Turkey 15 July 2016 Coup: Torture and Murder on the streets

#Turkey #Coup Torture and Murder on the streets (Warning 18+)

[Warning 18+ Distressing Photos] #Turkey #CoupAttempt#Erdogan's radical mob beat, torture and murder (lynched) soldiers who -had to- take part in the failed coup. Those young soldiers were conscripts who were doing their compulsory military service, and were -mostly- already surrendered their weapons and were no longer a threat. They said that they were unaware of what was happening and were just told that they were part of 'an exercise' by their superiors.. (and there is no doubt that this is true)

I felt the need to collect and share those photos to expose the nature of this mob and make sure the crimes of - at least some- stay recorded and not forgotten... This is without ignoring the fact that the coup-attempt caused numerous innocents' (police and civilians) deaths. I condemn this in the strongest possible terms too. However, I won't include them here, because the deaths caused by the coup distributed and shown widely both locally in Turkey and overseas, however those ones here were mostly censored. Hence I feel the need to resurface them and prevent the cover-up. Because, however wrong was the violence borne by the coup, this lynching and torture committed by the opposition was terribly wrong too. And bear in mind these photos shows only a fraction of the violence took place on that night.

Apologies for any distress these photos may cause.

Note: Please read these articles on the links below which will help in making sense of what's going on and put it into a context -

Note: Please don't use this album to spread your Islamophobia, or racial hatred. These photos don't prove anything about any religion or race. They just prove how violent the radicals can be, and how bad and wrong is to politicise a religion, as Turkey's Erdogan did.
Also we should note the rise of the Islamist radicalisation in Turkey, under Erdogan's AKP government watch, and protection -
Erdogan has always expressed that he wanted to see “the growth of a religious generation”, which would replace long-standing secular domination in Turkey. His foreign policy since the Arab Spring in 2011 has been to support the largely Sunni Arab uprising in Syria in alliance with Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This strategy included tolerance for extreme Islamist jihadi movements such as ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham, enabling them to establish networks of support inside Turkey.

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