The aspirations of a SECULAR SOCIETY

The aspirations of a SECULAR SOCIETY could characterize a society as one which:

1- Refuses to commit itself as a whole to any supernatural views of the nature of the universe, or the role of mankind in it.

2- Is not homogeneous, but is pluralistic.

3- Is very tolerant of religious diversity. It widens the sphere of private decision-making.

4- While every society must have some common aims, which implies there must be agreed upon methods of problem-solving, and a common framework of law; in a secular society these are as limited as possible.

5- Problem solving is approached rationally, through examination of the facts. While the secular society does not set any overall aim, it helps its members realize their shared aims.

6- Is a society without any official images. Nor is there a common ideal type of behavior with universal application.


1- Respect for individuals and the small groups of which they are a part.

2- Equality of all people.

3- Each person should be free to realize their particular excellence.

4- Breaking down of the barriers of class and caste.

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