For My Students, If I Could ~ by June Terpstra

I would I give you my hunger for knowledge to replace with your comfortable skepticism and discontent.

I would give you my lust for life to replace with your worry about survival.

I would give you my curiosity to see what you do and how you do it to replace with your fear that you are not good enough.

I would give you my commitment to see what they do and how they do it so you are no longer manipulated and controlled.

I would give you my excitement to see how stuff works so we can deconstruct the oppressive and construct the liberated.

I would shower you with inspiration for each and every day so you may resist despair and depression.

I would give you my vision of the people united so you may move from your petty jealousies and distractions to delight and attraction.

I would give you my acceptance that it will take as long as it takes but it could take a minute, an hour or a day if we so desire it to be.

I would manifest millions of conscious, present, deliberate, informed, well-educated activists for liberation and self-determination who would be you.

I would give you my faith in the people for they are you.

by June Terpstra

30 May 2018

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