Building Public Support for War

Carlos Martinez:

"If you're swallowing this nonsense about chemical weapons and Assad's (or Putin's) war crimes, that's pretty disappointing. Learn a lesson, for the love of Ganapati. We were lied to about Iraq's WMD. We were lied to about Saddam's troops throwing babies out of incubators. We were lied to about Libyan soldiers preparing a massacre in Benghazi. We were lied to about Gaddafi using rape as a weapon of war, or using "African mercenaries". These weren't innocent mistakes; they were active lies that can have no feasible motivation other than building public support for war.

The news sources spreading all this disinformation are owned by - and represent the interests of - big business. The British, US, French, Australian, Canadian governments, all now acting outraged and threatening sanctions and more, also exclusively represent the interests of big business.

Big business is not neutral in relation to global politics; it has an agenda, based around the continued flow of profits. Assuring profits means controlling resources, controlling people, controlling markets, and removing anything or anyone that gets in your way - for example a Syrian (or Korean, or Venezuelan, or Iranian, or Libyan, or Cuban) state that isn't willing to go along with your plans.

This isn't a wacky conspiracy theory, it's the historically proven nature of imperialism. The brutal coups in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Grenada, Congo, Iran; the wars fought against Vietnam, Korea, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Nicaragua; the wars to maintain colonies in Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Malaya, India; the neverending war against the people of Palestine; the Cold War and the continuing attempts to destabilise the socialist camp; and more: these are not random events of the last 70 years, but elements of a political *system* that has shown us time and time again that there is no lie it will not tell, and no bomb it will not drop, in the pursuit of profit."

11 April 2014

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