Unknown Snipers and Western backed “Regime Change”

A Historical Review and Analysis

Unknown snipers played a pivotal role throughout the so-called “Arab Spring Revolutions” yet, in spite of reports of their presence in the mainstream media, surprisingly little attention has been paid to to their purpose and role.

The Russian investigative journalist, Nikolay Starikov, has written a book which discusses the role of unknown snipers in the destabilization of countries targeted for regime change by the United States and its allies.

The following article attempts to elucidate some historical examples of this technique with a view to providing a background within which to understand the current covert war on the people of Syria by death squads in the service of Western intelligence.

Romania, 1989

In Susanne Brandstätter’s documentary ‘Checkmate - Strategy of a Revolution’ aired on Arte television station some years ago, Western intelligence officials revealed how death squads were used to destabilize Romania and turn its people against the head of state Nicolai Ceaucescu.

Brandstätter’s film is a must see for anyone interested in how Western intelligence agencies, human rights groups and the corporate press collude in the systematic destruction of countries whose leadership conflicts with the interests of big capital and empire.

Former secret agent with the French secret service, the DGSE (La Direction générale de la sécurité extérieureDominique Fonvielle, spoke candidly about the role of Western intelligence operatives in destabilizing the Romanian population.

How do you organize a revolution? I believe the first step is to locate oppositional forces in a given country. It is sufficient to have a highly developed intelligence service in order to determine which people are credible enough to have influence at their hands to destabilize the people to the disadvantage of the ruling regime.

This open and rare admission of Western sponsorship of terrorism was justified on the grounds of the “greater good” brought to Romania by free-market capitalism. It was necessary, according to the strategists of Romania’s “revolution”, for some people to die.

Today, Romania remains one of the poorest countries in Europe. A report on Euractiv reads:

Most Romanians associate the last two decades with a continuous process of impoverishment and deteriorating living standards, according to Romania’s Life Quality Research Institute, quoted by the Financiarul daily.

The western intelligence officials interviewed in the documentary also revealed how the Western press played a central role in disinformation. For example, the victims of Western-backed snipers were photographed and presented to the world as evidence of a crazed dictator who was “killing his own people”.

To this day, there is a Museum in the back streets of Timisoara Romania which promotes the myth of the “Romanian Revolution”. The Arte documentary was one of the rare occasions when the mainstream press revealed some of the dark secrets of Western liberal democracy. The documentary caused a scandal when it was aired in France, with the prestigious Le Monde Diplomatique discussing the moral dilemma of the West’s support of terror in its desire to spread ‘democracy’.

Since the destruction of Libya and the ongoing cover war on Syria, Le Monde Diplomatique has stood safely on the side of political correctitude, condemning Bashar Al Assad for the crimes of the DGSE and the CIA. In its current edition, the front page article reads: Ou est la gauche? Where is the left? Certainly not in the pages of Le Monde Diplomatique!

Russia, 1993

During Boris Yeltsin’s counter-revolution in Russia in 1993, when the Russian parliament was bombed resulting in the deaths of thousands of people, Yeltsin’s counter-revolutionaries made extensive use of snipers. According to many eye witness reports, snipers were seen shooting civilians from the building opposite the US embassy in Moscow. The snipers were attributed to the Soviet government by the international media.

Venezuela, 2002

In 2002, the CIA attempted to overthrow Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, in a military coup. On the 11th of April 2002, an opposition march towards the presidential palace was organized by the US-backed Venezuelan opposition. Snipers hidden in buildings near the palace opened fire on protestors killing 18. The Venezuelan and international media claimed that Chavez was “killing his own people” thereby justifying the military coup presented as a humanitarian intervention. It was subsequently proved the coup had been organized by the CIA but the identity of the snipers was never established.

Thailand, April 2010

On April 12th 2010, Christian Science Monitor published a detailed report of the riots in Thailand between “red-shirt” activists and the Thai government. The article headline read: ‘Thailand’s red shirt protests darken with unknown snipers, parade of coffins’.

Like their counterparts in Tunisia, Thailand’s red shirts were calling for the resignation of the Thai prime minister. While a heavy-handed response by the Thai security forces to the protestors was indicated in the report, the government’s version of events was also reported:

Mr. Abhisit has used solemn televised addresses to tell his story. He has blamed rogue gunmen, or “terrorists,” for the intense violence (at least 21 people died and 800 were injured) and emphasized the need for a full investigation into the killings of both soldiers and protesters. State television has broadcast repeated images of soldiers coming under fire from bullets and explosives.

The CSM report went on to quote Thai military officials and unnamed Western diplomats:

Military observers say Thai troops stumbled into a trap set by agents provocateurs with military expertise. By pinning down soldiers after dark and sparking chaotic battles with unarmed protesters, the unknown gunmen ensured heavy casualties on both sides.

Some were caught on camera and seen by reporters, including this one. Snipers targeted military ground commanders, indicating a degree of advance planning and knowledge of Army movements, say Western diplomats briefed by Thai officials. While leaders of the demonstrations have disowned the use of firearms and say their struggle is nonviolent, it is unclear whether radicals in the movement knew of the trap.
“You can’t claim to be a peaceful political movement and have an arsenal of weapons out the back if needed. You can’t have it both ways,” says a Western diplomat in regular contact with protest leaders.

The CSM article also explores the possibility that the snipers could be rogue elements in the Thai military, agents provocateur used to justify a crack down on democratic opposition. Thailand’s ruling elite is currently coming under pressure from a George Soros funded colour revolution hysteria called the Red Shirts.

Kyrgystan, June 2010

Ethnic violence broke out in the Central Asian republic of Kirgystan in June 2010. It was widely reported that unknown snipers opened fire on members of the Uzbek minority in Kyrgystan. reports:

In many Uzbek mahallas, inhabitants offer convincing testimony of gunmen targeting their neighborhoods from vantage points. Men barricaded into the Arygali Niyazov neighborhood, for example, testified to seeing gunmen on the upper floors of a nearby medical institute hostel with a view over the district’s narrow streets. They said that during the height of the violence these gunmen were covering attackers and looters, assaulting their area with sniper fire. Men in other Uzbek neighborhoods tell similar stories.

Among the rumours and unconfirmed reports circulating in Kyrgyzstan after the 2010 violence were claims that water supplies to Uzbek areas were about to be poisoned. Such rumours had also been spread against the Ceaucescu regime in Romania during the CIA- backed coup in 1989. goes on to claim that:

Many people are convinced that they’ve seen foreign mercenaries acting as snipers. These alleged foreign combatants are distinguished by their appearance – inhabitants report seeing black snipers and tall, blonde, female snipers from the Baltic states. The idea that English snipers have been roaming the streets of Osh shooting at Uzbeks is also popular. There’ve been no independent corroborations of such sightings by foreign journalists or representatives of international organizations.

None of these reports have been independently investigated or corroborated. It is therefore impossible to draw any hard conclusions from these stories.

Ethnic violence against Uzbek citizens in Kyrgyzstan occurred pari pasu with a popular revolt against the US-backed regime, which many analysts have attributed to the machinations of Moscow.

The Bakiyev régime came to power in a CIA-backed people-power coup known to the world as the Tulip Revolution in 2005.

Located to the West of China and bordering Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan hosts one of America’s biggest and most important military bases in Central Asia, the Manas Air Base, which is vital for the NATO occupation of neighbouring Afghanistan.

Despite initial worries,US/Kyrgyz relations have remained good under the regime of President Roza Otunbayeva. This is not surprising as Otunbayeva had previously participated in the US-created Tulip Revolution in 2004, taking power as foreign minister.

To date no proper investigation has been conducted into the origins of the ethnic violence that spread throughout the south of Kyryzstan in 2010, nor have the marauding gangs of unknown snipers been identified and apprehended.

Given the geo-strategic and geo-political importance of Kyrgyzstan to both the United States and Russia, and the formers track-record of using death squads to divide and weaken countries so as to maintain US domination, US involvement in the dissemination of terrorism in Kyrgyzstan cannot be ruled out. One effective way of maintaining a grip on Central Asian countries would be to exacerbate ethnic tensions.

In August 6th 2008, the Russian newspaper Kommersa`nt reported that a US arms cache had been found in a house in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek, which was being rented by two American citizens. The US embassy claimed the arms were being used for “anti-terrorism” exercises. However, this was not confirmed by Kyrgyz authorities.

Covert US military support to terrorist groups in the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia proved to be an effective strategy in creating the conditions for “humanitarian” bombing in 1999. An effective means of keeping the government in Bishkek firmly on America’s side would be to insist on a US and European presence in the country to help “protect” the Uzbek minority.

Military intervention similar to that in the former Yugoslavia by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe has already been advocated by theNew York Times, whose misleading article on the riots on June 24th 2010 has the headline “Kyrgyzstan asks European Security Body for Police Teams”. The article is misleading as the headline contradicts the actual report which cites a Kyrgyz official stating:

A government spokesman said officials had discussed an outside police presence with the O.S.C.E., but said he could not confirm that a request for a deployment had been made.

There is no evidence in the article of any request by the Kyrgyz government for military intervention. In fact, the article presents much evidence to the contrary. However, before the reader has a chance to read the explanation of the Kyrgyz government, the New York Times writer presents the now all too horribly familiar narrative of oppressed peoples begging the West to come and bomb or occupy their country:

Ethnic Uzbeks in the south have clamored for international intervention. Many Uzbeks said they were attacked in their neighborhoods not only by civilian mobs, but also by the Kyrgyz military and police officers.

Only towards the end of the article do we find out that the Kyrgyz authorities blamed the US-backed dictator for fomenting ethnic violence in the country, through the use of Islamic jihadists in Uzbekistan. This policy of using ethnic tension to create an environment of fear in order to prop up an extremely unpopular dictatorship, the policy of using Islamic Jihadism as a political tool to create what former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Bzrezinski called “ an arc of crisis”, ties in well with the history of US involvement in Central Asia from the creation of Al Qaida in Afghanistan in 1978 to the present day.

Again, the question persists, who were the “unknown snipers” terrorizing the Uzbek population, where did their weapons come from and who would benefit from ethnic conflict in Central Asia’s geopolitical hotspot?

Tunisia, January 2011

On January 16th 2011, CNN reported that ‘’armed gangs’’ were fighting Tunisian security forces. Many of the murders committed throughout the Tunisian uprising were by “unknown snipers”. There were also videos posted on the internet showing Swedish nationals detained by Tunisian security forces. The men were clearly armed with sniper rifles. Russia Today aired the dramatic pictures.

In spite of articles by professor Michel Chossudovsky, William Engdahl and others showing how the uprisings in North Africa were following the patterns of US backed people-power coups rather than genuinely popular revolutions, left wing parties and organizations continued to believe the version of events presented to them by Al Jazeera and the mainstream press. Had the left taken a page from old Lenin’s book they would have transposed his comments on the February/March revolution in Russia thus:

The whole course of events in the January/February Revolution clearly shows that the British, French and American embassies, with their agents and “connections”,… directly organized a plot.. in conjunction with a section of the generals and army and Tunisian garrison officers, with the express object of deposing Ben Ali

What the left did not understand is that sometimes it is necessary for imperialism to overthrow some of its clients. A suitable successor to Ben Ali could always be found among the feudalists of the Muslim Brotherhood who now look likely to take power.

In their revolutionary sloganeering and arrogant insistence that the events in Tunisia and Egypt were “spontaneous and popular uprisings” they committed what Lenin identified as the most dangerous sins in a revolution; namely, the substitution of the abstract for the concrete. In other words, left wing groups were simply fooled by the sophistication of the Western backed “Arab Spring” events.

That is why the violence of the demonstrators and, in particular, the widespread use of snipers possibly linked to Western intelligence was the great unthought of the Tunisian uprising. The same techniques would be used in Libya a few weeks later, forcing the left to back track and modifiy its initial enthusiasm for the CIA’s “Arab Spring”.

When we are talking about the” left” here, we are referring to genuine left wing parties, that is to say, parties who supported the Great People’s Socialist Libyan Arab Jamahirya in their long and brave fight against Western imperialism, not the infantile petty bourgeois dupes who supported NATO’s Benghazi terrorists. The blatant idiocy of such a stance should be crystal clear to anyone who understands global politics and class struggle.

Egypt, 2011

On October 20th 2011, the Telegraph newspaper published an article entitled, “Our brother died for a better Egypt”. According to the Telegraph, Mina Daniel, an anti-government activist in Cairo, had been ‘shot from an unknown sniper, wounding him fatally in the chest”

Inexplicably, the article is no longer available on the Telegraph’s website for online perusal. But a google search for ‘Egypt, unknown sniper, Telegraph’ clearly shows the above quoted explanation for Mina Daniel’s death. So, who could these “unknown snipers’’ be?

On February 6th Al Jazeera reported that Egyptian journalist, Ahmad Mahmoud, was shot by snipers as he attempted to cover clashes between Egyptian security forces and protestors. Referring to statements made by Mahmoud’s wife, Enas Abdel-Alim, the Al Jazeera article insinuates that Mahmoud may have been killed by Egyptian security forces:

Abdel-Alim said several eyewitnesses told her a uniformed police captain with Egypt’s notorious Central Security forces yelled at her husband to stop filming. Before Mahmoud even had a chance to react, she said, a sniper shot him.

While the Al Jazeera article advances the theory that the snipers were agents of the Mubarak regime, their role in the uprising still remains a mystery. Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based television stations owned by the Emir Hamid Bin Khalifa Al Thani, played a key role in provoking protests in Tunisia and Egypt before launching a campaign of unmitigated pro-NATO war propaganda and lies during the destruction of Libya.

The Qatari channel has been a central participant in the current covert war waged by NATO agencies and their clients against the Republic of Syria. Al Jazeera’s incessant disinformation against Libya and Syria resulted in the resignation of several prominent journalists such as Beirut station chief Ghassan Bin Jeddo and senior Al Jazeera executive Wadah Khanfar who was forced to resign after a Wikileaks cable revealed he was a co-operating with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Many people were killed during the US-backed colour revolution in Egypt. Although, the killings have been attributed to former US semi-client Hosni Mubarak, the involvement of Western intelligence cannot be ruled out. However, it should be pointed out that the role of unknown snipers in mass demonstrations remains complex and multi-faceted and therefore one should not jump to conclusions. For example, after the Bloody Sunday massacre (Domhnach na Fola) in Derry, Ireland 1972, where peaceful demonstrators were shot dead by the British army, British officials claimed that they had come under fire from snipers. But the 30 year long Bloody Sunday inquiry subsequently proved this to be false. But the question persists once more, who were the snipers in Egypt and whose purposes did they serve?

Libya, 2011

During the destabilization of Libya, a video was aired by Al Jazeera purporting to show peaceful “pro-democracy” demonstrators being fired upon by “Gaddafi’s forces”. The video was edited to convince the viewer that anti-Gaddafi demonstrators were being murdered by the security forces. However, the unedited version of the video is available on Youtube. It clearly shows pro-Gaddafi demonstrators with Green flags being fired upon by unknown snipers. The attribution of NATO-linked crimes to the security forces of the Libyan Jamahirya was a constant feature of the brutal media war waged against the Libyan people.

Syria, 2011

The people of Syria have been beset by death squads and snipers since the outbreak of violence there in March. Hundreds of Syrian soldiers and security personnel have been murdered, tortured and mutilated by Salafist and Muslim Brotherhood militants. Yet the international media corporations continue to spread the pathetic lie that the deaths are the result of Bashar Al Assad’s dictatorship.

When I visited Syria in April of this year, I personally encountered merchants and citizens in Hama who told me they had seen armed terrorists roaming the streets of that once peaceful city, terrorizing the neighbourhood. I recall speaking to a fruit seller in the city of Hama who spoke about the horror he had witnessed that day. As he described the scenes of violence to me, my attention was arrested by a newspaper headline in English from the Washington Post shown on Syrian television: “CIA backs Syrian opposition”. The Central Intelligence Agency provides training and funding for groups who do the bidding of US imperialist interests. The history of the CIA shows that backing opposition forces means providing them with arms and finance, actions illegal under international law.

A few days later, while at a hostel in the ancient, cultured city of Aleppo, I spoke to a Syrian business man and his family. The business man ran many hotels in the city and was pro-Assad. He told me that he used to watch Al Jazeera television but now had doubts about their honesty. As we conversed, the Al Jazeera television in the background showed scenes of Syrian soldiers beating and torturing protestors. “ Now if that is true, it is simply unacceptable” he said. It is sometimes impossible to verify whether the images shown on television are true or not. Many of the crimes attributed to the Syrian army have been committed by the armed gangs, such as the dumping of mutilated bodies into the river in Hama, presented to the world as more proof of the crimes of the Assad regime.

There is a minority of innocent opponents of the Assad regime who believe everything they see and hear on Al Jazeera and the other pro-Western satellite stations. These people simply do not understand the intricacies of international politics.

But the facts on the ground show that most people in Syria support the government. Syrians have access to all internet websites and international TV channels. They can watch BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, read theNew York Times online or Le Monde before tuning into their own state media. In this respect, many Syrians are more informed about international politics than the average European or American. Most Europeans and Americans believe their own media. Few are capable of reading the Syrian press in original Arabic or watching Syrian television. The Western powers are the masters of discourse, who own the means of communication. The Arab Spring has been the most horrifying example of the wanton abuse of this power.

Disinformation is effective in sowing the seeds of doubt among those who are seduced by Western propaganda. Syrian state media has disproved hundreds of Al Jazeera lies since the beginning of this conflict. Yet the western media has refused to even report the Syrian government’s position lest fair coverage of the other side of this story encourage a modicum of critical thought in the public mind.


The use of mercenaries, death squads and snipers by Western intelligence agencies is well documented. No rational government attempting to stay in power would resort to unknown snipers to intimidate its opponents. Shooting at innocent protestors would be counterproductive in the face of unmitigated pressure from Western governments determined to install a client regime in Damascus. Shooting of unarmed protestors is only acceptable in dictatorships that enjoy the unconditional support of Western governments such as Bahrain, Honduras or Colombia.

A government which is so massively supported by the population of Syria would not sabotage its own survival by setting snipers against the protests of a small minority.

The opposition to the Syrian regime is, in fact, miniscule. Tear gas, mass arrests and other non lethal methods would be perfectly sufficient for a government wishing to control unarmed demonstrators.

Snipers are used to create terror, fear and anti-regime propaganda. They are an integral feature of Western sponsored regime change. If one were to make a serious criticism of the Syrian government over the past few months, it is that they have failed to implement effective anti-terrorism measures in the country. The Syrian people want troops on the streets and the roofs of public buildings. In the weeks and months ahead, the Syrian armed forces will probably rely more and more on their Russian military specialists to strengthen the country’s defenses as the Western crusade begun in Libya in March spreads to the Levant. There is no conclusive proof that the snipers murdering men, women and children in Syria are the agents of Western imperialism. But there is overwhelming proof that Western imperialism is attempting to destroy the Syrian state. As in Libya, they have never once mentioned the possibility of negotiations between the so-called opposition and the Syrian government. The West wants regime change and is determined to repeat the slaughter in Libya to achieve this geopolitical objective.

It now looks likely that the cradle of civilization and science will be overrun by semi-literate barbarians as the terminal decline of the West plays itself out in the deserts of the East.

By Gearóid Ó Colmáin
01/ Dec /11

This article is fully taken from

Beatings, threats and purging Al Jazeera - Brussels

PRESS RELEASE. According to reliable sources, an official of Al Jazeera based in Brussels beaten, threatened and fired a reporter who wanted to thwart a media manipulation made by Al Jazeera about Syria.

According to reliable sources, an official of Al Jazeera based in Brussels beaten, threatened and fired a reporter who wanted to thwart a media manipulation made by Al Jazeera about Syria.

The victim (which we will not mention for now the name for security reasons) suffered the abuse on the premises of the writing of the Qatari Brussels under the eyes of a secretary of the news agency. The victim also suffered threats and pressure not to keep the matter quiet. This serious event confirms what we said about Al Jazeera: since the beginning of the "Arab spring", the chain has become the instrument pan-Islamist anti-Syrian propaganda controlled by the dictatorship monarchy, theocratic slavery, pro-Western and accomplice of Israel what the emirate of Qatar. It will be recalled that last April, Ghassan Ben Jeddo resigned in the chain because of lies it broadcast particularly with regard to Syria. In addition, last September, the controversial CEO of the chain, Mr. Wadah Khanfar, was replaced by the Emir of Qatar in person, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem Al-Thani, while Sheikh Youssef Al Qaradawi known for its fundamentalism became the mentor. These alterations appear to be related to the new editorial line of Al Jazeera now aligned with U.S. foreign policy in the region. Al-Jazeera, with its army of propagandists, and the State of Qatar, with its 5,000 commandos, were actively involved in the destruction of Libya's sovereign. Now it is Syria that is in their sights. All this confirms the suspicion expressed at the outset by our collective Investig'Action ( ): the events in Syria suffer a staging manipulative well demonstrated by Bahar in his book Kimyongür Syriana, the conquest continuesjust been published by Investig'action and Color Books. Our position on Syria was little understood at first. But events show increasing the extent of media lies made ​​against this country. It is therefore everyone's responsibility to check these media lies that may have serious consequences on the ground.

December 12, 2011


The "Blue Jasmine" .. Full secrets ... (appendix 4)

World government "Club Bilderberg" drew the Blue Jasmine plans..

Many still talk about the Freemasonry, although any Masonic in this decade, does not equal the price of a document leaked to Wikileaks to destroy his future, or a colored uprising to change his regime.. we can say, that the Club Bilderberg is the real leader of the world, specially after the collapse of the Soviet union, when Freemasonry became a secondary movement for the world's tyrants, and ofcourse, most of the readers heard of what is called "The World Government".. so what is the "World Government" that its name began to show to the world since two years now, which drew the Blue Jasmine plans starting from the assassination of "Rafiq Al Hariri" to the attempt to divide Syria which failed recently as we talked about, and what is the "Club Bilderberg" which Fidel Castro talked about and many other media people and journalists?

A glimpse on "Club Bilderberg "

Talking about the "Club Bilderberg " is important, to understand many points about the Blue Jasmine and the Arab Spring, as it is the actual leader of the world, not responsible to any people, cannot be judged, and protects its members, like "George W.Bush" who was not charged with the crimes in Iraq.. The "Back Stage" government is the one that dragged France and Germany to enter the US project, so they could have the same outcomes from the EU countries, without the existence of the EU and without the fear of uniting the poor and laborers... Yes, this is the policy of the Club Bilderberg which is not responsible against any people, and perhaps the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations are the first true demonstrations against the world's true tyrants... against the Bilderberg Club. 

Before going in details of the Club Bilderberg , we will discuss some information which many people might not have the chance to know of, which are questions about many explosions, such as: the attack on Oklahoma by a bomb explosion, in which the American Far-right were accused of .. the attack on Bali, in which the Islamic terrorists were accused of... The assassination of Rafiq Al Hariri, in which Syria was accused of and later Hizbulla... the attack on the fourth station of the Barajas airport, in which the ETA terrorist organization was accused of... up to attacking the Yazidi Kurds in Iraq and killing 550 people of them.. Al Qaida organization admitted the crime, defending a Muslim girl who's identity is not know till now.

These bombings left many questions written by the writer "Daniel Estulin" and sent to the Cuban president  "Fidel Castro" who published part of it in three chapters in the Cuban journals... and according to what the Cuban president published, and in the last chapter of the "Club Bilderberg" book, about some of the questions left by some of the big explosions, and specially the Oklahoma explosion,Bali explosion and Hariri assassination, as the writer of the Club Bilderberg book see that there are considerable discrepancies in these incidents:

1- Car bombs do not open a volcanic hole in the ground, while this hole only form due to explosions that explode inside the ground (watch the picture below).

2- Using traditional explosions do not lead to burning cars around the explosion place.

3- Traditional explosions do not cause burns to the victims - which is a feature known for the nuclear explosions - as these burns are coming from Thermal Radiation, examples to that, the burns of "Basel Flehan" from the Hariri convoy.

4- Traditional explosions do not lead to Electromagnetic Pulses (EMPs) which are able to calcify the circulation printed cards of the computer devices present around the explosion place.

5- How could a steel-made watch melt on the hand of Hariri, while his shirt did not entirely burn? and while his body had sever burns!! ... here lies the secret which proves that the temperature of the explosion was very high during parts of a second, lead to melting the steel-made watch which absorbed the heat and the fabric which was not directly under heat.. did not burn?

6- The amount of damages had the advantage of the marks caused by at least 10 bombs like the ones used by the aviation recently, each of them weigh 10 tons, or which is caused by a "tiny nuclear bomb" programmed to explode in it own power, which means 0.1 kilo tons, therefore talking about 100 tons of TNT... so now.. is it possible that a small truck to carry 100 tons of explosives, while its payload is not more than 2 tons?

7- Why was there Uranium radiations on the bodies of the Hariri convoy victims? as the French journalist "Thierry Meyssan" reported the presence of radiation marks over "Basel Flehan" body, assuring that the explosions happened using a missile carrying Uranium, therefore, he reached the same results which Daniel Estulin talked about, that exposed the Bilderberg Club.

Ofcourse, the answer to these questions, that these bombs are only owned by countries like Russia, USA and some advanced countries, which are tiny nuclear bombs, that generate massive heat during parts of a second, and able perform an explosion that needs 100 tons of TNT, and could be present in a missile that is not more than 60CM long, and all the previous explosions that we mentioned, had been done by the Bilderberg Club... each explosion had a political aim, for example, the Oklahoma explosion was a reason to issue the law on fighting terrorism which turned into the "Homeland Security Act"  after the September 11 attacks, and stripped the US citizens from all their constitutional rights, in preparation for George W.Bush wars.. but is it possible that any government could execute such explosions and not fear the scandal..!?

Before talking about the Club Bilderberg , we leave you an image that illustrate what was written in the "Club Bilderberg" book, when "March 14" movement hawks in Lebanon tried to talk about an inland explosion as they were told to, but filming the crime scene "LIVE" proved that the explosion was done from above the ground, which was proved by the fragments which was directed from above to down... it is enough for the reader to see the hole and ask himself, how could a car bomb make this hole.. !??

The Club Bilderberg story..?

After mentioning some of what was written in the "Club Bilderberg" book about the crimes committed by them, which are a lot, and mentioning some of the explosions, also there are many drug mafias run by this club... so we have to get to know this club which is named the "World Government"... So what is the story of "Club Bilderberg "??

The Club Bilderberg: is a world government, but it is not responsible against any people, and can change their presidents any hour they want, and if necessary, each week they could have a president, but they are the true leaders of the world behind the scenes, and they do not get changed... they can place a man like "Obama" which a Muslim background for their own reasons, and they can remove him in any minute ... Washington could be in Kosovo defending Muslims, and in Afghanistan fighting the fascist Islam according to Bush.. the club could run the world's biggest drug dealing business, specially in Afghanistan and Kosovo, and no one will ask them why... yes, the Club Bilderberg almost conquered the world, only if not have fell in Lebanon and then in Syria, and it almost changed 80% of the world population into homeless belligerents living on crumbs, as mentioned by the globalizationtheorists of the Bilderberg Club philosophers.

It is enough to control the economy and the media in order to rule a country and change its presidents any hour you want, or impose a new culture and change habits, and be able to direct the people to any place you want, so if you feel the danger over Husney Mubarak's regime, and want in the same time to encourage the Takfiri gangs against Algeria, specially by the Egyptians.. all you need to do is create the problems of the football fans so that the sport dispute could become a political case between Egypt and Algeria!!.. as the football events between Algeria and Egypt are one of the models of the Club Bilderberg work, as Egypt was on the brink of a real revolution, and Husney Mubarak started neglecting his commitments with Washington fearing of what's coming next, so there was the decision of removing him, and the football problems between Alger and Egypt are only another model of operations done by the Club Bilderberg to direct the public opinion, and stirring the Egyptian street to perform a military coup is only another model of the Club Bilderberg to get rid of Husney Mubarak's regime... But, as for the Club Bilderberg operations, they are not new, and from history, we can read their work as mentioned in the Club Bilderberg's history book, as for example, when the US civil Rights movementwas in its peak, the country was under a hard shock and starting to recover from the savage assassination of president JFK, and in the capitol's streets, was the civil rights movement, lead byDr.Martin Luther King..

The "Beatles" reached the USA in February 1964, and with the help of all kinds of drugs, Marijuana first, and then Lyser acid (LSD) which is a very effective seductive that changes the state of recognition (used in Syria later) , there was in the USA a new culture, new outfits and new behavior, so they can change the mood of the people and direct them and change their way of thinking and culture, so through a music band which sang in the streets, and dragged the youths to concerts and distributed drugs, they managed to change the movement of the street, like what happened in Egypt and Alger on the background of the football game... these are samples of the operations of controlling the public opinion and changing its interest for a period of time.

Science, to destroy societies and control them.

Going back to the Club Bilderberg book, the writer say: Aldous Huxley, grandchild of Thomas H. Huxley, founder of the X-Club, the well know biologist  who helped Charles Darwin in developing the theory ofevolution , he was the high priest for the British opium war, yes, he is the science to control the people of the world.

In 1937, Huxley moved to California, and worked as a scenario writer for "Warner Bros.", "MGM" and "Walt Disney" all due to one of the relationships he had in Los Angeles with "Jacob Zeitlin" .

Yes, The largest part of Hollywood and the US media is a directive media, supervised by the world's senior psychologists to lead the world's people as sheep, and in Syria events, the Syrians monitored Al Jazeera model, and how it sneaks like the horse of Troy into people's minds and then start the destruction... Yes, between the media, the economy and the drugs, countries can be destroyed , and despite Yugoslavia's strength and power, yet it was divided into 8 small countries, and hundreds of thousands innocents of all sects had been killed, and Kosovo became one of the world's drug focal points, and the Club Bilderberg only lost his battle in southern Lebanon in 2006 and in Syria in 2011, and presently he is failing in Iraq and on the way of defeat in Afghanistan, and if not for it's fall in Syria and Lebanon, it would've conquered the world by now... and here i tell the reader: that Washington did not pay more than 3 Billion Dollars to steal the oil of Iraq which worth 500 Billion Dollars, but Iraq invasion was part of the domination over the energy supplies around the world to conquer it all.. so here is the US project and it's tyrant leaders fall in the Levant countries.

Other models of the Bilderberg Club works.

1- Creating a suicidal: A small resistance cell, is a true cell... this cell will send supplies to another resistance cell, and the leader of the cell carries many interesting information, and videos to target US forces, that the media did not publish, and a man from this cell will drive a car that carries explosives and he has to park it in a public place, and when he arrives, he will push a certain button, and a man will come to him and take the cargo, but in case he was surrounded by US forces, he has to push another button, as this person resist the occupation, and ready for a suicidal mission, he arrives a public market where he draw no suspicion about him and not fall under any force, he feels happy and push a button that is supposed to bring resistance, yet instead, the booby-trapped car will explode and kill dozens of civilians, and not US soldiers, so he become one of Al Qaida suicidal and die without a will and without his knowledge... and instead of killing the invaders, he kills his own people and walk with the US demographic change project to the sectarian part.

Yes, the Club Bilderberg is setting communist parties to hit the communist movement, and setting the Arab resistance in Lebanon to hit Hizbullah.. and as a paradox, the Arab resistance leader in Lebanon was arrested for working with Israel... they would set an Islamic movement in Gaza to hitHamas and Jihad Islamic movements, and would set the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK) to hit the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) which is against imperialism.

What unite the parties and currents founded by the Bilderberg Club, is that they might not exist in reality, but on the internet they are in huge numbers than any other party, even larger than gathered countries,...
For example, Burhan Ghalyoon, who do not represent in the Syrian street any opposition member, any loyalist, and neither his entire family... but on the internet he is stronger than the Syrian, Iranian, Russian and the Chinese media, as if he is a great country...and through my investigations, i found that Ghalyoon's loyalists and the former Arab resistance and the Liberation party and the US left-wing, are the same, and the locator could show them as in Gaza, while actually they are in Tel Aviv, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the USA.. but the majority are in Tel Aviv, as how many people could run 150 Israeli psychologists over the internet???

2- In Syria, Obama is pictured as a Muslim who is willing to get rid of the Zion Lobby in Washington, and promise them that he will get rid of Hussney Mubarak, Ben Ali, Gaddafi and Assad, and will bring the area to pre-Sykes Picot agreement, and that later, the Christian and Muslim will allied against the Chinese who is almost conquering the world, and will have trained scholars and sheikhs to make up stories about prophet Muhammad, and form cells who would think they are fighting for Islam, while the truth is they will fighting for a project that aim to get rid of Islam once and for all...

We mentioned earlier, the attempt of deporting and killing Daraa people, and the attempt to deport the Sunna from the Syrian coast , and most important is that reaching and commencing communications with these groups is impossible, as they are not affected by the media and do not even watch it, and they take their orders through the media so that they do not watch other media, yet even discussions with them could be impossible and fruitless as they have been under brainwash that is supervised by the world's senior psychologists ... so once the events start in Syria, these cells would become an Obama believer who was right and freed them from Hussney Mubarak and Ben Ali (With a military coup done by Washington allies), as their savior, and the Ottoman become their target, forgetting all the crimes the Ottoman had done to the area's people.

It is mentioned that the first to announce the Ottomanship, is Hussney Mubarak's regime, and from Egypt, came the alleged Ottoman calls, and when Hussney Mubarak turned against the USA, the first he did was changing the school method, and considered the Ottoman period as an invasion one... many of the destructive cells in Syria still fight for Ottomanship and do not realize that they are only very small numbers in the US project, that fight for Islam... But actually they are part of a project to END the Islam,.

The End..

Rudd Urged to Protect Assange

THE former prime minister Malcolm Fraser and dozens of public figures have called on the Foreign Affairs Minister, Kevin Rudd, to ensure the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is protected from ''rendition'' to the US.

They warn that if Assange is extradited from Britain to Sweden, where he may face rape and sexual assault charges, he could then be handed over to the US, where prosecutors are considering criminal charges against him following the release of confidential cables.

''The chances of Mr Assange receiving a fair trial in the United States appear remote. A number of prominent political figures have called for him to be assassinated, and the Vice-President has called him a 'high-tech terrorist','' their open letter reads.

''Given the atmosphere of hostility in relation to Mr Assange, we hold serious concerns about his safety once in US custody. We note that Mr Assange is an Australian citizen, whose journalistic activities were undertaken entirely outside of US territory.''

Assange has been on bail in Britain for almost a year as he fights extradition to Sweden, where two women have alleged he committed sexual offences against them. He has denied the claims, and last week won the right to appeal against the extradition.

The signatories to the letter - who also include the - American academic Noam Chomsky, Julian Burnside, QC, and the Greens leader Bob Brown - warn that Sweden could hand Assange over to the US without the ''appropriate legal processes that accompany normal extradition cases''.

Private Bradley Manning, who leaked the thousands of secret cables, faced the first day of a preliminary hearing on Friday to determine whether he should be court-martialled over the leaks.

Private Manning's lawyer told the court that the government wanted the 24-year-old soldier to agree to plead guilty in return for a reduced sentence so he could be used as a witness against Assange and WikiLeaks. Lawyers for Assange were in the courtroom during the first day of the pre-trial hearing, and have asked for access to the court for the duration of the proceedings.

The Open Letter

The Hon Kevin Rudd MP
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Parliament House ACT 2600

Dear Minister 

We write to express our concern about the plight of Julian Assange.
To date, no charges have been laid against Mr Assange by Swedish authorities.
Nonetheless, we understand that should he be sent to Sweden, he will be held on
remand, incommunicado. We note your comments last year about the need for Mr
Assange to receive appropriate consular support. We trust that this consular support is
being provided and will continue.

We are concerned that should Mr Assange be placed in Swedish custody, he will be
subject to the process of "temporary surrender", enabling his removal to the United
States without the appropriate legal processes that accompany normal extradition
cases.  We urge you to convey to the Swedish government Australia's expectation that
Mr Assange will be provided with the same rights of appeal and review that any
standard extradition request would entail.

Any prosecution of Mr Assange in the United States will be on the basis of his
activities as a journalist and editor (Mr Assange's status as such has been recently
confirmed by the High Court in England). Such a prosecution will be a serious assault
on freedom of speech and the need for an unfettered, independent media. 
Further, the chances of Mr Assange receiving a fair trial in the United States appear
remote. A number of prominent political figures have called for him to be
assassinated, and the Vice-President has called him a "high-tech terrorist". Given the
atmosphere of hostility in relation to Mr Assange, we hold serious concerns about his
safety once in US custody. We note that Mr Assange is an Australian citizen, whose
journalistic activities were undertaken entirely outside of US territory.

Mr Assange is entitled to the best endeavours of his government to ensure he is
treated fairly. He is entitled to expect that his government will not remain silent while
his liberty and safety are placed at risk by a government embarrassed by his
journalism.  Australians also expect that their government will speak out against
efforts to silence the media and intimidate those who wish to hold governments to

We ask that you convey clearly to the United States government Australia's concerns
about any effort to manufacture charges against Mr Assange, or to use an unrelated
criminal investigation as the basis for what may effectively be rendition. We also urge
the government to publicly affirm that Mr Assange is welcome to return to Australia
once proceedings against him in Sweden are concluded, and that the government will
fully protect his rights as an Australian citizen once here.We have copied this letter to your colleague, the Attorney-General.
Yours sincerely

The undersigned

Phillip Adams AO
Adam Bandt MP
Wendy Bacon
Greg Barns
Susan Benn
Senator Bob Brown
Dr Scott Burchill
Julian Burnside QC
Dr Leslie Cannold
Mike Carlton
Professor Noam Chomsky
David Collins
Lieutenant Colonel (ret) Lance Collins,
Australian Intelligence Corps 
Eva Cox
Sophie Cunningham
Roy David
Andrew Denton
Senator Richard Di Natale
Peter Fitzsimons
Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser AC CH
Anna Funder
Professor Raimond Gaita
David Gilmour and Polly Samson
Kara Greiner
Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
Liz Humphrys
Professor Sarah Joseph
Bernard Keane
Professor John Keane
Stephen Keim SC
Steve Killelea
Andrew Knight
Mary Kostakidis
Professor Theo van Leeuwen
Ken Loach
Antony Loewenstein
Senator Scott Ludlam
David Lyle
Associate Professor Jake Lynch
Dr Ken Macnab
Professor Robert Manne
Alex Miller
Senator Christine Milne
Alex Mitchell
Reg Mombassa
Gordon Morris
Jane Morris
Julian Morrow
The Hon Alastair Nicholson AO RFD QC
Nicolé Nolan
Rebecca O’Brien
Elizabeth O’Shea
Michael Pearce SC
John Pilger
Justin Randle
Senator Lee Rhiannon
Guy Rundle
Angus Sampson
Senator Rachel Siewert
Marius Smith
Jeff Sparrow
Professor Stuart Rees AM 
Rob Stary
Stephen Thompson
Dr Tad Tietze
Mike Unger
Dale Vince
Brian Walters SC
Rachel Ward
Senator Larissa Waters
Tracy Worcester, Marchioness of
Senator Penny Wright
Spencer Zifcak

Goebbels’ disciples tackle Syria

"Goebbels, the evil and brilliant minister of the Third Reich, has gained a following; one cannot but recognize that his disciples in Washington and Brussels have even surpassed their unforgettable master."

Professor Domenico Losurdo pinpoints several inconsistencies in the Western rhetoric against Syria. They reveal that the problem is not where we think it is and that the discourse aims to justify a war, not to report the facts

What is the nature of the conflict that has engulfed Syria in recent months? Through this article, I wish to invite all those who uphold the cause of peace and democracy in international relations to ask themselves a few basic questions, which, for my part, I will try to respond to by giving the limelight to newspapers and journalists which can not be suspected of complicity with the leadership in Damascus.

1. In the first place, it would be advisable to find out what the conditions prevailing in this Middle Eastern country were before the Assads (father and son) and the current regime came to power in 1970. Well, before then, "the Syrian Republic was a weak and unstable state, an arena in which regional and international rivalries were played out;" the events of recent months have pushed Syria back to its "pre-1970 state." Such are the terms used by Itamar Rabinovitch, former Israeli ambassador to Washington, in The International Herald Tribune [1]. The first conclusion that can be drawn is: The revolt supported primarily by the United States and the European Union could push Syria back to a semi-colonial condition.

2. Are the condemnations and sanctions of the West and its desire for regime change in Syria really driven by indignation at the "brutal repression" allegedly exercised by the government against peaceful demonstrations? In fact, already in 2005, "George W. Bush wanted to overthrow Bashar al Assad. Again, this is what the former Israeli ambassador to Washington reported, adding that the policy of regime change in Syria is the same one being pursued by the Tel Aviv government: The time has come to do away with a group of leaders in Damascus that support "Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza" and who, in addition, have close ties with Tehran. Indeed, "deeply preoccupied with the Iranian threat, Israel is of the opinion that extracting the Syrian brick from the Iranian wall could usher in a new phase in regional politics. Clearly both Hamas and Hezbollah are treading more softly now." So, the target of the revolt and its related maneuvers is not only Syria but also Palestine, Lebanon and Iran: The goal is to deal a decisive blow to the cause of the Palestinian people and to consolidate the neo-colonial domination of Israel and the West in a crucial geopolitical and geo-economic area.

3. How to achieve this objective? In the Corriere della Sera of 29 October, Guido Olimpio explained that: In Antakya (Antioch), a Turkish region on the border with Syria, the "Free Syrian Army, an organization that is leading the armed struggle against the Assad regime is already at work, with weapons and military assistance provided by Turkey. Moreover, adds Olimpio (in theCorriere della Sera of 13 November), Ankara "has issued threats against the creation of a twenty-mile buffer zone inside Syrian territory." Thus, the government in Damascus not only faces an armed revolt, but an armed revolt backed by a country with a military apparatus of primary importance, which is a member of NATO and threatens to invade Syria. Whatever the errors and mistakes of its leaders, this small country is now the target of military aggression. With a strongly expanding economy, Turkey had been showing signs of impatience with the domination of the Middle East by Israel and the United States. Obama responded to this by pushing the leaders in Ankara towards a neo-Ottoman sub-imperialism, obviously controlled by Washington.

4. From the analyses and testimonies that I have reported, it clearly emerges that Syria is up against very difficult conditions in order to safeguard its independence, in the face of a formidable economic, political and military power. In addition, NATO threatened, directly or indirectly, to inflict on the Syrian leaders the lynching and murder tactics used to finish off Gaddafi. The ignominy of the aggression shouldn’t escape anyone. Except that, by making the most of its overwhelming multimedia firepower and new manipulation technologies thanks to the Internet, the West portrays the Syrian crisis as an exercise of brutal and gratuitous violence against peaceful and non-violent demonstrators. There is no doubt that Goebbels, the evil and brilliant minister of the Third Reich, has gained a following; one cannot but recognize that his disciples in Washington and Brussels have even surpassed their unforgettable master.

by Domenico Losurdo


Domenico Losurdo: History of philosophy professor atUrbino University(Italy). Since 1988, he has directed the Internationale Gesellschaft Hegel-Marx für Dialektisches Denken and is founding member of theAssociazione Marx XXIesimo. His last published work in Italian is La non-violenza, Una storia fuori dal mito(Laterza, 2010); in English isLiberalism: A Counter-History (Verso Books, 2011).

Syria: Assad at the interview with Barbara Walters

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gave the ABC News-Star Barbara Walters an interview, which was marketed absolutely typical for this American television station on 07/Dec/2011.

The interview with Bashar al-Assad took less than fifteen minutes, but nevertheless it has caused a stir and still makes even more. In this interview, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad answered and addressed every question from ABC News journalist Barbara Walters, no matter how aggressively worded and provocative the question were.

Shortly after the broadcast of the interview on the American channel ABC News, all the media stations were looking forward to the exploitation of this interview with the Syrian President and the new allegations they were able to raise up against him afterwards.

Some statements of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad like the one that he would not feel guilty because he tries his best to protect the Syrian population are now the headlines of many articles to gain visitors online and readers (buyers) offline. Business as usual.

As usually the most articles about the interview between Barbara Walters and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad use only a few similar statements of him and yanks them out of context, so that they fit very well into the general propaganda against the Syrian government and also against the President, of course.

Finally there are at least two versions of this interview between the Syrian President and ABC News contributor Barbara Walters. There is the edited European version of this interview which is mainly used by the European media, of course.

And also the second longer and mainly “unabridged” version for the American people by the media station ABC. This US-Version of the interview with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was also “very good” edited and even has been manipulated.

There definitely are some inconsistencies when you compare this video with the transcription of this interview between the both known people. When you watch the interview it should also raise some questions about other smaller or bigger issues.

Mrs. Walters was traveling to Damascus to make this interview with the Syrian president, but confronted him with the usual accusation that not foreign journalists are allowed to enter Syria. It is a bit strange when you recall the last weeks and all the journalists who reported out of Syria.

If all the channels act like ABC News and manipulate several facts and statements or experiences (Fox News showed how it works – just some days ago), it is no surprise that the Syrian authorities have no interest to let these so-called journalists into their country to deliver more false propaganda.

This should nevertheless raise the question of why she was able to come to Syria, to Damascus, and also was able to move around there completely freely? Does not look like a strong dictatorship compared to other so-called dictators on this planet.

We should also not forget about the fact, that there have been foreign journalists in Syria in the past few months, but they were only heard when they were in line with the propaganda game of NATO. Who ever saw a different image of Syria and wanted to portray this to the outside was not heard.

As is clear from the interview between Barbara Walters (ABC) and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the capital Damascus is still quiet and the people still pursue their normal business and daily routine – a huge difference to the cases of Libya or Egypt.

One should also not forget that the Syrian capital, Damascus, is not the only city which is calm and where the majority of the residents are supporting the Syrian President. There are also Syrian cities like Latakia, Aleppo, Tartous (Tartus) and others, where it is still the same situation as in the capital.

While the exclusive story and the interview “with the Syrian dictator” were broadcasted on the American ABC News Network, they also showed some videos again and again. ABC News has been “so objective” that they only showed the videos (Ugarit News.. credible?) of demonstrations against the Syrian government and others which should show the violence of the Syrian army against “peaceful protesters”.

We did not liked the title of this story “Goebbel`s disciples tackle Syria” (Voltaire Net) which is about the media propaganda, but it seems clear that there is at least a small connection between these report and its accusation of the media and the way ABC News published their versions of this interview.

ABC News missed the videos of the millions of people in whole Syria who went on the streets every week to show their support for the Syrian government, President Bashar al-Assad and their reform process.

They also did not show the video sequences about the massacres of Syrian soldiers or civilians by these extremists and radical Islamists. Why? It would have been bad for the Western propaganda? These questions are there; at least when you do not simply buy everything what the media delivers to your home.

That Syria plays an important geopolitical role in the Middle East should everyone know and we can certainly imagine what will happen if Syria really collapses.

Nevertheless, they put a sentence into the mouth of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as answer after the question about the targeted isolation of Syria. This strange answer also sounds totally illogical, but was apparently still accepted simply by many viewers and media stations.

His original statement that Syria cannot be isolated due to its position in the Middle East, has been changed by the ABC News Editorial into: If they isolate Syria, it will collapse. ABC News journalist Barbara Walters spoke with the Syrian President Assad open about all allegations and the spread propaganda in the West. She received an answer to any of their questions.

Too bad that this interview from the outset had only one goal:

Propaganda against the “next arabic dictator” – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This is also clear when you see the title / headline of this interview:

“A dictator speaks”

Based on the way, how the interview was done, you realize that it should not deliver a real insight about the true situation in Syria afterwards; it only has the “duty” to reinforce the (false) “opinion” about Syria in the West.

Although Ms. Walters was seemingly surprised about the separation between the normal life in Syria and that which is always broadcasted and reported through any media channels, she does not cease to go on with the duty of a propaganda machine.

Barbara Walters explained this difference between the “real” situation in Damascus and the broadcasted reports about other Syrian cities, that the difference between the educated and charming President Bashar al-Assad and the brutal army are just totally grave and unimaginable.

And that’s the base for Barbara Walters why the situation should differ between Damascus and cities like Aleppo, Latakia and so on.. Wow! Not to mention that Aleppo, Tartous (Tartus), Latakia and so on share the same situation as Damascus.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad also stressed in the interview that the majority of the Syrians are standing behind the government, the reform process and behind him. That is truly no joke or a loss of reality by the President, because it is the true situation in Syria. You can see this support every time and everywhere. Even in cities like Homs and Hama.

Nothing is reported about this fact. ABC News contributor Barbara Walters spoke about the upcoming elections and the presidential elections in two years but also made it clear in her summary of the interview with the Syrian President al-Assad, that all this is just too late. We mentioned before that she missed all the millions of Syrians who went on the streets to support their government.

We bet that the ABC-team saw them. It is only the question why Barbara Walters did not mention it and why there were no teasers about the pro-government demonstrations. Finally it does not smell very good.

Barbara Walters and her ABC team also missed it to draw the connection between the “revolution” in Syria and the support of this “uprising” by Salafis (Salafists) and the Wahhabis, who definitely have their fingers in this game and pursue their own goals. The same counts for the Muslim Brotherhood and some other organizations.

Walters traveled to Damascus, to provide the President to the pillory, but finally failed at this. It is just new food for Western media and Western intelligence services, of course. The interest in a representation of the true situation in Syria was unfortunately not there, again.

The interview has been manipulated and finally distributed in these ways, so that they have new evidence and other sensible or nonsensical stuff against the Syrian President al-Assad. But that will not change the fact that the huge majority of the Syrian population is still behind their President Bashar al-Assad and the reform process.

The Syrian President spoke about the “many attempts to distort facts about what is really happening in Syria” and ABC News showed clearly with their edits and manipulation what he means.



Sayın Başkan ,
Bu salonda duruşmalara başlayalı bir senenin dolmasına bir hafta kaldı.Gözaltına alındığım 22 Şubat 2010 tarihinden bugüne kadar fiilen tutuklu kaldığım süre 16 ay’ı geçti. CMK’ya göre sözde acele işlerden sayılan bu davanın bu salondaki fiili duruşma sayısı gün olarak henüz 60 günü bulmadı.

Her 6-7 gün süren duruşmalardan sonra taleplerimiz alınıyor.Verdiğiniz klişe kararlarla tutukluluk durumumuz sürdürülerek duruşmalara 30 ila 45 gün ara veriliyor. Muhtemelen bugün de talepleri aldıktan sonra vereceğiniz ara kararla duruşmayı bir ay sonraya atacak ve davamızla birleştirilecek 143 sanıklı 3ncü Balyoz davası sanıklarının savunmalarını alacaksınız.

Bizlerin parmaklıklar ardında ucu açık bir dava ile tutulmamızdan elbette çok mutlu olanlar, bize “kefaret” ödettiklerini sanarak keyif alanlar elbette vardır.

Bu salonda sanıklar ve müdafileri gerçeği görmek isteyenlere, davanın hiçbir yasal dayanağı olmadığını, davanın bir komplo olarak “ÇETE” tarafından kurgulandığını, hiçbir kuşkuya yer vermeyecek tarzda ortaya koydu. Gerçeği görmek istemeyenlerin parmaklıklar ardında tutulmamızdan keyif aldıklarını söylemek herhalde abartı sayılmamalıdır.

Bu davada sayın heyetinizin maddi gerçeğin ortaya çıkartılması için ne ölçüde ilgili olduğu sanıklara yönelttikleri sorular da ortaya koymaktadır. Ayrıca duruşmalarda dava konusu belgelerin sahte olduklarını kanıtlayan belge ve bilgiler de heyetinize sunulmuştur. Bildiğimiz kadarı ile şimdiye kadar sizlere sunulan bu bilgi ve belgeleri araştırma gereği duymadınız.

Bundan ayrı olarak duruşmalarda sizlere işaret ettiğimiz davayı kurgulayanların parmak izleri niteliğindeki belgilere de hiç itibar etmediniz. Bütün bunlara karşın şimdiye kadar sahteliği sırıtan dijital belgelere dayanarak bu davayı sabırla. İnatla sürdürme kararlığınızı anlayabilme olanağı bulunmamaktadır.
Konuya ilişkin gerek benim ve gerekse diğer sanıkların sayın avukatları, bu bağlamda sözün bittiği noktaya kadar gerekli açıklamalarda bulundular.

Ben zaman zaman bu salonda dile getirmeye çalıştığım davanın farklı bir boyutuna ilişkin taleplerimi tarihe not düşerek size ve bütün yurttaşlarıma yeniden iletmek istiyorum.
Yürekleri yurt sevgisiyle dolu olanlar için, gerçekte bu davada işlenen hukuk cinayetlerinden daha vahimi, bu davayı kurgulamak uğruna “Vatana ihanet suçunun “ işlenmiş olmasıdır.

Bu suçun işlenmesinin nedeni tam bir aymazlık içerisinde bir ÇETE tarafından üretilen sahte dijital belgelerin gerçek olduğu sanısını yaratmak için “Devlet sırrı “ niteliğindeki, 1nci Ordu Birliklerine ait gerçek planlarla birlikte piyasaya sürülmesidir.
Bu suretle 1nci Ordunun gerçek planları istenmeyen kişilerin ve ülkenin eline geçmiş, basında da yeralmıştır.
Bu planların yürürlükten kaldırılması, meydana gelen hasarın onarılmasına yetmeyeceği bu işin uzmanlarınca da bilinmektedir.

Diğer yandan BALYOZ davasında 365 sanığın 250’si emekli değil, aktif görevdedir.TSK’nın en mümtaz elemanlarının isimleri dijital sahte belgelere konarak çok kolay sanık yapılmış, parmaklıklar ardına konmuşlardır. Bu 250 sanığın 51’i general ve amirallerden oluşmaktadır.En büyük hasar, Karadeniz ve Akdeniz’in hemen hemen en güçlü donanmasına sahip Türk Deniz Kuvvetlerinde meydana gelmiştir.
Deniz Kuvvetleri Komutanlığı’ndaki toplam 48 Muharip amiralden 25’inin parmaklıklar ardında olduğu göz önüne alınırsa, Deniz Kuvvetleri Komutanlığımıza indirilen darbenin, açılan yaranın büyüklüğü daha iyi anlaşılacaktır.

Daha önce de belirttiğim gibi, hukuk cinayetlerini, kişisel mağduriyetleri, emeklileri bir tarafa bırakalım, Türk Silahlı Kuvvetleri’ne bu davanın yol açtığı hasarı yaratanlar, vatana ihanet suçunu işlemiş olmuyorlar mı?
Bu suça iştirak edenlerin üzerindeki “dokunulmazlık zırhı” hangi cins olursa olsun, onları korumaya yetmeyecektir.

Bir kamu davası yürüten heyetinizin, artık gün ışığına çıkmaya başlayan gerçek suçlunun peşine düşülmesini sağlamanız, asli göreviniz ötesinde bir vatan borcunuzdur.
Bunu siz yapmaz iseniz, elbet bir gün bunu vatan borcu olarak yapacak yürekli, vatan sever insanların ortaya çıkacağından kuşku duymuyorum.

Davayı kurgulayan siyasilerden, Beşiktaş Adliyesi’ni de içine alan zincirin halkalarında yer alanları ortaya çıkarmak için suç işledikleri sabit olanlardan işe başlayın.

Bu bağlamda sorgulanması ve bilgisine başvurulmasını istediklerimi sıralıyorum:

• Başta bu davanın kotarılmasında başrol oynadığı sabit olan, sahte belgeleri kullanarak ve de gerçek belgeleri tahrif ederek, çarpıtarak “Tespit Tutanakları” ve “Fezlekeleri” hazırlayan, hatta en son Eskişehir’de 21 Şubat’ta yapılan aramada ele geçen Flash Disk’e ilişkin tespit tutanağını aramadan bir hafta önce (14 Şubat 2011) hazırladıkları sabit olan İstanbul Emniyet Müdürlüğü TEM Şube Müdürü iken son olarak görev yerinin değiştirildiğini öğrendiğimiz Yurt ATAYÜN ve ekibinin zaman geçirilmeden sorgulanmasını,

• Bir valiz dolusu belgeyi, sözde vatansever emekli bir subaydan aldığını ileri süren ve bunları Beşiktaş Adliye’sine teslim eden Taraf Gazetesi yazarı “Baransu’nun” Devlet sırrı niteliğindeki belgeleri yetkisiz olduğu halde almak, yaymak, saklamak suçlarından sorgulanmasını,ve bu suretle sözde “Haber Kaynağım” dediği vatansever emekli subayın, gerçekte eyleminin bir suç teşkil etmesi nedeniyle, kimliğinin ortaya çıkartılmasının sağlanmasını,

• Gerçekte olay; Faith marka valizin vatansever bir emekli subay tarafından değil, Emniyetten bir grup çete mensubu tarafından, Beşiktaş Adliyesi’ne getirildiği, uzunca bir süre burada tutulup işlem başlatıldığı, çalışmaların son aşamasında uygun bir zamanlama ile valizin Beşiktaş Adliye’sinden alınarak Kadıköy’e, Taraf Gazetesi’ne götürüldüğü; gazetede kullanılacak sahte ve gerçek belgeler titizlikle belirlendikten sonra, tekrar Beşiktaş Adliyesi’ne getirilmesinden ibarettir.

• Bunun kanıtı, ilk parti sorgulanan ve tutuklanan sanıkların önemli bölümünün, resmi soruşturmanın yapılmaya başlandığı Şubat 2010 tarihi itibariyle iddianamede gerçek ikametgah adresleri değil de, 2006-2008 yılları arasında tayinen bulundukları adresler yer almasıdır. Sanıkların bir kısmının bir veya iki tayin önceki ikametgah adreslerinin iddianamede yer alması, davaya ilişkin hazırlıkların çok önceden başladığını kanıtlamaktadır. Bu sanıklar İddianamede yer alan ikametgahlarda değil de, fiilen bulundukları yerlerde seçimlerde oy kullanmaları (mahalli ve genel seçimlerde) ikametgah kayıtlarının resmen nüfusa da işlenmiş olduklarını göstermektedir.

• Fetullah Gülen gönüllülerinin kurup yönettiği Gazeteciler ve Yazarlar Vakfı’nın “Askeri Vesayet Ve Demokrasi “ konusunda bir toplantının 2004 tarihinde yapıldığını. Alper Görmüş 4 Kasım 2011 günlü Taraf Gazetesi’ndeki köşesinde açıkça yazmıştır. Yine aynı yazar toplantıda birinin “askeri vesayeti ortadan kaldırmanın yegane yolunun başarısız kalmış askeri darbe girişiminin ardından eski ve yeni darbecilerin derdest edilip yargılanmaları olduğunu savundu” diye yazmaktadır.

Bu bize açıkça kurgulandığı ortaya çıkan Balyoz Davasının köklerinin ne kadar eskiye dayandığını göstermektedir. Bu toplantıya katılanların bağlantılarını ve toplantı sonunda hazırlamış oldukları muhtemel önerileri kime veya kimlere iletildiğini ortaya çıkarılması için Alper Görmüş’ün bilgisine başvurulması çok önemlidir.

Bununla bağlantılı olarak Tekirdağ Cumhuriyet Savcılığının 21.12.2010 tarih ve 2010/874 sayılı Yetkisizlik kararında Orhan Aykut adlı şahsın ifadesi hakkında verdiği “yetkisizlik” kararında anılan şahsın şu ifadeleri yer almaktadır.

“2007 yılında Balyoz soruşturmasında delil olarak kullanılan belgeleri, ağzı kapatılmış bir çuval içinde (geçmişte TSK’dan uzaklaştırılmış olan) uzun saçlı bir binbaşı ve Amerikalı senatörün getirerek, İstanbul 4. Leventteki bir otele kendisi de hazır olduğu halde İHSAN ASLAN’a teslim ettikleri, o dönem İhsan ASLAN ile bir arada hareket edip birbirine güven duyduklarını için de Balyoz Soruşturmasına dayanak oluşturan belgelerin bulunduğu çuvalı bizzat kendisinin İhsan ARSLAN’a ait otomobile taşıdığını, oradan Ankara İlindeki İhsan Arslan’a ait ofise götürdüklerini, askeri seminer ile ilgili bu belgeler arasındaki kayıtlara, İHSAN ARSLAN’ın 22 katlı binasının 5 katında ilaveler yapıldığını” belirtmektedir.

Bir yıl önce verilen “yetkisizlik” kararında yer alan bu ifadelere yapılan işlem sonucunun araştırılmasını ve ifadeyi veren şahsın mahkemenizce de dinlenmesini ve soracağımız sorulara yanıt vermesini,

• Taraf Gazetesinde Sahte Darbe Planlarına ilişkin yayınlanan haberlerin bütün yandaş medyada yer almasından sonra kamuoyunu aydınlatma amacına yönelik 05.-07 Mart 2003 tarihinde 1. Orduda icra edilen Seminerin Gerçek Yüzünü Çeşitli Ulusal Medyada anlatmaya çalışmıştım. Benim söyleşimden rahatsız olduğu anlaşılan sayın Başbakan Erdoğan’ın Balyoz Kampanyasının bütün hızıyla sürdürüldüğü dönemde (Ocak/Şubat 2010) yazılı ve görsel medyada BEYANLARI şu şekilde yer almıştır.

“Bir emekli orgeneral TV TV dolaşarak konuşma yapıyor. Sanmayınız ki bizim bunlardan hiç haberimiz yoktu. Biz işimize baktık, maalesef onlar da işlerine baktılar.”

Balyoz soruşturması kapsamında soruşturma savcılarının Balyoz Darbe Planı hakkındaki bilgilerinin olup olmadığı yönünde Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatına , Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğüne göndermiş olduğu resmi yazılara bu konulara “basına yazılanlar dışında kurumlarında herhangi bir bilgi, duyum veya ihbar olmadığına ilişkin resmen yanıt vermişlerdir. Bu kurumlara yazılan yazılar ve yanıtları dava dosyasında bulunmaktadır.

Devletin resmi kurumlarında buna Genel Kurmay Başkanlığı da dahil, Darbe Planlarına İlişkin herhangi bir bilgi olmadığına göre Sayın Başbakan’ı “darbe planı hakkında bilgilendirenin “sahte planları yapanlar” dışında kimse olamayacağı açıktır.

Sayın Başbakanın kandırıldığı açıktır. Bu nedenle madde gerçeğin yani sahte belge üreten çetenin ortaya çıkarılması için Sayın Başbakan’ın ifadesine başvurulması gerekmektedir.

• 26 Şubat 2010 tarihinde Savcılıkta yapılan Sorgulamamda, üç avukatımızın huzurunda kendisini bu soruşturmayı ilişkin siyasilerden bir talimat alıp almadığı konusundaki soruma karşılık “Evet bana sen gençsin, sen bunları tanımazsın ha! “ yolunda uyarı aldığını açıkça beyan etmiştir.

Sahte Balyoz davasını kurgulayan zincirin ilk halkasında yer alan siyasi kişileri ortaya çıkarmak için Sayın Bilal Bayraktar’ın ifadesinin alınarak kendisini uyaran kişinin kimliğinin araştırılmasını istiyorum.

• Soruşturma savcıları hakkında son olarak HSYK’ya da bulunduğumuz suç duyurusunu incelemek üzere bir müfettiş görevlendirildiğini memnuniyetle öğrenmiş bulunuyoruz.

Ancak bu savcıların işledikleri, delil karartma, saklama ve gerçekleri çarpıtma suçlamalarının kanıtlarının, madde gerçeğin ortaya çıkartılması açısından tarafınızdan da dikkate alınmasını ve mahkemeye celp edilerek sorulara cevap vermelerinin sağlanmasını talep ediyorum.

• Savcılıktaki soruşturma sırasında, sekretere önceden bana tevcih edilmek üzere hazırlanan sorulardan telefon görüşmelerine ilişkin soruları geçmesi talimatını soruşturma savcısının vermiş olduğu avukatlarımca da bilinmektedir.

Bu da benim telefon konuşmalarımınım dinlendiğini ve kayıt altına alındığının kanıtıdır.

Bundan önce de istediğim bana ait telefon dinleme kayıtlarının tarafıma verilmesini,
Arz ve Talep ederim...

Çetin Doğan