"You know what I am sick of seeing? People attempting to half-heartedly explain terrorism with a simple "Oh well, the #US bombed a lone terrorist and so they snuck over the border into Europe and decided to attack civilians in #London."

Not only is that insulting to me but I'm sure it is insulting to your average worker in the Middle East. People don't just become terrorists overnight, they learn #Wahhabism from its biggest exporter and our biggest ally in the Middle East - #SaudiArabia and then they receive weapons and funding to go off and murder people and the minorities.

They have #NATO turn a blind eye as #Daesh fighters are trained in #Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The terrorists biggest friend is the US and its Western allies (UK / Australia) dollar or pound and the literal arms shipments we give them.

And your average terrorist is not some Muslim angry at the West - your average terrorist is someone who was created by and arguably benefited from the West."

~ Elizabeth Tonn  - 23 March 2017

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