years old, were transported to Al-Midan district in Damascus and asked to infiltrate the police station.

As soon as Fatima was let in after informing the guards that she was lost and needed help, the 7 year-old child detonated her explosive vest, killing herself and wounding three officers.

Her sister, however, was denied access as the guards immediately shut down the area.

Pro-rebel accounts on social media confirmed the identity of the father, who is a prominent commander in the jihadi groups fighting Syrian government in Barzeh neighborhood in northern Damascus.
SOURCE | https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/shocking-video-parents-send-daughters-suicide-attack-syrian-government/