Land Day Protests

2 April 2018

Tens of thousands of Gazans walked toward the heavily fortified “border” with Israel on Friday in a peaceful protest and to commemorate Land Day. Israeli soldiers, acting on orders given in advance by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to fire at will, opened fire with live ammunition on unarmed and peaceful protesters, who were behind a heavily guarded fence, impossible for them to penetrate, and according to the United Nations, killed 15, wounding 1,416, with 20 in critical condition.

This cowardly and criminal act is not a sign of strength for Israel, but a sign of weakness. It’s an act by a state that sees no future for itself. It’s a sign that Palestinians are winning the war, despite getting killed every single day.

This comes at the heels of continuing successes by the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement and increasing consciousness by the people of the world of the ongoing genocide.

This was an act of desperation - the act of a viscous and inhuman state that’s afraid to lose its grip. This crime against humanity, which was the continuation of endless and numerous other crimes against the Palestinian people, which the US media, both conservative and liberal, completely ignored and kept completely silent about, was the epitome of cowardice and viciousness.

Incidentally, imagine how the reaction on US media would have been had the Palestinians killed and wounded as many Israelis. And this is not to mention that Palestinians would be in the right to kill as many and even more Israelis.

The people of Gaza are refugees, driven from their homes and kept there by force, and their land and homes were stolen from them,.against international laws and in violation of not only Geneva Conversation, but also several United Nations resolutions. Palestinians therefore have a natural and internationally recognized right to resist with all means necessary, including with arms against Israeli occupation troops and Jewish settlers. And yet, these Palestinians were unarmed and protesting peacefully.

Opening fire on and killing them for peacefully protesting the crimes against them - the land grabs, the massacres, the dispositions, the incarceration, the torture, the home demolitions, the bombings, the checkpoints, the denial of basic necessities including water and electricity and the border closures and imprisoning of the entire population and for starving them, for continuing all this for 70 years with no end in site - only confirms the illegitimacy of the Zionist entity occupying Palestine and the legitimacy of the Palestinian resistance.

A state built on discrimination, apartheid and ethnic cleansing will, by nature and by its genocidal “necessity”, commit acts of genocide for as long as it’s allowed to exist. And exist it does thanks to the criminal gangsters led by the US and its European allies.

At some point, the slogan needs to evolve from Death to Israel and also include Death to the United States of America!

by Sako Sefiani

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