Stella Matt    |     19 Nov 2017

We are devastated when ONE building is taken by ONE terrorist - imagine EAST SYDNEY was taken by an army of terrorists sponsored in the BILLIONS by a foreign country (if not trillions which is probably a more accurate figure)?

Imagine if all the newspapers around the world didn’t call them terrorists, imagine if they called them ‘rebels’?

Imagine if schools and hospitals were used as headquarters for these ‘rebels’ and every time your army attacked these headquarters every newspaper all around the world said ‘they just blew up the last hospital, we need to support the rebels’

Imagine if they went to the electricity substation and water pumping station in your area and just turned it off... for years... dismantled the substation and sold it to another country and then wired the entire pumping station with explosives.

Imagine all the people around the world sending money to help ‘save you from your government’ and that money was used to feed and arm the ‘rebels’ and if you wanted a packet of flour you had to pay $200 for it even though you haven’t worked in 4 years because you were trapped in a city that was under ‘rebel’ control?

Imagine seeing your friend beg the ‘rebels’ for food because she was hungry and seeing them feed her a gunshot in her mouth?

Imagine if the ‘rebels’ took all the children in your neighbourhood, killed them, tossed them into a building, hit the building with a bomb, filmed it and said ‘the government just bombed a school and killed the children inside, we must help the ‘rebels’.

Imagine if your army was only kilometres away fighting to get to you but the UN called for a ceasefire every time they came close? Imagine the terrorists/rebels abiding by a ceasefire (yeah right!)?

Imagine if the main road to your city was a corridor that you could exit to get to your army, except the price the ‘rebels’ were asking per person was in the thousands and ‘rebel’ snipers would most likely bomb or shoot you as you tried to exit anyway.

Imagine if after 4 years of hell your government and army saved you? Freed you! Fed you! and you tuned in to see the world news and found the world was calling your liberation a ‘humanitarian disaster’?

Imagine your city being on the news constantly for 4 years rallying support for the ‘rebels’ but after you were actually freed the TV didn’t show your town ever again? The world never heard the truth about what you suffered for 4 years, never spoke about the heroic army that saved you? Just left it at ‘humanitarian disaster’... yet now you have your family back, your home, your freedom...

Imagine knowing this could have been over in a month rather than years if the people of the world knew the truth...

This is East Aleppo liberated by their government and army in December 2016. 200,000 people were saved on one day in December alone (not counting the hundreds of thousands saved over 4 years along the way).

Video footage exists to prove ALL OF THIS. Our TV and newspapers prove the rest.

I invite you all to post one link, one image or one testimony below ­čÖĆ­čĆ╝❤️


1) East Aleppo Diaries: Testimony from Hanano Shatters Corporate Fake News

2) Liberation of East Aleppo: Testimonies from Hanano .

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